Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

25 February 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

The Friday Sermon is the occasion where the preacher speaks to members of his congregation about what is important to their life in this world and in the next. Sometimes one might see that there is no relevance between what has been said in the sermon and our well being here and in the hereafter. Even if apparently that might be the case we should never forget that what we are told in the second sermon is a constant reminder in brief of what we should do.

In our case we try to focus on issues that are relevant to us. We try to inform and discuss about some matters that may crop up from time to time. Recently we have been talking about financial irregularities that have taken place in the mainstream Ahmadiyya Jamaat. We understand that the special investigator who came to enquire into the amir’s misdeeds has gone back to England. He will submit a report to the caliph. Most probably no one in Mauritius will ever see what he has written. But soon we will know whether his visit was worth it or not. Anyhow as I have been saying in my past sermons there have been financial irregularities in the Jamaat here aplenty. It is well known that recently a cashier/clerk of the Jamaat robbed the Jamaat of about 400,000 Mauritian rupees which is equivalent to approximately 8,500 pound sterling. Fortunately for the Jamaat the culprit’s father rushed to the rescue of his son and he paid back all the money. It is only after this incident that some officials of the Jamaat understood that there were other types of irregularities that have been going on for a long time.

So meanwhile the missionary in charge, molvi Basharuth Naveed is trying to press or motivate the people to send me a circular letter that he has prepared and which apparently has received the approval of the caliph. By the Grace of Allah up till last week I had a strong presumption that he was the author of that letter. He left two clues in the letter itself. First he speaks about Rohani Khazain. The reference that he has given no Mauritian Ahmadi can give it. Secondly I have been addressed by Mister Zafrullah. No one here in Mauritius will address me with such words. Anyhow by now I am hundred per cent convinced that he is the writer of the letter. So with reference to that letter he will be the target of all my comments and challenges. I will consider him to be the one who has instigated others to write the letter and whatever I say particularly concerning that letter, he is the first addressee and all those who have signed and sent me the letter will be his followers. If I wished I could report him to the authorities and he would have had to pack his bag and return to his Pakistan. But in matters of religion we will not use secular courts for the time being. In addition, for the time being I think that he is a real pain in the neck of the amir. So he stays.

As I have said in my previous sermon I am preparing a detailed response to the molvi’s letter in Creole. Meanwhile in my sermons starting today I will be commenting upon this circular letter (click here) in the next two to four coming weeks. My aim in doing this is for the world to know more about what goes on in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius with special reference to the particular way that Ahmadi molvis go about doing their work. In one of my previous sermons I said that this missionary forms part of the bad Ulema of which the prophet spoke about. Through his letter, his speeches and his actions you might realize how he personalizes the typical Ahmadiyya missionary at work. Jamaat Ahmadiyya International will wait for a long time before it can see a molvi Ghulam Rasul Rajekira or Molvi Baqapurira in its fold. Why? Because a cheaper breed has become the new export of Ahmadiyya Jamiahs!

Before I start commenting upon the content of the molvi’s letter I want to make some preliminary remarks. There is no doubt at all that the writer of this letter is the missionary in charge Basharuth Naveed. He says the letter has received caliphal approval and its blessings also. Such a blessed undertaking should have been supported by the amir, members of his Amila and all Sadrs including the lady. But it is most unfortunate that the molvi together with his Hazur and his amir saheb and all the members of the Amila have boycotted this foul-smelling letter. The caliph gives his approval but he stays behind. The molvi launches the jihad but stays with the women folk, so to say. Poor members of the Amila including the amir have been taken unawares and they make as if the letter does not exist. The molvi is doing all to prop what he has started and he is going door by door distributing his letter in the hope that he might meet an ignorant, fanatical Ahmadi who will fall in his trap.

So we conclude that the Ahmadiyya leadership in Mauritius together with the caliph in London do not want to commit themselves. They are afraid and they stay behind. This shows how they lack the courage of a Muslim, the courage of an Ahmadi who has received the training of Hazrat Masih Maood as. To me this situation is quite understandable. They speak about the Holy Quran but they do not practice it. That is why Allah has removed courage from their hearts. Instead of being lions they are like fleeing donkeys. They ignore the teachings that they have received and they prefer to be dictated and let themselves be led by their passion, prejudices and the foulness that has been deeply rooted in their heart.  So the leadership of the mainstream Ahmadiyya Jamaat wants to be absent from this confrontation with us. Now do you think that I will take up a challenge from lesser mortals than the leadership?  They are the opinion leaders within the Jamaat. The leadership of the Jamaat is the group that follows through with doctrine. Had they challenged me in the proper way prescribed it would have been worth considering the challenge with the permission of Allah.

Secondly I ask the molvi Basharuth Naveed to write a document and explain the basis of the challenge that he has cowardly sent me through others. In my booklet I will explain incha Allah how neither the verse of the Holy Quran nor the conclusion that has been derived from it nor the prayer of  Hazrat Masih Maood as do not apply at all to the situation in which we find ourselves today. I will incha Allah show from the relevant details of the case in which Hazrat Masih Maood as was involved, how the molvi has tried to fool all Ahmadis.

