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Friday Sermon of
Hazrat Amirul Momeneen
Zafrullah Domun

  12 NOVEMBER 2010




After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

In my last two sermons I spoke about an article written by the late Sir Zafrullah Khan published originally in an issue of Review of Religion in 1926 and which has recently been republished in May 2010. It is available at http://www.reviewofreligions.org/2267/evolution-of-faith/. I suggest that those who can read should spend some time studying this article because it gives in a nutshell what we should do in a life time. I had almost fully covered the article. But I will still quote a last paragraph. He says:

“To answer this last query it would be necessary to discover the nature and attributes of that Being. So that the first stage of the enquiry would be concerned with the determination of the question as to the Existence, Nature and Attributes of God; the relation which exists between man and his Maker, and the object which God has appointed for man on earth; this would include the possibility and nature of Revelation and Prophethood. For this purpose one would rely upon the evidence of one’s own senses, that is to say, one’s own observation of the Universe, one’s personal experiences, and the innate consciousness planted in each individual self, also on the evidence furnished by the reliable experiences of others, whether recorded or related orally, the teachings of scriptures and the guidance afforded by living preceptors. All this, however, would merely constitute the materials, the data, on which our judgment is to be based, but the judgment must be ours and not somebody else’s. For if this is not so, the whole enquiry will be futile. If I am to surrender my judgment to another, then the conclusion at which I have arrived is somebody else’s faith and not mine. It cannot provide me with any motive power; it cannot prompt or check the workings of my mind, the operations of my will, and consequently cannot have the slightest effect upon my actions.”


We see how through a process of reasoning  Sir Zafrullah Khan has briefly explained how it is important for all of us to undergo a process of  questioning so that we might be put on a path that might lead us to realize the aim of our existence on earth. In Jamaat Ahmadiyya Hazrat Masih Maood as laid the ground for such a process to be continually present within it. That is why he said that Allah will continue to send some spiritual personage who would renew a dying faith whenever the need arises. But unfortunately the majority of the members have preferred to surrender their judgment to someone else namely their caliph, because they want to think that he is infallible and will lead them to the right path. Unfortunately experience has shown that this is not so. Allah is the sole Guide and He guides whom He pleases to the right path. Despite the wealth, arrogance and fictitiously inflated number of Ahmadis Allah has exercised His will and has raised His servants to tell the Ahmadis that what they are doing is bad. We should remember that we are not saying that what Hazrat Masih Maood as has said is bad. What we mean is that present day Ahmadiyya leadership has perverted his teachings and they want to deny the Ahmadis the spiritual fruits that Allah has in store for them.

Now I want to say a few words about Eid Ul Adha. As most of you might already be aware Eidul Adha will be celebrated in Mauritius on Wednesday 17th November this year. Incha Allah we will read Eid Prayer at 9 o’clock sharp here at Bait ul Rahma. We request all brothers and sisters to be on time so that we might release all those friends who will be participating in Qurbani as early as possible. You should note that Eid ul Adha is not a public holiday and hence there will be heavy traffic to Port Louis. So you should take this into consideration so that you might not be late. After Eid sermon incha Allah we all take part in a collective lunch.


When we speak about Eid ul Adha we cannot fail to speak about Hajj. In fact Hajj as we know it today is the fifth pillar of Islam. All able bodied Muslims who have means should try to perform hajj at least once in their lifetime. If done with the proper intention the ceremonies of hajj is said to wash away the pilgrim’s sins and make him as pure as he was when he was born. Of course this applies to a woman also. This year about 2.5 million pilgrims including the Saudis will converge on Mecca for the Hajj which will start on 14th November and will continue for at least five days. Usually the ritual of Hajj starts on 8th day of Zul Hajj and ends on the twelfth. During these days pilgrims will travel from Mecca to Mina to Arafat and to Muzdalifa. At each of these places they will perform the necessary ritual as Hazrat Mohammad saw did in the year 630-31A.D.  The Saudi authorities who are the guardian of the Holy Places of Islam namely Mecca and Medina have invested heavily their petrodollars to provide plenty of facilities in order to make life easy for all the pilgrims. The novelty this year is a monorail that will carry thousands of pilgrims to Mina to Arafat and to Muzdalifa from Mecca during the Hajj days. This year this facility will operate at 35% of capacity. But eventually it is set to move about 20,000 pilgrims in one hour.


Although we cannot go for Hajj, yet we should still participate in making sacrifices on Eid Day if we have the means. Moreover during these first 10 days of Zul hajj we should also engage ourselves in more remembrance of Allah and prayers than in other days. Usually according to a hadith it is recommended that we repeat Subhaanallah, Alhamdo lilla, wa laa ilaha illallaho Allaho akbar during these days. We may be far from Mecca but our heart remains attached to the Lord of the Kaaba. Let us hope that we will spend as much of our time as we can in remembering Allah and in prayers in the remaining days until Eid.


