Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

31 December 2010

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Last week I distributed to Ahmadis in Mauritius a booklet in which I explained about what the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw has said about the limits to the obedience of a caliph or an amir. Unfortunately in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius where ignorance about the religion of Islam is quite widespread, the members have been brainwashed to believe that Islam calls for an unquestioned obedience to caliphs and amirs despite the fact that many times the caliphs themselves have drawn the attention of the members towards the limits of the powers of an amir. So I have written this booklet with a view to helping Ahmadis to know what the truth about this matter of obedience is by telling them about a few hadiths on this matter.

I have explained to them how many unislamic practices have been institutionalized by the Jamaat these days and that such practices are an insult to both the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw and to Hazrat Masih Maood as. Both of these great personages were paragons of virtue and they never condoned any type of hate or ill will amongst members of society. But unfortunately these days Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius supported by the caliph in London has become instrumental in disturbing social peace in the beautiful Island of Mauritius with its campaign of hatred and boycott against some of its own members. My aim in circulating this booklet was to help people to reflect. But I am also quite aware that very few people can reflect. Nonetheless I have tried to give them some arguments with which they can tell their amir and his representatives that they are forcing members to accept and practice unislamic norms and that according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet of Islam these orders/instructions should be rejected and disobeyed.

Up till now I have not received lots of feedback. I know that there will be some Ahmadis who will return the booklet to me. I know some others would not even open it and they will keep it unopened on a shelf and I also know that some women would destroy it before their husband or sons come back home so that they do not know about it at all. But there will be a majority that will read it and there will be a minority who would use what they learn from it to question what they are being told to do. There will be some others who would fume inside when they read what has been said but they will not dare to do anything because they lack the necessary courage and they fear others besides Allah. This fear of others paralyses them and they will fume in their fury and after some time they will calm down. There was at least one person who in the past had told me I should not send him any of my writings. I have respected his wish and have not sent him anything. These are the people who say that they have accepted Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas as the Messiah, as a judge over them. Yet in their ignorance and arrogance they do not care at all for what he said when he advised the people saying:

 “The truth is that as long as man does not think about something open-mindedly and does not concentrate on all aspects and does not listen with attention he cannot free himself from his old ways of thinking. This is why as soon as a man hears something new he should not start opposing it. It is his duty to think about all its aspects with due reflection; then with justice and honesty and above all with Allah’s fear in his heart he should think about this matter in solitude”."[Malfoozaat Vol. 4 P 1-2] 

Several times in my writings and speeches I speak about this extract. The reason is that it is only three sentences long but yet it contains so much wisdom that it can help people to understand what is true from what is false. To begin with he tells us that we should develop the habit of deep thinking and we should learn to understand something by examining all its aspects and not looking only on a particular aspect. If we take our case then someone, especially an Ahmadi should ask what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has taught us about the coming of appointees by Allah. Since you are not well conversant in these matters you should approach someone who knows and ask him these questions. Most probably if you ask the missionaries they will reply with the usual official version. Then what will you do? You should try to know what I am saying and you compare with what the missionaries are saying. You try to find out the similarities and discrepancies. Then you try to judge. For that matter you should be a person who does not allow himself to be guided by his emotions but by what the Holy Quran and Hazrat Masih Maood as says. Therefore you cannot continue to lead a life of ignorance and negligence as you did before. Now is the time for you to start an investigation into what you have been taught and find out how much is true and how much is false. In this matter we have seen that a proper dialogue with knowledgeable people can easily lead to truth. Matters of faith are too important to be left to others to decide in your place. In this search as I have said we should have an open mind. It means that we will yield to evidences and accept them no matter from whom they come from. This is what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has taught us. Unless and until we can have such a mindset we will be but fanatics who want to impose over the world their limited and backward worldview. If we become such people we will be insulting the memory of our great teachers namely Hazrat Mohammad saw and Hazrat Masih Maood as.

Here I want to give a word of warning to all those who want to prevent others from knowing what we have been saying. They include those women who receive the posts and those men who make speeches and tell people not to read our literature. Last time when I circulated one of my booklets the amir told the members not to read it and to throw it in a basket that was placed in the mosque. I do not know how many were thrown in that basket or if there were any basket at all. Anyhow I can only say that according to the second caliph who is considered an almost infallible authority within the Jamaat, members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya should read all literature published against them and prepare their appropriate replies. I am speaking from memory but if you need the quotation I can find it. Now all those dimwitted officers who tell others not to read what they receive are only disobeying their own caliph. They consider us to be an enemy and yet they are incapable despite the huge resources at their disposal to discuss with us in an unprejudiced and impartial way. There is great fear in their heart to write anything against us because they know that the Sunnis will welcome such opportunities and so they keep silent. Where has all the courage of Ahmadis gone. They are challenged and they keep silent. Is this an Ahmadi man or woman? Allah through His Grace has repeatedly told me “Kataballaho la aghlebanna ana wa rosoli”, which means: Allah has decreed “I and my messenger will be victorious”. So do think you can fight Allah. You are doomed to fail and your silence is proof of your total failure up till now.

