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Friday Sermon of
Hazrat Amirul Momeneen
Zafrullah Domun

  25 MARCH 2011



After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun read verse 136 of chapter Al Nisa(4) of the Holy Quran.

O ye who believe! be strict in observing justice, and be witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or against parents and kindred. Whether he be rich or poor, Allah is more regardful of them both than you are. Therefore follow not low desires so that you may be able to act equitably. And if you conceal the truth or evade it, then remember that Allah is well aware of what you do. (4:136)

This verse of the Holy Quran gives all of us a clear message, namely that we should observe justice under all circumstances. Furthermore if we are aware of something we should come forward to divulge it and we should be witnesses for Allah. A Muslim should accept to be a witness against his own parents or relatives so that Justice should prevail. In giving true testimony one should not care whether one’s statement is against one’s own self or one’s relatives. One should speak the truth under all circumstances. Allah advises us not to follow our low desires or else we will not act equitably. In the end Allah reminds us that Allah knows the truth even if we conceal it or evade it.

This is one of the verses of the Holy Quran where Allah tells us Muslims to observe Justice under all circumstances. There are some other such verses. Most Ahmadis will tell you that they are the ones to teach the world about absolute Justice. We are all well aware how many times we heard the words “absolute justice” being pronounced by the fourth caliph Mirza Tahir Ahmad. We know that in his speech of 25th February this year, the fifth caliph said that

“Recently a Bengali professor sahib came to see him and posed the question that if Ahmadis were to be in the majority, what was the guarantee that they would not oppress others. Hudhur told him that a majority that is borne out of winning hearts and minds that gives a message of love, indeed spreads love, which keeps Taqwa and God’s pleasure in view cooperates in virtuous matters as well as takes cooperation in virtuous matters. The system of rightly-guided Khilafat is based on giving rights to people not appropriating their rights. Due to human failing, wrong decisions can be made, but if there is Taqwa, things are put right. (http://www.alislam.org/friday-sermon/index2.php?d=2011-02-25).

So we see that the Jamaat continues to speak about Justice and it says that since it will put into practice the precepts of Islam there would be no problem at all in observing the rights of each individual. In other words the caliph wants the world to believe that it is the Jamaat that will usher in the era of true justice in the world. But as I have said previously in one of my sermons the caliph has been unable to dispense justice within his Jamaat itself. Now how can we expect that it will be able to dispense such justice to the world. This is a dream in which the caliph lives and out of which he has not yet woken up.

To begin with Jamaat Ahmadiyya is not equipped to administer justice. Its amir exercises enormous power and reduces its followers to mere puppets. Recently as you are well aware the mainstream Jamaat in Mauritius was rocked by financial scandals in which the amir was involved. Some persons in the Jamaat in Mauritius thought that the caliph will put his foot forward and sanction the amir for what he has done in connivance with some of his close collaborators. To begin with the amir was not even suspended and he continued to have access to all files at the office. Somebody was sent from the centre to enquire. He stayed in Mauritius for more than 15 days and eventually he went back and submitted his report to the caliph. The latest news is that the amir will stay where he is. Where is justice? The caliph says khilafat Ahmadiyya will give to each one his rights. Here it is common knowledge that what the amir has done should not only have been condemned by the caliph but he should have been removed and advised to devote the rest of his life to make amends for his gross misbehavior. But the caliph has done nothing. That is why we say that Khilafat Ahmadiyya in its present form is corrupted and it will never be able to administer justice in the world. The caliph speaks about the fear of God that will underlie all decisions. Where is it today within Jamaat Ahmadiyya that one could have expected that tomorrow it could be exported around the world?

Those people in Mauritius who expected justice from their caliph have been deceived. It appears that dark forces have outmaneuvered them proving that one cannot have faith in this system. The caliph speaks about corruption engulfing the world. Corruption has in fact made its way within Jamaat Ahmadiyya where it should never have been able to do so had the Jamaat stayed on the path of righteousness. But it has strayed and that is why amirs can act with impunity the way the amir of Mauritius has acted.

During the days when the investigator from London was here I saw a dream and I even told my friends about it. I saw that there was an Asiatic toilet. All of a sudden I saw that a ceramic tile has covered the whole area of the toilet. Since then I had a strong presumption that the caliph will gloss over all the misdeeds of the Mauritian amir. Hence what the caliph talks about and what he does are two different things. Recently I heard that people say that the Mauritian amir has powerful friends in London. But to me it is the caliph that has to be blamed. In the extract quoted above he said that there may be bad decisions but they will be corrected if there is fear of God (taqwa) in the heart. As caliph it is his responsibility to administer justice within the Jamaat. But as I said several times quoting Habib Jalib “Yeh munsif bhi to qaidi hay, hamein insaaf kia dengeh”. That is to say “this judge also is a prisoner how he will be able to dispense justice!” the caliph is a prisoner of the system. He ignores the true teachings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as. He is a prisoner of the oath that he took when he became caliph. He does not know what to do. So he has to swallow the bitter pill of keeping his loyal amir in place so that others may not say that they were right in decrying this man. This is the Jamaat that is telling the Arab world that it will give them their rights. Personally I think that had Jamaat Ahmadiyya run the government in any country it would have been as bad as these dictators if not worse. We have seen them in action and we know that they cannot be trusted.

