Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

18 February 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Almost worldwide Jamaat Ahmadiyya is in a state of effervescence these days. In Bangladesh the annual gathering had to be cancelled due to pressure from the opponents. In Indonesia three persons were killed and at least six were severely injured when the opponents attacked an Ahmadi village of thirty inhabitants. An Ahmadi from USA has given an ultimatum to the caliph that he would soon publish compromising videos of Ahmadis unless the caliph presents apologies or takes some actions to his liking. In Mauritius someone has come from London to enquire into some financial irregularities particularly concerning the actions of the amir Jamaat and about the irresponsibility of the Auditors and the Secretary of Finance.

Amidst this entire din the Jamaat in Mauritius most probably without the approval of the caliph has prepared a letter addressed to me and has given it to the presidents of all branches to be given to any Ahmadi who may wish to send it to me. I will speak of that in a moment. In addition last week an Ahmadi loyal to his natural bent published a video on YouTube ascribing to me words that I have never said. Fortunately by the Grace of Allah we were able to have this video removed within a few hours. But the person who put that video on line wanted to ignite a quarrel between a Muslim group in Mauritius and members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen. But as Allah says in the Holy Quran “And the Jews say, ‘The hand of Allah is tied up.’ Their own hands shall be tied up and they shall be cursed for what they say. Nay, both His hands are wide open; He spends how He pleases. And what has been sent down to thee from thy Lord will most surely increase many of them in rebellion and disbelief. And We have cast among them enmity and hatred till the Day of Resurrection. Whenever they kindle a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it. And they strive to create disorder in the earth, and Allah loves not those who create disorder.”(5:65).

As if all this were not enough on Sunday last someone hacked the email address of one of my nephews and he started sending his private chats and emails to a group of Ahmadis to denigrate us. Again by the Grace of Allah due to some initiatives that we took my nephew was able to take possession of his email account within forty eight hours. From the log of activities we were able to understand what kind of information that Ahmadi cyber terrorist was looking for. Besides trying to harm us he was after someone from the mainstream Jamaat. Most probably he wanted to inform members of the Amila in Mauritius about a connection between one of their members and us. Anyhow for the time being we have been able to stop the harm coming from this person and we hope that Allah will protect us from the harm of all those who are bent upon harming us or putting us into trouble. All those who would be engaged in these kinds of endeavors will see that all the mischief that they want to direct upon us will fall on their own heads. The Ahmadiyya leadership in Mauritius and elsewhere have up till now not been able to discuss with us from a religious point of view. So some of them, with or without the approval of the leadership, are resorting to cyber guerrilla tactics to try to harm us. I have said it several times before and I repeat it. We have differences on doctrine and for this there is no need to be nasty with one another. There is no need to poke noses in private matters to spread mud around. All of us believe in Hazrat Masih Maood as, let us honour his memory by behaving in the way that he taught us.

In mid January this year I received an email from a quite well-known Ahmadi who is closely related to the amir in Mauritius. True to his rough nature which has not received any polishing that person copiously insulted me and he made many false accusations on our pious ladies and our young ones. But as far as he is concerned I will leave this affair in the Hands of Allah. He will deal with him in due course and he will understand that all his material progress will not have brought him anything at all.

Now this is the background of the situation of Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius and elsewhere. In view of the predicament in which the amir of the Jamaat in Mauritius finds himself today some people are at work to create diversions so that the Ahmadis attention may go elsewhere. This is a well known tactic used by those in power to distract attention from their ill doings. Although it is the amir Jamaat that is the object of investigations in Mauritius yet if he is blamed, the ignominy will spread over the whole Finance Committee, the auditors and all the members of the Majlis Amila. It would mean that those who were given the task of looking after the affairs of the Jamaat have failed. Remember the amir Jamaat was so much appreciated in the Jamaat that he presided over one or two sessions of the Jalsa in London. I am told that in one of the Jalsa in Mauritius he was nominated as the caliph’s representative and a red carpet was rolled out for him to walk upon. He considered himself to be a mini-caliph in Mauritius and officials within his close circle abetted him in all his misdeeds however hard they might try to exonerate themselves. But today he has already been discredited and he knows that the end is near. So something has to be done to create a diversion. They came up with the ludicrous idea to challenge me to invite the wrath of Allah upon myself. I will incha Allah publish a small booklet about the whole matter soon in which I will show them how far they have diverted from real Islam and how their proposal is ludicrous and against Islam.

But for the time being I would like to make a few comments about the way they have gone about the whole matter. To begin with I want to make it very clear that my contention with Jamaat Ahmadiyya is not with individual Ahmadis. The majority of Ahmadis are completely ignorant of what Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as has said. Those who know are well aware that there is a gap between the teachings of Hazrat Ahmadas and the teachings that are propagated today. The differences are about how reform within groups is carried out, what revelation is and what should be done about it. Jamaat Ahmadiyya is a pyramidal organization where the caliph is the supreme head. Hence when I say that Jamaat Ahmadiyya is misguided I mean the caliph is misguided and of course all those who follow him. Moreover I have pointed out in the open letters that I have addressed to the caliph that he has been putting words in the mouth of Allah, so to say because he has been attributing words to Allah which Allah never spoke to the Promised Messiah. But for all this there has been no response from the Ahmadiyya Leadership or from anyone in Mauritius.

