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Friday Sermon of
Hazrat Amirul Momeneen
Zafrullah Domun

  19 November 2010


After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

The ceremonies of Hajj for the year 2010 are almost finished. According to officially published Saudi statistics Mecca welcomed a record number of Hajjis this year. There were about 1.8 million foreigners and about 1 million Saudis including expatriates working over there. Alhamdolilla everything went on more or less smoothly. In address delivered on this occasion the Saudi king of Saudi Arabia said that last year he made an appeal for interfaith dialogue among the people of the world. He said there was a good response to his appeal. This year he made an appeal to all Muslims and said:

“This time we are in need of a dialogue within the ummah to abandon divisions, ignorance and immoderation which are major obstacles in the way of Muslims achieving their aspirations.”

We members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya can only rejoice that now the custodian of the Holy places is saying that there is a need for dialogue among Muslims to iron out differences. This is a positive step.  How unfortunate is it that the current leadership of the International Jamaat Ahmadiyya which has as its mission the unity of the umma fails to live up to its ideals and cannot even dialogue with its own people. But let us hope that following these declarations the Saudi King will see to it that proper forums are created for dialogue amongst Muslims. It is common knowledge that the Saudis forbids members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat to go for Hajj whereas as guardians it is incumbent upon them to allow all those who profess the Islamic faith to accomplish Hajj without let or hindrance. We know that this measure forms part of the prevailing ignorance that is rampant in the Muslim world about real Ahmadiyya beliefs. Let us hope that the Saudi king will take the necessary steps to make it possible for all Muslims to perform hajj as their heart wishes. Besides other things the Saudi King spoke against terrorism and made an appeal to all people to unite on common values to work for the prosperity of mankind as a whole.

Another interesting piece of information is the Kiswa ( the piece of cloth that covers the Kaaba. Usually every year it is changed on the 9th of Zul Hajj. The black kiswa is made with 670 kg of pure silk, and 150 kg of gold and silver thread that is used for sewing the Qur’anic verses. It is 658 square meters in size and consists of 47 pieces, each 14 meters long and 95 cm wide. It costs about $4.5 million approximately about 135 million Mauritian rupees.  This piece of cloth is made in a factory that was built in Mecca in 1936. It is known as The Kiswa Factory and it was built by the Kingdom’s founder King Abdul Aziz. A new kiswa is made every year by Saudis who work at the factory.

Another important piece of information concerns the distribution of the  meat of sacrificial animals. The Saudis employ about 20,000 butchers to slaughter about 700,000 animals mostly sheep. Meat is distributed among the poor people living in the surrounding region of Mecca and the rest is packed and sent to needy Muslims around the world.

These are some pieces of information that I have wished to share with you so that you might have an idea, however vague it might be about what goes on during Hajj. Should we get any more information incha Allah we will share them with you.

The story of Hazrat Ibrahim as and his family is quite fascinating when you think over it. Without going into details we understand from the Holy Quran that when he was quite young he understood that idol worship was an enormous sin and he , so to say rebelled against it. We understand that his father was an idol worshipper and so he was brought up with this notion of idol worshipping. When he became of age either through his own reflection and most surely helped by Allah he understood that a human being should not bow to anyone but Allah. From the Holy Quran we understood how he was in search of Allah. We read from chapter Al Anaam(6) as follows:

And remember the time when Abraham said to his father, Azar: ‘Dost thou take idols for gods? Surely, I see thee and thy people in manifest error.’

And thus did We show Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth that he might be rightly guided and that he might be of those who have certainty of faith.

And when the night darkened upon him, he saw a star. He said: ‘This is my Lord!’ But when it set, he said: ‘I like not those that set.’

And when he saw the moon rise with spreading light, he said: ‘This is my Lord.’ But when it set, he said, ‘If my Lord guide me not, I shall surely be of the people who go astray.’

And when he saw the sun rise with spreading light, he said: ‘This is my Lord, this is the greatest.’ But when it set, he said, ‘O my people, surely I am clear of that which you associate with God.

I have turned my face toward Him Who created the heavens and the earth, being ever inclined to God, and I am not of those who associate gods with God.’

And his people argued with him. He said: ‘Do you argue with me concerning Allah when He has guided me aright? And I fear not that which you associate with Him, unless my Lord will something. My Lord comprehends all things in His knowledge. Will you not then be admonished?

And why should I fear that which you associate with God, when you fear not to associate with Allah that for which He has sent down to you no authority?’ Which, then, of the two parties has greater right to security, if indeed you know?