Today in the Mauritian Jamaat there is a malaise. Had there been real taqwa being practiced the amir would have vacated his place willingly. Even if he can fool all those who are in London he and his entourage know quite well what wrongs he has done. In the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his teachings he should have vacated his seat immediately. A caliph who lacks the necessary insight to see how his inaction has harmed the Jamaat in Mauritius disqualifies himself as a dispenser of Justice. Did Hazrat Masih Maoodas come to teach the world to apply this kind of injustice? These days Jamaat Ahmadiyya is drowning in the injustice from which it tells others that it can save them.

Some people disagree with me because I have been saying that khilafat Ahmadiyya is unable to solve Jamaat’s problems or to lead it to a higher level of spiritual and material development. But to them most probably Allah has wished to make them taste the bitter pills of injustice that are constantly being dispensed from Khilafat Ahmadiyya, so that they might know exactly what this system is. But will they dare to say that they have learnt the hard way that what we said about Khilafat Ahmadiyya is true. Previously we said that the amir was not good and they came to his rescue to protect him because he appeared weak. But when they came to know about his true colors and they met with his skilled machiavellic maneuverings they have come to know how corrupt this system is! But had these people been sincere in their attempt to preserve the teachings they would have tried with open mind to understand what we have been saying. But since they are prejudiced, biased and puffed up with an importance that they do not have they vent their anger on us through other means.

Members of the Jamaat in Mauritius have to realize and accept the fact that all their attempts to pin down their amir has failed despite the fact that the whole Jamaat knows that he has committed wrongs. The leadership of the Jamaat has to realize that all their attempts to persuade their people to send me their circular letter has miserably failed. I have challenged them since more than three weeks to adopt the method of Hazrat Masih Maood as to solve our religious differences, but they have preferred to maintain the stony silence. We are in the field and we are waiting for them to send their “A” team. But we know that they will never be able to confront us. From time to time someone may send a letter or an email but since they do not represent Jamaat Ahmadiyya I will not deal with them individually. I advise them to offer their help to the amir or the caliph and let them announce that they have been given a mandate to speak for their Jamaat. Then you will see that they will have to bow their head in shame when I will tell them what exactly Hazrat Masih Maoodas has preached and what the Jamaat has practiced. They will be astonished to see the discrepancy. But they will understand this only if they are motivated to understand the truth. But if they are more eager to display their hatred, anger and prejudice then they will not profit at all by any kind of discussion or dialogue. Hazrat Masih has told us that dialogue is important to know the truth. We need to heed his advice.

Hazrat Masih Maoodas said “jab khoul gayi sachaai, phir ouss ko maan lena neikom ki hai ye khaslat aabe baqa yehi hai”. Its translation is “when truth is evident, you accept it. This is a quality of those who do good. This is the water of permanence.” If someone is trying to get to truth he accepts it wherever it comes from. Has not the Prophet (saw) told us that “a word of wisdom is the lost property of the Muslim. He takes it wherever he finds it.”? So if you see some truth in what I am saying you should accept it and not continue in your animosity. We said that the caliph cannot dispense any kind of justice. You have seen this happening right now. We said that the words of the circular letter will not go far. Only five persons responded, four from the amir’s relatives and one outsider. We said that no one would dare to discuss openly with us. Allah said “Wa antal Aa’la” meaning “and you will have the upper hand”. These words of Allah have been proved true as usual. Up till now no one has come forward.

I have already posted the booklet I spoke about in my previous sermons on our website. It may be dowloaded from here http://www.jaam-international.org/kre/docs/Replique.pdf. It is in Creole language. But I have already discussed its contents in my English sermons.

In the end I would like to say something about the recent cataclysm in Japan. On 8th March when I had slept for about an hour at night I was woken up with the following words: “Yawma yatazakkaroul insaana fa anna lahouz zikra”. By the Grace of Allah I understood its meaning clearly. These words are part of verse 24 of chapter 89 of the Holy Quran. They mean “on that day man will remember, but of what avail shall be his remembrance?” I immediately understood that this was the announcement of a really big catastrophe. I felt some fear in my heart and I started praying that Allah may avert any impending catastrophe on Mauritius. I woke my wife up and told her what I have just received and I told her that I was afraid and that this is the first time that I have received some revelations that provoked a feeling of fear in me. While I was engaged in reciting some prayers I received in Urdu” O ye who live on islands you are not safe”. These were of course the prophetic words of Hazrat Masih Maood as in Haqiqatul Wahi. Anyhow if you go and read chapter 89 you will see how Allah speaks about days when the earth will tremble and hell will be brought near. These will be days of punishment and men will start remembering but his remembrance will be of no use at all. So these days we should engage ourselves more in prayer and ask Allah to avert any impending calamity on us. By the way recently some experts have said that what happened in Japan on 11th March 2011 is the catastrophe that has cost the highest in monetary terms. They are putting the cost at more than $300 billion.