Friday and Eid Sermons
by Zafrullah Domun,
Amir-ul-momineen, Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Muslimeen

  • Teachings from Hazrat Ahmad's commentaries on sura fatiha (II)
  • Teachings from Hazrat Ahmad's commentaries on sura fatiha (I)
  • Eid-ul-Adha sermon
  • The Day of Arafat and Eid-ul-Adha
  • Availing ourselves of the benefits of the first 10 days of Zil Hajj
  • Commenting on the caliph’s Friday sermon of 6th November 2009.
  • Explaining Hazrat Ahmad's commentaries on Sura Fatiha regarding rabubiyat, the creation of new spiritual worlds and the appearance of Imams.
  • Explanations on prayers (5).
  • Explanations on prayers (4).
  • Explanations on prayers (3).
  • Explanations on prayers (2).
  • Explanations on prayers (1).
  • Explaining supplications.
  • Eid-ul_Fitr Sermon
  • RAMAZAAN 2009: continued
  • RAMAZAAN 2009: continued
  • RAMAZAAN 2009: continued
  • RAMAZAAN 2009: continued
  • RAMAZAAN 2009: Developing taqwa through fasting
  • ...It is true that from time to time I do criticize the behavior of Ahmadis especially that of their leaders. But I cannot fail to say how much I appreciate the initiative that the leadership in Pakistan have taken to help the Ahmadis to read and understand Hazrat Masih’s book “The reality of Revelation”(Haqiqatul Wahi)...
  • As you must all be aware, recently Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream held one of its annual conferences (Jalsa Salana) in London. According to their own published reports more than 27,500 people were present. As usual the caliph made five main speeches including the Friday Sermon. In my sermon of today I would like to say a few words about some of the information that have been circulated in the speeches and also about the international bai’at ceremony...
  • Importance of studying the Holy Quran.
  • An affirmation of being an Imam appointed by Allah and an invitation to Jamaat's ulamas to have the courage to respond to this affirmation.

How far are the teachings of the Promised Messiah being followed ?

" there is no great difference between those who opposed Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) in his days and those who ignore our claim of being from Allah..."

“...An Imam, whether he is an Imam Mahdi (one guided by God) or any other Imam, is only required when the clergy of that religion has decayed and has become corrupt. If the leadership of a religion is not corrupt and is honest, there is no need for Allah to send anyone from himself -- or is there?...”

Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra)

“Mein houn woh pani jo aya aasman se waqt par” - “I am the water that has come from heaven on time”

  • ...In brief we see that the good Muslim is the one who strives to become better day in and day out. He strives to have such a behavior that brings him closer to his ideal, namely the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw). The better we imitate him the better we become. Any Muslim who ignores this basic truth is not a good Muslim because he is not putting in the needed effort that he should have put because he is part and parcel of the Muslim Umma. By so doing such a Muslim weakens the collective force of the Umma because he is not pulling his weight. He is so to say a drag that inhibits the progress of the Muslim Umma as a whole....
  • ...When we examine what the Holy Quran says, what the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) has said, what Hazrat Masih Maood (as) has said we understand that a real Muslim is a courageous Muslim. In his heart is the Love and fear of Allah and that is why he is not afraid of anyone besides Allah. If he has an opinion he voices it out without any fear of what Tom Dick and Harry might say. He fears only His Lord and for His Sake he is ready to meet death with a smile on his face like Hazrat Syed Abdul Latiff (ra), the paragon of courage who is a light for all Ahmadi Muslims around the world...
  • The real purpose of bai'at according to the Founder of Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Islam.

  • Ahmadis do not celebrate birth or death anniversaries. Concerning the Holy Prophet (saw), they should follow the teachings of Hazrat Ahmad about developing love for him and sending daroud on him.

  • Examples of how Allah praises the Holy Prophet in the Holy Quran.

  • Patriotism is part of a muslim's faith.

