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Friday Sermon of
Hazrat Amirul Momeneen
Zafrullah Domun

  17 DECEMBER 2010




After reciting the Tauz, the Tashahhud and the first chapter of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

As I said last week I will talk to you today about some of the revelations, visions of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as which show the affinity that existed between him and the people of the household of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw. Although most of the Ulema among the Muslims might continue to speak ill of him, yet those who are endowed with knowledge know quite well that Hazrat Ahmad as was a great defender of Islam and a great lover of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. Even some of his opponents agree that Hazrat Ahmad has done a great service to Islam when he championed its cause in India at the end of the 19th century when its teachings and founder was being relentlessly attacked from all quarters. In both prose and verse Hazrat Ahmad as has written extensively about the merits of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw and his companions. But we are not going to talk about that today.

 So my first extract is from Tazkera which is a compilation of the dreams, visions and revelations of Hazrat Ahmad as. He says:

“It is a historical fact recorded in the history of my family that one of my grandmothers was a descendant of the Holy Prophet, through his daughter Fatima. This was confirmed by the Holy Prophet in a vision when he addressed me in the following words (Arabic): Salman is one of us, a member of the household, following the method of Hassan. Thus he named me Salman (Silman), that is to say double peace, meaning that I would bring about two kinds of peace, one internal which will put an end to ill will and rancor and the other external which will remove the causes of external enmity and by displaying the greatness of Islam will attract the followers of other faiths to Islam. It seems to me that by the mention of Salman in the hadith, it was I who was meant because the prophecy with regard to double peace does not apply to the other Salman (EkGhalati ka Izala, p. 15, footnote).(Tazkira p 463)”

Speaking about these revelations in an article published in the newspaper (Al-Hakam, Vol.IV, No. 40, November 10, 1900, p. 3) he further said:

“It happens often that the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, tells me something and I hear it, but I do not see him. This is a condition midway between vision and revelation. Last night he said concerning the Promised Messiah (Arabic): He will put off fighting and will bring about peace between people, meaning that there will be two signs for the Promised Messiah, one external, that there will be no fighting, and one internal, that peace will be made. Thereafter he said (Arabic): Salman is one of us, a member of the household. Here also Salman (Silman) means a double peace. He then said (Arabic): According to the method of Hassan; meaning that Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him) had brought about a double peace, one whereby he made peace with Muawiyah and the other that he brought about peace between the Companions of the Holy Prophet. This shows that the Promised Messiah has the characteristics of Hassan. Then he said (Urdu): He will drink the same milk that Hassan drank.

The Promised Messiah observed: The saying that the Mahdi will be a descendant of the Holy Prophet has been explained by this revelation and also the function of the Promised Messiah, who is also the Mahdi, has been expounded. Those who allege that as soon as he appears he would wield the sword and will slaughter the disbelievers are in error. The truth is, as indicated in these revelations that he will bring about a double peace, both external and internal.”

From this extract we understand that Hazrat Masih Maood as was a descendant of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw through one of his grandmother. So those who say that the Holy Prophet saw said that the Mahdi will be from his household should reflect well upon this matter. Similarly those who say that the Mahdi will wield the sword should also beware and reflect upon the accomplishments of Hazrat Ahmadas. There is no doubt that with arguments he proved the veracity of the Holy Prophet saw, of Islam and of the Holy Quran. Today we are so well equipped to deal with objections about Islam because of the teachings of Hazrat Ahmad as, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi.

In another of his visions of which there are two or three versions he says:

“I saw that Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) showed me a book and said: This is a commentary on the Quran which I have compiled and which God has commanded I should give to you. I stretched forth my hand and took the book. The Holy Prophet (on whom be peace) was looking at me and heard what Ali had said but did not himself speak as if he was saddened on account of some of my sorrows. When I saw him in my vision his countenance was the same as I had seen previously. The whole building was lit up with his light. Holy is Allah Who is the Creator of light and of illumined personages (Ayena Kamalat-e-Islam p. 55).”

Then at another place he says:

“Hadhrat Ali gave me the commentary of the Book of Allah, the All Knowing, and said: This is my commentary and now you are most deserving of it. Felicitations on that which has been bestowed upon you. Then I stretched forth my hand and took the book and thanked Allah, the Bestower, the Most Powerful. I found Hadhrat Ali of good presence possessing good qualities, courteous, and humble having a bright shining face. I affirm on oath that he met me with great affection and kindness and it was conveyed to me that he knew me and was aware of my doctrine and that my stand and my way were opposed to those of the Shia'as, but he did not seem to resent it. Indeed he met me like sincere friend and showed great affection for me. He was accompanied by Hassan and Hussain and by the Seal of the Prophets and by a handsome young woman, righteous and of high status, good natured and dignified whose face was lit up with spiritual light but who seemed to be filled with sorrow which she was trying to suppress. It was conveyed to me that she was the Lady Fatima Zahra. I was lying down and she approached me and sat down next to me and placed my head on her thigh and was most kind to me. I noticed that she was sorrowful and anxious on account of my troubles as a mother is anxious on account of the tribulations of her children. It was also conveyed to me that my relationship with her was like that of a spiritual son and it passed through my mind that her sorrow was an indication of the persecution that I was to undergo at the hands of my people and my countrymen and my enemies. Then Hassan and Hussain approached me and showed me fraternal affection and were to me like kind friends. The whole of this vision was experienced by me while I was awake and it happened many years ago” (Sirul- Khilafah pp. 34-35).

