Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

11 February 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

In Jamaat Ahmadiyya literature we often quote hadiths predicting the evil characteristics of the Ulemas who will come after the departure of the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw. One such hadith is as follows:

“The Apostle of God said: `There will come a time for my people when there will remain nothing of the Qur'an except its outward form and nothing of Islam except its name and they will call themselves by this name even though they are the people furthest from it. The mosques will be full of people but they will be empty of right guidance. The religious leaders (Fuqaha) of that day will be the most evil religious leaders under the heavens; sedition and dissension will go out from them and to them will it return.' "

If I am not mistaken this hadith is found in Mishkaat. Anyhow it has very often been quoted in Jamaat’s literature.. No one can deny this. In the Majlis Irfaan sessions of the fourth caliph one could hear this hadith quoted very often with reference to the non-Ahmadi Scholars. You have the impression that it is the other ulamas who are those evil ones who have been quoted in this hadith . But what about the so-called Ahmadi scholars who hide the truth?  It is a well known and published fact that according to the fifth caliph there are some scholars within Jamaat Ahmadiyya who do not agree with the official position of the Jamaat concerning the hadith about the re-establishment of khilafat. But they do not dare publish their thoughts. Who are they afraid of? The caliph or Allah? They do not dare align themselves with the position taken by Hazrat Masih Maoodas but they prefer to accept opinions that have been expressed after him. Are these people good or bad Ulema? You can easily make your own conclusions.

Now the question is do we have Ulema in Jamaat Ahmadiyya these days. I mean do we have ulemas who are depicted in the verse of the Holy Quran “Innama yakhshallaho min ebaadehil olamaa.” The translation of this verse is “Surely only those of His Servants who have knowledge who fear Allah”. The reply would be that yes there are some people who may have claims to this title. I am not going to mention these people here because I have something of more importance to tell you about. The factory where these so called Ulema are made is Jamia Ahmadiyya. For some time there were only three such institutions in Rabwah, Qadian and Ghana. Recently new ones have been created in Canada, England and Germany. In these institutions Ahmadi young men undergo training to become missionaries.  In these institutions the students are taught the Holy Quran, some hadiths, some kalam and above all Ahmadiyya doctrines. Most of these missionaries work in their own countries, after the completion of their studies. The privileged ones are sent abroad. 

So all those missionaries who have been posted to Mauritius since the beginning of 1950 are so to say among the privileged ones. Those who came to Mauritius before 1950 were pious people motivated by a strong desire to spread the truth of Ahmadiyyat around the world. Those who came afterwards were of another breed. But incha Allah some other time I will speak about them. How many amongst them did really display in their persons the moral qualities that should characterize an Ahmadi is open to question. When we study the history of that period we see that these missionaries always intended that they should be the leader of the Jamaat over here. In their wildest dreams they could not bear to hear that they would take orders from a local Ahmadi. This was the root of the dark period in which most Mauritian Ahmadis lived from 1950 to around 1965. Things eased up a bit after that but in 1985 there came another missionary here who wanted to teach the Mauritians a real lesson in obedience to the amir and to the establishment. He started taking initiatives. He wanted to reduce Tarawih prayers so that people might listen to his Dars for a longer period of time. He did not care for the opinion of the Majlis Amila although at that time the fourth caliph kept giving missionaries advice on how they should go about in their countries of posting. So as it had to happen the missionary and I had a heated discussion after one of the prayers and I did not hesitate to give a piece of my mind. I was reported to the amir and the latter sent me a threatening letter to present my apologies or I would be reported to the caliph. I ignored the threat from the amir and presented my case to the caliph directly. Fortunately for us the caliph paid a visit to Mauritius in 1988 and one member of the Amila courageously told the caliph what the Maulana had said about the Majlis Amila. Immediately the missionary in charge was demoted with humiliation in front of all those present. As far as I can remember he stayed in his house for more than 24 hours and when he emerged one could easily see how much he had been weeping. After some time when I was elected and appointed Amir, he had to work under me. That was a really unbearable humiliation for him.

Now you may ask why I am talking about these matters today. The fact is that in 1988, Allah had given me clear signs through revelations and dreams of what was in store for those who tried to harm me and those who were dear to me. The words of Hazrat Masih Maoodas was fulfilled once more when he said of an enemy “ Khoda rouswa karega toum ko, mein I’zaaz pa’ounga” which we translate as “ Allah will humiliate you and I will be honoured”.