Now a letter has been drafted and ignorant but impudent and intrepid Ahmadis are being told to respond to me in the words of the letter. On reading the letter one can easily see the contribution of the missionary in charge in its preparation. In view of its importance this letter should have received the sanction of the Majlis Amila as well. But most probably in view of the importance that the missionary in charge has acquired because of the misdeeds of the amir, it is quite reasonable to guess that the letter has received the Majlis Amila’s approval without any discussion or if there have been any dissentient voice it has been shut down as a nail is driven by the might of a hammer. Moreover this letter does not seem to have received caliphal approval.

I came to know about the existence of the letter in the beginning of February. As time went by I expected to receive several challenge letters during the weeks that followed. But contrary to my expectations up till now I have received only three letters. They are from Mr Bashir Jowahir, Mr Ghulam Atchia and Mr Assif Domun. I expected letters to be signed by the caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad first, followed by that of his missionary in charge in Mauritius Maulana Basharat Naweed, followed by the amir Jamaat of Mauritius,Mr Amine Jowahir. In addition I would have liked to see one from Mr Mubarack Sooltangos followed by all the big hats within the Amila without forgetting Mr Hassen Ramjaun , the Mohuns and the Bhunnoos of Quatre Bornes. Had all these people sent me their letters I would have known that the mainstream Jamaat has at last found its real clout and they mean business and that I should start to worry.  But they have sent me only three persons within the Jamaat who do not represent almost anything at all.

You know, every Friday, in almost every mosque the following is read “ Man yahdehillaho falaa mozillalahou , wa man youzlilho falaa haadiya lahou” which is translated as “ He whom Allah guides there is no one to lead him astray; he who goes astray there is no one to guide him”. But 99.9 % of Ahmadis just hear these Arabic words and they do not understand its meaning at all. Moreover for some when they hear it they know it is time to wake up because Jummah is approaching its end. Mr Bashir Jowahir is a cousin of mine. We were very close and we have known each other for a long time. I wish he could make a statement and tell the world during almost forty five years that he has known me how many times I ever spoke a lie to him and how many times he may have spoken lies to me. Let him make a declaration to this effect and the world might know why this man says that I am a liar and that my revelations do not come from Al Rahman but from Satan. But this is the man whom Allah wished to guide but he is not a person who likes to be properly guided. In fact in the year 1999 once he told me that he had seen in dream that Hazrat Gibril had come to meet me in the mosque at Darus Salam and he told him (Bashir) to tell me about it. But Mr Bashir forgot to tell me about this dream. After 15 days he saw Hazrat Gibril again and he told him that he had not yet told me about the dream. It is only then that he came to tell me about the dream. Unfortunately I did not keep any note of this dream. The wordings may be different. But as far as I can recall he spoke to me about Hazrat Gibril visiting me and of his forgetting to tell me and how he was reminded again after 15 days and then he came to tell me about it. Those who know me know quite well that by the Grace of Allah my memory is quite good and that I am not a liar. I remember quite well that he told me about a dream where Hazrat Gibril was involved. The divine manifestation in Mauritius started in on March 7, 2000. Later on he came to know how much I was at the centre of that divine manifestation although I tried to stay on the periphery. But Mr Bashir has never been well versed in spiritual lore to the best of my knowledge. He may have changed now, but I doubt it. But despite the dream he was unable to understand what Allah had already foretold him although symbolically. This is usually the case of those who are blinded by prejudice, family feelings and are full of bigotry.

Anyhow he is the first person to have signed the letter telling me that I am a liar. As I have said previously Allah has repeatedly told me that He will humiliate he who tries to humiliate me. During the past ten years the amir Jamaat of Mauritius together with his close circle of friends in Mauritius here and in London have tried to humiliate me. The writing is on the wall not only for the amir but for all those who have helped him. The humiliation of the amir has hit the fan and it is being distributed on the heads of all those who thought of him as a petty god. I will not pray to Allah to manifest His curse upon the liars. He is Allah. He knows what He has to do. But I may remind all and sundry about something that He revealed to me sometime back. He said “Wa yatarabbaso bekoum dawaa’era Alyahim daa’eratous sawe “they wait for calamities to befall you. On themselves shall fall an evil calamity.” Re-open your file and see who wished ill for us and what happened to him. The story is really sad but Ahmadis, being fanatics believe what their leaders tell them without any questioning. That is the reason why they are where they are these days. Three ignorant Zorros have come forward to challenge me while those who should have challenged are staying behind because they know what will be the consequences. Even the present caliph knows quite well how catastrophic the result of the Mubahela of the fourth caliph has been. He prefers to tread on surer grounds. He stays behind and does not make any public statement against us. But his representatives in Mauritius have devised a scheme to put some ignorant Ahmadis into trouble by instigating them to write and challenge me. The amir, the missionary in charge, the other missionaries, members of the Majlis Amla, the Sadrs have all preferred to stay behind. But we all know quite well that “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Mr Bashir forgets another of his lessons. More incha Allah next time.