  • ...Hazrat Masih Maood (as) has come to teach us how to have certainty in Faith and not just to belong to a group or a Jamaat. As a member of the Jamaat it is incumbent upon each one of us to strive for our own salvation. We do not have a right to it just by being a member of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Jamaat. We need to undergo all the necessary hardships that righteous people encounter before they become a beloved of Allah. Allah keeps trying us until we may have certainty of faith without which we are nothing...
  • The fundamental teachings of Hazrat Ahmad and their rejection by the mullahs.
  • Commenting on the Caliph's Friday sermon on "ehdenas seraatwal mustaqeema "
  • TEACHINGS OF HAZRAT AHMAD: Lessons from Aina kamalaat-e-islam

23 January 2009

  • Of Aqtaab, Abdaal and spiritual progress according to Ahmadiyya leaders
  • ..As far as the members of our Jamaat are concerned there is an important message for all of you as well. Our young ones should see to it that they read all their prayers every day and that in addition they try to read Tahajjud also as much as they can...
  • n the Arab league's failure to agree on a plan to rebuild Gaza: ...Such is the plight of the Muslims today that they are never able to make any concerted action to help Muslims in distress. It is high time for the Muslim intelligentsia to wonder why so many failures for the “best Umma raised for the guidance of mankind”? ...

16 January 2009

  • ..We understand from the teachings of Hazrat Ahmadas that if we follow the guidance of Allah which is in fact the True Guidance we will get freedom from ignorance...
  • ...I think that the true liberation movement is the one that all prophets came to initiate or renew and it reached its peak in the time of our Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. This revolutionary light was flickering in the time of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas and Allah raised him to perfect His Light and to spread it around the world...
  • Commenting on the 3rd Caliph's declarations that mojaddids will not appear any more.
  • he broad meaning of khilafat in verse 24:56
  • Moharram 1430: ...During the past 14 centuries of the history of Islam there have been many Husseins who raised their heads against Yazidis in order to preserve their freedom by fighting vested interests and hence preserving the purity of the Islamic teachings...
  • ...if any new concept or idea is presented to the Jamaat, it is the duty of those who can investigate the matter to investigate it and to refrain from outright rejection ... (Hazrat Ahmad's teachings)
  • A discussion with a friend followed by emails.
  • We cannot discuss with 'Anonymous'.
  • No duel with Munir Azim for the time being.
  • Pray for Palestinians of the Gaza Strip.

26 December 2008

  • Lessons from the Green Pamphlet (cont.): ...The true victory of Islam, as is evident from the word 'Islam' [submission] itself, lies in our completely surrendering our selves to God and freeing ourselves of our egos and our passions...
  • On end of year festivities: ...Jamaat Ahmadiyya has been created to wean people away from frivolous practices and help them to know the real life that will grant them eternal bliss. Hence as a member of this Jamaat any Ahmadi who has a little bit of Taqwa should not indulge in practices that have pagan roots and have nothing to do with Islam...
  • the non participation of the Caliph and foreign Ahmadis in the Jalsa at Qadian.
  • “Alas for My servants! There comes not a Messenger to them but they mock at him”
  • Trials faced by Allah's messengers: extracts from the Green Pamphlet by Hazrat Ahmad as.
  • Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen, Shariah and shoora.
  • It is important for members to know the real teachings of Hazrat Masih Maood.
  • A vision of Hazrat Masih Maood which shows clearly that there will be some persons in Jamaat Ahmadiyya who will try to distort his teachings but Allah will rout these enemies.
  • Markazi delegate and propaganda.
  • The first ten days of Zul Hajj are very blessed days.
  • It is incumbent upon all Muslims who have means to go for Hajj at least once in his lifetime.
  • There are some good servants of Allah who did not perform the Hajj but Allah rewarded them with Hajj.
  • Some advice to the amir jamaat Mauritius.
  • Upholding truth.
  • Some persons resent that we have a Jamaat. But our Jamaat is no threat to anyone. Yes there is no denying the fact that we are a threat to what is false and is being presented as truth. It is our duty to show others how to tread the spiritual path that will take them to the threshold of their Lord. Some are saying that they know the path. Their caliph is leading them towards that path. When Allah sends someone from Himself that person is duty-bound to tell others what Allah tells him. If he does not do so he is not accomplishing his mission
  • The qualities of an Imam, recognising and following him. Lessons from Razali and Rumi.
  • Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) came to teach poor mortals like us to strive for a spiritual life. Although in his writings he had to talk about some controversial issues like “ khataman nabiyyeen ”, the death of Jesus Christ etc, but most of his writings are geared towards helping his disciples to know the path that lead to Allah.
  • "You have been imprisoned in some dogmas. Fortunately for you Allah has sent this humble one to free you all from all types of dogmas and to bring you towards light that had been promised to you."
  • The signs of Allah's punishment.
  • HE never punishes without first sending a warner.
  • Commenting the YouTube video “For Lahori Ahmadis and Munafiqeen and Anti-Khilafat”
  • An appeal for more more objectivity and respect for difference in points of view.
  • Arevelation concerning the world getting into more trouble.