I hear from reliable people that there is a movement within the leadership to try to bring in some needed reforms before the ship sinks. In fact someone came to my place and he told me that soon I will see that things will change within the Jamaat. I told him that he and all those who think like him will fail. There will be no reform from within. Anyhow what I commend with these people is that at least they are aware that the Jamaat has drifted from the real teachings of Islam but they will all fail to bring about any reform at all. The amir’s network with those who are in London is very powerful and he will not allow anyone to trample on his feet. He is a good politician and he knows how to maneuver. London knows that he is their man and he will do as he is told. They will not risk changing him. The consequences can be disastrous. So he will still continue with the way he has been doing despite protests and especially because of the apathy of the majority of Ahmadis. Most probably this is the type of leader that Ahmadis in Mauritius deserve because it is said that “a people get the leadership that it deserves.”

Most Muslims are passive and so are a majority of Ahmadis. Most do not care to know what Allah has said in the Holy Quran. You will see many people go to the university and study for five to seven years in order to eventually practice a profession. Yet you will notice that there are very few people who will devote enough time to the study of the religion of Islam although this is a field of study that is more important to them because their after life depends upon it. When I say the religion of Islam I mean in particular the Holy Quran but also the hadiths, fiqh, history etc. But a Muslim is not supposed to be an ignorant man who has to refer to others to justify his beliefs. A real Muslim is someone who knows what are his beliefs and can justify even partially if not wholly why he has such beliefs. Therefore a real Muslim should strive to educate himself about the diverse aspects of his religion so that he might when called upon give his opinion on matters that might affect him. Above everything a Muslim should cultivate the fear of only Allah in his heart. He should not be afraid of any individual however elevated his position might be in society. When called upon to give his opinion a Muslim should give it with a constant fear of only Allah in his heart. But unfortunately Jamaat Ahmadiyya wants the people to also have the fear of the Nizam (administration) in the heart. This is a bad practice which is tantamount to Shirk and has been instrumental in creating chicken-hearted instead of lionhearted Ahmadis. The teachings of Hazrat Ahmadas are here to make Ahmadis become very courageous but later teachings have forced Ahmadis to become servile to an iniquitous system managed by some unscrupulous individuals to enslave others mentally. Time has come for this slavery to end. Those who think themselves capable enough should voice their opposition to what they think are unislamic practices to which an Islamic coloring is being applied. So individuals should not lose heart and they should make themselves heard in order to stop the leadership of the Jamaat to lead the members astray.

In the end I would like to say that on Wednesday I received the following revelation on waking up “ Wattour wa kitabin mastour inna azaba rabbeka la waqe’oune maa lahou min daafé” meaning “ By the Mount  and by the Book inscribed the punishment of thy Lord shall definitely come to pass; there is no one to avert it”. For those who are familiar with the Holy Quran they will easily notice that these are some of the first verses of chapter 52 of the Holy Quran. This chapter begins with an oath by Allah. In the revelation vouchsafed to me Allah has mentioned “the mount” and “the book that has been inscribed.” But in the Holy Quran Allah also speaks about “the ever frequented house” and “the elevated roof”. Allah cites a few things whose existence can be verified to speak about something that will happen at a time that only He is aware of. Allah wants to caution the people so that they might turn towards Him with true repentance and He might avert the punishment if He wishes. But being well aware of the nature of the people Allah says that nothing will avert the impending punishment from Him. Punishment from Allah may take many shapes and forms. Sometime He may send calamities such as cyclones, blizzards, droughts, earthquake, extreme rain etc. However it is well known that if the people repent Allah may avert punishment because His Mercy is greater than his punishment. I advise members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya especially those in Mauritius to beware of the words of Allah and to stop saying like the Jews that you are a special people because you have khilafat. It is time for you to wake up from the illusion in which you have lulled your selves.

As far as members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen are concerned I want all of them to know that they should become active members who practice what they are being taught. We rely upon our young ones to carry forward the torch that is in our hands today by the Grace of Allah. May Allah make us submissive to Him and make you also submissive to Him. Although you might not be able to understand the full meaning of what I am telling you today, but a day will come when you will realize how what I have taught you has been beneficial to you. May Allah help all of us to serve his religion and to die in this service incha Allah. Ameen