But before continuing with some other preliminary remarks, I would like to share with you  some revelations that I have received  regarding this unfolding situation in which the missionary in charge has ravished the leadership from the local Mauritian amir. But of course he stays in the background.

Some time back I received three revelations which have to do with this circular letter from the missionary in charge. The first one I spoke about in one of my previous sermon in which I was told “Wallaho khayroul Makereen”. I understood that the mainstream Jamaat was concocting something but Allah said to me “Wallaho khayroul Makereen” meaning “Allah is the Best of Planners”. So I need not worry because the matter is in front of Allah. He has His own way of taking decisions. The missionary thinks that he is protecting Jamaat Ahmadiyya by making plans to counteract me surreptitiously but Allah knows quite well what is being done. The veil will be removed from the missionary’s face and he will be exposed. The next revelation was “Teri aawaaz eh doushmane bad nawa do qadam dour do teen pal jaégi”. We may translate this as “Your evil sounding voice o enemy will go only at a distance of two steps or will last for two or three seconds. I understood this to mean that the evil that the molvi, missionary in charge will try to spread within the Jamaat will not be responded to by the Ahmadis. They will ignore it almost completely. Now just see what has happened up till now. This letter has been in circulation since the beginning of February 2011. I thought that after reading my sermon of last week I will be receiving at least ten letters per day. But what I have to admit is that the bulk of Mauritian Ahmadis have understood that they should not follow this evil-minded molvi in his attempt to delude the people from the path of true rectitude. For your information this week I have received a letter signed by Mr Haniff Jowahir. What esteem does he have within Jamaat Ahmadiyya I leave it to you to guess? But I am still disappointed that the molvi has still not been able to persuade the top guys within the Jamaat to send me their letters. What a wasted effort! His voice, his jihad has not gone far at all.

The next revelation that I received concerning this matter is “Tere makron se eh jahil mera nouksan nahin hargiz ke ye jaan aag mein par kar bhi salamat aane wali hai”. What does this mean? We translate it as “Your machinations will not harm me at all because even if I go through fire I will be still safe (or in peace).” I hope you know who said this. I am one of his true servants and I propagate the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas. I do not believe in nor propagate that part of his teachings that have been modified by some of his caliphs. Besides these three revelations, on the day that I received a copy of the molvi’s circular letter Allah said to me “Wa antal aala” which means “You will have the upper hand”.

Our book of reference is the Holy Quran. Had we not been blessed with knowing the writings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas we could have been excused if we continued to behave like medieval obscurantists. Now how obnoxious that Ahmadis claim they are following Hazrat Ahmad as and yet they follow teachings of their leaders that are blatantly against the Holy Quran. We are not going to explain these matters again. We have amply talked about and documented these matters. Therefore Allah wishes that the pure teachings that He gave the Promised Messiah should be preserved and so he raises someone as an Imam to do just that. And Allah has always stood by the one He sends. Therefore it is almost automatic that He should reinforce His Servant’s heart with words from Himself and here He has said “You will have the upper hand”.

The fact that the molvi has not signed the letter shows his lack of courage (buzdili). Anyhow who are my opponents in this letter? Since by the Grace of Allah incha Allah even if I were to make that illogical prayer I will not suffer any humiliation, what will be the consequences for those who are going to challenge me. They do not say anything in the letter about the prayer that they will make to Allah. So the wily molvi wants it to be the case of “head you lose, tail I win”. Since Jamaat Ahmadiyya has departed from Justice since a long time, its representatives represented by this molvi Basharuth Naveed play such games. But he will meet his match here. I again advise him to read about what happened to his guru in 1988 from whom he appears to have learnt all these unislamic practices and to make some place in his heart for the fear of Allah.

Moreover nowhere is it said for how long will these so-called challenges last. Is it one year, two years, or the rest of years that Allah has ordained for me! I advise him again to go and read the life history of Hazrat Masih Maood as and see under what circumstances he was called upon to issue such challenges. Then you will see whether it is relevant or not and whether you are entitled to ask a claimant to do so or not. In addition I challenge the molvi of limited knowledge to give even one verse of the Holy Quran where Allah tells a claimant to invite Allah’s Punishment upon himself to prove his claims. Repeatedly we learn from the Holy Quran that Allah tells the messengers that their task is to deliver the message. Whether people accept or do not accept is not their concern. Let me give at least two verses from the Holy Quran. Allah says

  And whether We make thee see the fulfilment of some of the things with which We threaten them or whether We make thee die, it makes little difference, for on thee lies only the delivery of the Message, and on Us the reckoning.”(13:41)

“But if they turn away, then thou art responsible only for the plain delivery of the Message.”(16:83)

“And on us lies only the plain delivery of the Message.”(36:18)

Incha Allah I will do my best to issue my booklet by the end of next week. Then everyone will know my position about this so-called challenge. Because of lack of time we will have to stop here. We will continue next week incha Allah.