    As I said to you in my previous sermon, in this chapter (al-qamar) Allah repeats the words “Fa kaifa kaana azabi wa nozour” which means “See how terrible was My punishment and how true was My warning” and “fa hal mim muddakir” meaning “Is there anyone to take heed?”

For almost a year now I have been telling Ahmadis in Mauritius and around the world that Allah has raised me as an Imam for them. He who wants salvation should come to me and incha Allah as per Allah's Promise they will be saved. For the others there is no guarantee at all now because they have rejected what Allah has sent...

    ...Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) said that Allah will continue to directly appoint Guides, Caliphs or Walis for the guidance of the people until the day of resurrection within this Jamaat. Now when someone comes forth with a commission from Allah, those who have a vested interest in the status quo want the people to believe that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) did not say any such thing. They are hiding the truth and they know it...

  • The slogan: LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE. Why preach what is not practiced?
  • I have a mission from Allah. Several times He has told me “In Anta illa Nazir”, which means “You are but a Warner”. It is my hope and wish and prayer that the people pay attention to what I am saying. It would be foolish on their part to ignore me. I have given them an open invitation but unfortunately no one has accepted to come to talk with me. For God's sake I hope that they will have some mercy on their own souls before it is too late.

... Let everybody fear and know that if a reformer appears in any age, those who believe in him are the blessed people. He who finds reluctance in his heart and does not find himself inclined towards believing in him should be apprehensive, for, these are the signs of a bad end and of deprivation...

(Hazrat Ahmad of Qadian. Malfoozaat Vol 2 page 165)

› Manifestation of Allah's mercy through revelation.
› Jummatul Widah
› The night of decree

The benefits of fasting (cont.) - Last 10 days - More effort and prayers.

The benefits of fasting (cont.)

The benefits of fasting.

On fasting in the coming month of Ramadhan.
Wishing all our members and all muslims at large Ramazan Mubarak.

Last part on Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra).
He was opposed to introducing celebrations other than eids.
Concerning he open letter to Mirza Masroor Ahmad and the inability to reply.
The need for reform is so evident.

› Interesting faith inspiring events in the life of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) III.
› His son Maulvi Mannan.
› The unislamic nature of social boycott practised by Mauritius mainstream jamaat.
› Some recently received revelations.

Interesting faith inspiring events in the life of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) II

Interesting faith inspiring events in the life of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) I

The last part of the khilafat of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) ...

khilafat of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) ...

His scholarly life is an example that should inspire ahmadis to seek knowledge.
His high spiritual life remains a model for ahmadis who must endeavour to shun sin, remove love of the world from their heart and become God's.

Continuing on the khilafat of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) ...

› When Allah appoints a khalifa, no man has power to intervene.

› His strong advice to members to hold fast as one community.

Continuing on the khilafat of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra)
He initiated the move to request from the British Government to allow muslims two hours off on Fridays to attend Jumma.
› His admonition to ahmadis:

...The gates of the knowledge of the Divine are opened for a righteous one. Therefore, my first admonition is: Be righteous, be righteous, be righteous for the sake of Allah. Be truly obedient to Allah...
...Then combine all together, and with your combined strength take fast hold of the rope of Allah, and be not divided...

Continuing on the khilafat of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra).
... I am not interested in how much was received and collected. Our great need is God. I do not know how much was collected, nor do I care. I urge you again to put God before everything else. All our efforts should be directed to that end. If we neglect that, of what avail is the high school, and of what avail are its buildings; we must seek the pleasure of our Master..

On the khilafat of Hazrat Hakim Molvi Nuruddin (ra) and his distinguished personality

On Khilafat in Jamaat Ahmadiyya: the 1st caliph Hazrat Maulvi Nurruddin, an exceptional person.
Some revelations I received recently.

On the misrepresentation by the mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Hazrat Ahmad's teachings about the concept of khilafat and its manifestation in the 14 centuries history of Islam.

Today I continue to speak about the last days of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s) ...

.Jamaat Ahmadiyya was originally created by Allah for a purpose. At many places in his writings Hazrat Masih Maood (as) has spoken lengthily about this subject. Today I will give you two extracts which will help you to appreciate how lofty was his divine mission.. ...

On the state of the muslim world and their rejection of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and the mission of Hazrat Ahmad as Promised Messiah and Mahdi.