Hence we see that there is a spiritual affinity between Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the family of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. Other Muslims may deny it but the spiritual experience of the person concerned is here to prove that the affinity exists and it has been confirmed through several revelations from Allah.

In another extract from his writings Hazrat Ahmad as says:

“The Sahih Muslim relates that the Messiah would descend near the white Minaret in the east of Damascus. It has been disclosed to me by Allah that the interpretation of Damascus in this context is a town the dwellers of which have the temper of Yazid and his habits and thoughts. By Damascus, therefore, is meant a town which possesses this well known characteristic of Damascus. By specifying Damascus as the place of the appearance of the Messiah, it is desired to indicate that by the word Messiah is not meant Jesus himself to whom the Gospel was revealed, but someone from among the Muslims who, in his spiritual aspect, would resemble Jesus and also Imam Hussain, for Damascus was the capital of Yazid and was the centre of the Yazeedis from which proceeded thousands of tyrannical commands. God Almighty, therefore, mentioned Damascus specifically for the purpose of indicating that whereas Damascus was the source of such tyrannical commands and was the city of such hard-hearted and black-minded people, now a city like Damascus will become the headquarters for the spreading of justice and faith, for most Prophets have appeared in towns whose people were wrongdoers and yet God converted the accursed places into homes of blessings” (Izala Auham pp. 63-70).

In this extract Hazrat Masih Maood as has explained one of the sayings of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw regarding the Messiah that was to come. When we read this it becomes clear to the mind of even an ordinary person that through the arrival of Hazrat Ahmad as , a new era of peace should have been ushered at least amongst the members of the Jamaat. Unfortunately in the past we have not seen that era of peace and those who wield authority within the Jamaat have acted ruthlessly against anyone who ever disagreed with them. This shows how wide is the gulf that exists between what was the desired intention and the real outcome. Even these days Jamaat Ahmadiyya is showing to the world it ugly face when it professes to the world something noble but does what is ignoble. Anyhow members of the Jamaat should reflect whether they have more sympathy with those who murdered the grandson of the Holy Prophet or those who want to maintain the sunnat of the Holy Prophet. As a good Ahmadi one has to make a choice. Those who wield authority within the Jamaat, like Yazid would never like that a Hussein should live. Any Hussein would make their life really miserable and hence all attempts should be made to eliminate this Hussein and his group of followers. But History will not repeat itself. If in the past when an Ahmadiyya caliph expelled someone from the Jamaat he knew that sooner or later that person would tender his excuses and be readmitted to the fold of the Jamaat. But today this is not the same situation. Today by the Grace of Allah and through the Hussein of this era, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Yazidis are bound to be defeated. Their era of domineering will come to an end. Members of the Jamaat will have to know again or for the first time what it is to be free and breathe the air of freedom that enslaves a person to the real service of His Lord. It is this freedom that Hazrat Ahmad as came to teach us and it is this freedom that we should spread around the world. With all our might and with the help of our Lord we should do all that is possible to realize the noble aims for which Hazrat Ahmad as came. Today those who are exercising authority in his name have gone far away from his noble teachings in their madness to maintain their sway over the people they have even brazen-facedly modified the founder’s teachings. It is in this way that we heard the Ahmadiyya caliph reiterate in his Friday sermon of last week that they have Khilafat and it will stay with them forever. Have not popes exercised such an authority over Christendom for almost the past 2000 years. We know and the caliph knows it quite well that some Ulema of the Jamaat do not share his view about khilafat but yet he has asked them to keep silent to preserve the unity of the Jamaat. One has to wonder whether apparent unity is more important that the teaching of what is true. If the present leadership of the Jamaat were true in their claims they should have come forward to refute all those Ahmadis who are telling them that they are wrong these days. But they would not come forward because they have become masters of deception and they want to continue to deceive the people.

Within the Jamaat the fourth caliph is held in high esteem despite the many mistakes that he might have committed. At times great words of wisdom flowed from his lips. One such instance is when he said:

“However, a second answer can be given from the perspective of the issues relating to the need for an Imam (a religious leader). An Imam, whether he is an Imam Mahdi (one guided by God) or any other Imam, is only required when the clergy of that religion has decayed and has become corrupt. If the leadership of a religion is not corrupt and is honest, there is no need for Allah to send anyone from himself -- or is there? So, when the Imam comes that is the time when, according to the verdict of God, the society has already become corrupt, mostly at the top because when the leadership is destroyed, then the ordinary people are also destroyed. When the leaders, the very best in town, become corrupt, they then destroy others (who follow). That is why the Holy Qur'an refers to Pharaoh as having led his people to destruction and annihilation.(http://www.alislam.org/library/links/00000204.html)

Hence we all members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen should always stand up for truth. When we do so we will be treading the path of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw, his Promised Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, his martyred son in law Hazrat Ali ra , his grandson  Hazrat Imam Husseinra, without forgetting Mansoor bin Hallaj and Syad Abdul Latiff ra . These are the people whose teachings and example we follow and they are an excellent group. They are the group of Allah. In every era Victory has been decreed for them by Allah.