Those who believe and mix not up their belief with injustice — it is they who shall have peace, and who are rightly guided

And that is Our argument which We gave to Abraham against his people. We exalt in degrees of rank whomsoever We please. Thy Lord is indeed Wise, All-Knowing. (75-84)”

This is one of the series of verses in which Allah has explained for all mankind part of the story of Abraham. Here we see how he kept questioning himself about Allah until he was rightly guided and Allah gave him certainty of faith. We have been arguing in our sermons that it is important for every person who sincerely wishes to achieve the purpose of his life to question his beliefs. The proper question will eventually lead to Allah and one will get full certainty. We see that Hazrat Ibrahim did it and we know from history books that the Holy Prophet saw also isolated himself in his quest for Allah. But today also the need for such quest is still relevant and important. And it is the practice of Allah to help His people by sending them His servants who will make their guidance become easy. WE believe Hazrat Masih Maood as has done part of this job. But we also think that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is wrong in saying that today there is no need for any more appointments by Allah and that their idea of khilafat will cater for the entire spiritual needs of the people. Elsewhere and even in Mauritius also the Jamaat is trying its best to indoctrinate Ahmadis to believe in this dogma of khilafat not as explained by Hazrat Masih Maood as but as explained by the second caliph. After the second caliph all caliphs align themselves with his opinion about this matter. And we have been saying that what they have been indoctrinating us with for some time is not the correct teachings. The present leadership is only interested in only maintaining the system. It does not seem to be at all interested in the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maood as in making Ahmadis becoming good moral beings.

It is well known that within Jamaat Ahmadiyya the notion of khilafat and Nizaaam Jamaat has taken such a hold over the minds of the people that they do not care what Allah says. Like slaves they obey their masters – khilafat and nizaaam Jamaat. This is another type of shirk that has gripped the mind and behavior of the people and that is why Allah has repeatedly told this humble one “ Inni Jaaeloka linnasse immama”meaning “ we will make you a leader of the people”. If you read my sermon of Eid ul Adha for last year(2009) at www.jaam-international.org  you will see that I said last year that on the day of Arafat Allah said to me “ Yaa Ibrahim salaam ho toum par” meaning “ O Ibrahim peace be upon you”. Without pretending that I have all the qualities of Hazrat Ibrahim within me I think that Allah addresses me thus in order to reinforce His message upon my heart. Thus I come to understand that I have to make lots of sacrifices in His path and also that I have to break some idols that have removed the people from the right path. And when I speak about the people I mean the international Jamaat Ahmadiyya. They recognized Hazrat Masih Maood as but they are ignoring his teachings. It is thus that we have dared to tell them that we are not at all afraid of their caliphs foul words of curse because as Hazrat Ibrahim said “And why should I fear that which you associate with God, when you fear not to associate with Allah that for which He has sent down to you no authority?’ Which, then, of the two parties has greater right to security, if indeed you know?”

Nizaam Jamaat and khilafat are two notions that have to be given their proper place in Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Under no circumstance can they be given equal weight or even more weight than what Allah and His prophet have said. Those who promote these ideas  in the Jamaat are wrongdoers. In  one of the verses that I have just quoted Allah says “Those who believe and mix not up their belief with injustice — it is they who shall have peace, and who are rightly guided”.

Members of the Leadership of Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius backed by those who detain power in London have done untold injustice to Ahmadis by making them believing in doctrines and practices that have nothing to do with Islam. These practices are remnants of a certain backwardness that we see in Pakistan and where ignorance is rife. Ahmadis in Mauritius should understand that it is in their best interest to liberate themselves from this mindset of the colonized. There is no doubt that in the beginning people from India came here to teach us the message of Hazrat Masih Maood as. But these days by the Grace of Allah the time has come to enter a new world. And so the umbilical cord with the mother has to be cut if you want to embark upon a real path of moral and spiritual development. We have been able to examine our previous leaders very closely and we have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue to follow them as slavishly as we did in the past. Allah has given us now the means to be completely independent of those who thought that they were the keepers of a certain kind of knowledge and authority. Today Allah wishes to give us that knowledge and that authority because those who had it have not used it well. Instead of promoting good in society they have used their position to create disorder on earth and “Allah does not like those who create disorder on earth.”

So when Allah says in the Holy Quran that “We raise in rank whom so we like”, it is our duty as a good Muslim to submit to the will of Allah and not try to fight Him. We understand from the writings of Hazrat Masih Maood as that people having the mission of Hazrat Ibrahim will continue to appear whenever  faith will be corrupted by those who detain power. And as Ibrahim these people will have the daunting duty of telling the truth to those who would find it very unpalatable. May Allah help us to continue to work for the establishment of Tauhid on earth. Ameen