.As I told you last week I am going to speak to you today about the characteristics of those who have been qualified as “rebels” by Allah in the Holy Quran. As you may recall, I am talking about this subject because there are many in Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Mauritius who, out of spite, take great pride in trying to belittle us and they use the epithet “rebels” against us and they have the guts to say that such an opinion was condoned by the late Hazrat Mirza Bashir udiin Mahmood Ahmad (r.a). ...

.The real rebellious ones and those who enter the group of “fazzaltokoum alal alamine” that is “those who are favoured above all others”...

.In the light of the book of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi,(peace be upon him) “Zarouratoul Imam” we have learned many important points of knowledge and wisdom. If we use the contents of this book to understand what Hazrat Masih Maood (a.s) has explained to us about the office of the Imam, it becomes quite clear to a true seeker after truth that the imam he is speaking about is not the one who succeeded him as his representative in Jamaat Ahmadiyya but he is speaking about the one who is appointed by Allah directly at a time and place that He chooses.

.The Imam of the age continued ...

.The Imam of the age continued ...

.The Imam of the age ...

.“My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels...” historian Michael Hart.

“Verily those who swear allegiance to you, swear allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands. So whoever breaks his oath breaks it to his own loss; and whoever fulfils his covenant that he has made with Allah, He will surely give him a great reward.”...

...In my recent Friday sermons I have been trying to explain our point of view to the world and we invited the mainstream Ahmadiyya Jamaat to show us the right path, if they think we have taken a wrong course. Unfortunately, even today I have to repeat myself to say that the learned ones of the mainstream Jamaat have not been able up till now to point out any flaw in our arguments. I think they will never dare to say or write something because they know that by the Grace of Allah what we are saying is true and irrefutable...

“They only are the true believers whose hearts tremble when the name of Allah is mentioned and when His signs are recited to them their faith increases and they put their trust in their Lord.”...

“Remember the time when Allah took the covenant of the Prophets saying: " Whatever I give you of the Book and Wisdom then comes to you an Apostle confirming what is with you; you shall believe in him and help him." Allah said: "Do ye agree and take this My Covenant as binding on you?" They said: "We agree." He said: "Then bear witness and I am with you among the witnesses." ”...

In the sermons that I have been delivering since the beginning of the year I have been speaking most of the time about some of the revelations that I have received from Allah with regard to some wrong beliefs of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya International...

The heritage of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) to all sincere members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya who believe him to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi is incomparable...

By the Grace of Allah, during the week, Allah has again showered His Favours upon me to help me to understand many things through the different revelations that He gave me....

...Hence once again, I am humbly telling all the members of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Jamaat to take care before it is too late...

Through this sermon I am again informing all members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya worldwide that Allah has sent me to you as a bringer of glad tidings (Bashir)and as a Warner (Nazir)...

On practices relating to new year celebrations..

« Habloullah fi holalil Ambiaaé ». Let me tell you briefly what I understand from this revelation. I understand that these days I represent the rope of Allah. Allah has put me here to gather the people to Tauhid which unfortunately they have a tendency to neglect with the passage of time.

Eid ul Aziha

Teachings of Hazrat Ahmad as

Teachings of Hazrat Ahmad as

Concerning those persons whom Allah will raise in the ummat of Hazrat Mohammad (saw) in order to guide others on the right path...

Eid ul Fitr

And when My servant asks thee about Me say “I am near..."

the historical significance of this day in the annals of Ahmadiyyat

About monotheism (Tauhid) according to the Hadiths (cont.).

About monotheism (Tauhid) according to the Hadiths.

...Today I will start to quote from the Holy Quran verses that deal with Tauhid. I want members to hear how Allah has expressed His Tauhid in the Holy Quran...

On conditions of Bait for joining the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Islam. About "Laa ilaha illallah"

Eid ul Aziha

This year is a special year. It started with the first ten days of Zull Hajj 1426 and it ends with the first ten days of the Zull Hajj 1427. Muslims around the world have been blessed with two Id ul Azha for the solar year 2006. ...

On Shirk ...continued

Early history of annual gathering

On Shirk

...As you may recall I read out the ten conditions of allegiance (Bait) in detail. As from now on it is my intention to speak about each of these conditions in detail so that it becomes clear in the mind of all members of the Jamaat what is expected of them. ...

...All the members of our Jamaat should always bear in mind that our Jamaat has an intimate relationship with the Jamaat that was established in 1889 by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah ...

...Allah, the Most Bountiful gave this blessed month (Ramadan) as a gift to all His believing servants in order to help us to achieve the purpose of our life. What is the purpose of our life? ...

On supplications to Allah.