The actual amir Jamaat in Mauritius also will incha Allah reap in full measure what he had been sowing for the past ten years. As I said last week whether the caliph takes any sanction or forgives his amir, to us it does not matter. The amir has already been humiliated by those people who were here to support him. His reputation within the community is at its lowest level and yet he does not have the decency to leave office.  The role that has been played by the missionary in charge to put the amir in the corner that he is in now is well known throughout the Jamaat. The role played by a close ex-friend of the amir is also quite well known within the Jamaat. How the Jamaat will deal with these Cassius and Brutus, we will know soon. This missionary in his own subtle underhand dealings is trying to fight me through others. I want him also to know that what Allah showed me for that missionary in 1988 has been shown to me again. And this time to apply  to him and to all of his supporters. So he better beware.

Our poor Mauritian Ahmadis have had to suffer the humiliation of a foreigner coming to Mauritius to report about the supposed misdeeds of the amir. Had they listened to what Allah had told them they would not have been humiliated in the way that they are being humiliated these days. Mauritian law does not recognize any foreigner messing his nose in the internal affairs of an association in Mauritius. But our Ahmadi brothers and sisters do not like the independence that Allah was giving them. They prefer servitude and like to savour the mentality of those who are colonized. Allah out of His Grace wanted to give them a leader of their own. But they ignored Allah and said they prefer a foreigner as their leader. And today contrary to all their expectations they are seeing themselves entangled in a situation out of which they will never come out unharmed. The fact that an enquiry is being made into the finances of the Jamaat with special reference to the actions of the amir is a humiliation that will go down in history just like what happened in 1988. 

The missionary in charge in Mauritius is a foreigner. Any action that he does that may disturb the peace of the land will not be tolerated by the Mauritian authorities. In a second he may become an undesirable person over here. Personally I would like him to stay here for some more time because the game that he has started with me is not over yet. It is just starting. He will have to go in another way. Remember what Allah said to this humble servant of his Messiah “I will humiliate he who tries to humiliate you!”

As I have said several times before Allah has raised me as an Imam for the people especially for the righteous. Recently I received an email from an Ahmadi in Canada. He says that he has read the writings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas. So when he compares these writings to what he has read me saying he finds my claim reasonable. This is what we have been saying since the beginning. Someone who knows what the Promised Messiahas has said in his writings will easily understand that Allah will continue to send His Chosen Ones to guide others. Once Allah has decided, He does what He likes and no theology of ours can stand in His way. If we were righteous we would have understood that this theology of ours about the importance of khilafat in Jamaat Ahmadiyya is as pernicious as the idea that Jesus is God in Christianity. But since the Jamaat including most of its missionaries only profess righteousness but they do not practice it, they have difficulty in unlocking the knots that are on their hearts. Hence they start behaving like the blind and deaf that are mentioned in the Holy Quran.  

In Jamaat Ahmadiyya Tabshir has a big say in many decisions. Although you might think that the caliph is the Supreme Head, yet he relies upon Tabshir to run the Jamaat. Tabshir is a clique like the Civil Service in any country. If you do not know the power of the civil service within a country just watch the serial “Yes Prime Minister”. You will then easily understand that a country cannot reform itself easily because those who are at the head of the Civil service are always interested in maintaining their power and privileges. Serving the people is a secondary concern. What is most important is to serve oneself. So under the cloak of religion Tabshir apparently looks after the interests of the Jamaat, but most often they try to preserve their own interests. Hence you will see that they can easily choose what to present in front of the caliph and what not to. The amir Jamaat in Mauritius has quite a number of friends within Tabshir. Hence all reports that went against him were to all intents and purposes not presented to the caliph. It is well known within the Jamaat in Mauritius that many people have written against the amir, but their writings were not taken into consideration. I have come to learn from reliable sources that this time another way was devised so that the caliph may be aware of the irregularities committed by the amir. Anyhow what is good is that this time the firewall presented by Tabshir has been broken and the caliph has been made aware of what has been going on in Mauritius. It is true that Allah revealed to Hazrat Masih Maoodas that “Freemasons will not overpower the Jamaat”. But do not these people in Tabshir try to control the Jamaat like the Freemasons control many institutions around the world? But Allah will not allow them to do so. They plan but Allah is the Best of Planners. All these guys from Tabshir need to be replaced because they do not always act in the best interests of the Jamaat.

In the end I would like to say that it is with sadness that we have learnt that three young Ahmadis from Indonesia have been killed and six others have been severely injured in a scuffle between Ahmadis and non Ahmadis over there. This incident took place last weekend. A mob of about 1500 unruly bigoted so called Muslims attacked about 30 Ahmadis in a village. The police was there but they did not do much to defend the Ahmadis. This is another unfortunate incident where Ahmadis have lost their lives. We pray that Allah gives patience and fortitude to all the members of the bereaved families. We also beseech Allah to open the so-called Muslims heart so that they might understand the real teachings of Islam and that they do not fall into that category of people mentioned in the hadith I quoted in the beginning. May Allah have mercy on all of us so that we understand the true path of righteousness and that we strive to tread it incha Allah. Ameen.