Now I would like to talk about the article that was printed in the Sunday newspaper Weekend on 7th November last. You may read the article under the subtitle “Courier” on Weekend’s webpage. We members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen believe that members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream have departed from the path drawn by the founder of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas. It appears that within the leadership itself each one has its own idea of what the teachings are. Someone who is a well known member of the Jamaat was invited here on the occasion of the Jalsa Salana and he gave a speech about “Islam and Human Rights.” If I am not mistaken it was the same speech that was delivered in Jalsa Salana UK.  The leaders of the mainstream Jamaat in Mauritius thought of making a publicity stunt by arranging for an interview of that illustrious person to be published in one of the weekly newspapers. In the course of his interview that person said a few things which are contrary to established Ahmadiyya views. On behalf of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen I contacted the newspaper man to tell him that I wanted to respond to what was said in the interview. He asked me to pen down a piece and he will publish it. I sent him my response and he published it in the next issue of the paper. I pointed out among other things that the interviewee said a few things which were against established Ahmadiyya beliefs and also he carried on a few lies that mainstream Ahmadiyya repeats so that its members and eventually the world might believe.


The first point on which I spoke was the number of Ahmadis in the world. Since some time now we have been saying that all these millions of new Ahmadis that are announced with great clamor in Jalsa Salanas are fictitious. I have repeatedly been saying that all these people do not exist. The representatives of the Jamaat in Mauritius have felt stung when such information was published in a widely circulated newspaper in Mauritius and so they came up with the lame and idiotic reply that there are so many Ahmadis in the world that they cannot be counted and also that is a sign of their dynamism.


I remember reading somewhere that someone said “You can fool some people for some time but you cannot fool all the people all the times. Today we live in a world where almost everything can be counted. Of course provided you know how to count.  Billions of stars in galaxies are being counted. The millions of species in marine life are being counted. The number of people that are born daily, monthly and yearly in the world is being counted. It appears that suddenly when they have been cornered that mainstream Ahmadis propagandist forget how to count. During the past years they have been clamoring that their number was growing at such a pace that they it had reached 200 million in the world. That figure is about 16% of the total Muslim Population in the world. At one time it was announced that in one year alone 80 million new converts joined the Jamaat in India. This amounts to slightly less than half the Muslim population of India. In giving these figures, the fourth caliph made a grave mistake. Unfortunately the fifth caliph is not humble enough to say it publicly that these were wrong figures that were communicated to the Jamaat. Once a caliph makes a mistake, his followers erroneously think that it is a virtue to repeat the same mistake again and again. This is unfortunately the mindset of Ahmadis these days. But Allah did not send Hazrat Masih Maood as to produce Ahmadis who are so afraid to speak the truth that they will not care if by not doing so they incur the displeasure of Allah. An Ahmadi is someone who is afraid of no one but Allah. For Allah’s sake he or she will always speak the truth. This is the distinction of being an Ahmadi. Ahmadis can reiterate through newspapers, televisions, radios and the internet that they are the true representatives of Islam. But declarations are cheap. What is important is how much they live Islam in their daily lives. With regard to their numbers in the world they are not telling the truth. They are so confused that suddenly they do not know how to count!


Now regarding “love for all hatred for none”, the representatives of the mainstream Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Mauritius have said in their article that they have “profound respect” for the laws of the Republic of Mauritius. In order to avoid shaming them too much I will only speak about a few simple matters. According to the rules and regulations of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Mauritius (the real legal entity) no member can be expelled from the association unless he has been given a chance to defend himself. In how many cases have this rule been applied. If not how far has the law been respected? During the past ten years mainstream Jamaat in Mauritius has expelled more than twenty members together with their children. In how many of these cases the person was allowed to defend himself? The answer is zero and yet you say you are very loyal to the laws of the land. The fact is that the caliph is considered to be above the law of the land. How many times obeying him have you gone against the law of the land? The Jamaat was created in the first instance to be an example in everything that is good. But in order to strengthen the grip of the caliph on it, the amir, missionary in charge have gone so far as denying many Ahmadis their basic rights. For the time being I will not speak about how far all foreign currency transactions have been within the purview of the law or not. I will also spare you about how far provisions of the Registration of association Act has been followed thoroughly in all transactions.

The amir together with his missionary in charge Mawlana Basharat Naveed can easily brainwash young virgin minds to believe in whatever dogmas or version of history that they want them to believe. But truth will always prevail. It has been reported to me that Maulana Basharat Naveed, who forgets that he is a foreigner in this country tried to speak about Sufis and the saying “Love for All hatred for none” in the recently held ijtema. Of course, out of his ignorance he spoke disparagingly of some Sufis. But such a reaction does not surprise me at all.  In Jamaat Ahmadiyya there was a time when the second caliph asked the members who were inclined towards Sufism to read the life of Maulvi Rajeki in order to be inspired. But what does a newcomer  from Jamaat’s Jamia  in Pakistan know about Sufism. They have grown under a caliph who taught them how to make tabligh by fixing targets. Once they cannot make the target they invented it. Such an attitude would never come from someone who understands what Sufism is. Real Sufis adhere to truth and they really have love for all and hatred for none. They do not choose to love people and above all they are not at all instrumental in spreading hatred as is being done by the Ahmadiyya leadership these days.


Today we will stop here. Let us hope that Allah opens the heart and mind of the Ahmadiyya leadership so that they may provide true guidance to the people instead of teaching them the path that according to the Holy Quran leads to hell.