Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

04 February 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Today I will speak about how Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius has started reaping the evil consequences of its actions because it has abandoned the teachings that it received. It has abandoned the teachings of the Holy Quran. It has abandoned the example of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw (they act more like his enemies). They make speeches about the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas but they do not act upon them and they prevent others from acting upon them. Furthermore, in view of their enmity with us which is a product of their ignorance of spiritual matters, they have attracted upon themselves ignominy in this world and their situation in the next world will most probably be even worse.

As I have said before, when we were thrown out of the Jamaat in the beginning of 2001 and we refused to bow to the caliph’s demand for an apology we did so because we knew in our heart of heart that the caliph was wrong and we were right. Allah had made it clear to us that we should not feel intimidated and rush to present our apologies. We said that we were in contact with a higher authority than the caliph and so we will not obey him. Our loyalty was to that Higher Authority and not to him. Most people thought that the pressure would be so intense that in the end we would bow down. But that was the opinion of those who do not know what real faith of the type that is given to the lovers of Allah is. They are not aware of how the sincere followers of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw and his Messiah act. Allah told us to be patient and that in the end we will be vindicated and He asked us to turn only to Him.

Later on some evil tongues forgot in an instant our humble contributions to the building of the Jamaat in Mauritius. Like unthinking crowds, overnight they forgot that we had worked day and night at the peril of our health for about ten years (1988-1998) to serve the Jamaat. Suddenly you could hear people saying that the caliph knows what he does. He is guided by Allah. He knows the future. That was why despite the fact that I had obtained a majority vote in the election he did not choose me to continue as amir of the Jamaat in 1998. So we could hear everything spoken against me because I refused to obey the caliph. The actual amir delivered a sermon on 5th January 2001 in which he explained all matters leading to my exclusion from the Jamaat. After the Jummah most of the members of the Jamaat who are still in his inner circle today went to congratulate him warmly. These people formed part of his inner circle then and they are still with him today except one who has received the wisdom of years to evaluate the man for what he is. People saw this as a victory for Khilafat. From London at least three Mauritians loyal to their own idea of khilafat sent the amir a letter in which they showed their readiness to help him to deal with the rebel leader, Zafrullah Domun. Another Mauritian, very close to the caliph penned a circular letter to his relatives cautioning them to be on their guard against what I was trying to do in the Jamaat in Mauritius. Another evil minded Ahmadi wrote to his amir a letter and in it he spoke many lies about me and the problems he had with me when I was the amir Jamaat. In one of his conversations he said that the newly appointed amir was pure gold whereas I was only dipped in gold and my real nature was like copper.

All of these people, one by one Allah has made them taste the evil consequences of their actions. But I will not go into details because I want to say a few things about their leader whom some saw as real gold. Allah fulfilled once again His Promise found in His Revelation “I will humiliate he who tries to humiliate you” which he has been repeatedly giving us during the last eleven years.

Basking in the ephemeral days of his newly found glory with our exclusion from the Jamaat, the amir and his close circle of advisers thought that with the blessings of their caliph only good days were ahead for them. But Allah kept telling us to be patient and that His Promise was true. The amir was a man who was using his position to commit all sorts of evils. Some of these evils were in the knowledge of his close circles and some were not. Injustice and nepotism became common place within Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius. Scheming for the forced removal of an honest and loyal chief clerk and to be replaced by a close relative of the amir was shamelessly and mercilessly done in connivance with the approval of the amir’s inner circle including members of the Finance committee and the Majlis Amila. When the chief clerk wrote to the caliph he did not receive any reply at all. That was the level of corruption within Jamaat Ahmadiyya which they claimed was raised to reform the world. What we see is that they have not been able to reform their own selves let alone the world.

In 2003 we informed the amir about what Allah was telling us about him and told him that his days in office were numbered. As is his wont he joked about what was said about him and commented “they are talking about Idi Amine Dada” who was in the news at that time. But since his knowledge of the Holy Quran is limited he did not know that Allah gave him “respite in order that he might increase in sin.” But like every culprit he thought that he was being kept in office because he was so good in running the affairs of the Jamaat. But History is witness that all those who overstay their term in power eventually are kicked out whether they are secular or religious leaders. The 20th century is witness to the calamitous end of many such dictators. See what has recently happened to Ben Ali of Tunisia and what is most probably going to happen to Mubarack of Egypt.

These days there is a very stinking odor of scandal that is slowly oozing out from the Jamaat headquarters in Darus salaam Rose hill about the misdeeds of the amir. Of course those who are close to him and who wish to keep him in power are doing their best not with prayer and sadqaat but with their money to prop him up. A good Ahmadi even if he has acted badly should for the sake of the Jamaat vacate the office promptly especially when his misdeeds have been confirmed. But he should not be the only one to go. Personally I think that all those who have abetted his misdeeds should tender their resignations. The whole Finance committee including the Secretary Maal should tender their resignations because all of them have proved themselves to be undeserving of the trust that has been placed in them. The Secretary Maal had the right to question and disagree with the Amir. But since he has a wrong concept of obedience to the amir, he failed miserably in his duties and in the interest of the Jamaat he should accompany his master in following him out of office. So it should be with each member of the Finance Committee and the auditors who knew what was going on but who tolerated it in the name of their outdated ideas of their obedience to their amir. All have to go. Their slavish obedience to their amir, out of a totally wrong concept of Islamic obedience have made them accomplice in all the evils that have been committed by the amir. They have been the foremost group within the Jamaat who justified the evil social boycott put in place by their caliph. Today all their evil actions are falling on their heads. It is time for all of them to make amends and start asking for forgiveness because if not they will be witnessing even worst days ahead.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat here and elsewhere have developed an inordinate fear for khilafat and for nizaam Jamaat. But we have been telling them that this fear is misplaced. You should only fear Allah and be truthful. Your fear of Allah will embolden you and help you to talk to anyone without any fear. Your fear of Allah will eliminate all fears from your heart and you will become a really courageous Muslim. When my brother Mobashir said that the amir was not speaking the truth in the Amila, there was a hue and cry in the Amila by the amirwalas. The amir saw to it that he was excluded from the Amila and the caliph blessed the decision of his loyal amir with his approval. All the yes-men of the Amila applauded. Similarly with his mullah mentality he wrote a really nasty letter against our brother Dr Mahmood so that the caliph might exclude him from the Jamaat despite the fact that he worked selflessly for the Jamaat as a professional for many years. I ask you to go and re-read my sermons and see how many times I said that Allah has revealed to me “iqtaraba linnaase hisaabahoum wa houm fi ghaflatin mou’rezoune” which we translate as “nigh unto men is their reckoning but they turn away in negligence.” The amir and his Amila thought that such days were quite far. But the time has already come. Whatever the Ahmadis and their caliph thought that they would accomplish through the amir in Mauritius has failed. Had the amir understood the real value of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and the responsibility attached to his post, he would have tendered his resignation before he is kicked out. In addition he would spend the rest of his days in weeping and asking forgiveness for all the evil that he has been committing while in office. He was trusted and he betrayed the trust. Such a person according to a hadith is known as a hypocrite. Hence hypocrisy is at the head in the Jamaat. Fishermen will tell you fish start rotting from the head.

Now let me make this quite clear. Jamaat Ahmadiyya international has during the course of its history known many instances where Jamaat’s money has been misused. I will not go into details. But definitely, the qualms of Hazrat Masih Maoodas about righteous people managing Jamaat’s money was justified. He said:

“I am not worried how these funds will be collected, nor do I grieve how such a Jamaat will be raised who, inspired by their faith, shall perform such heroic feats. Rather I am worried that, after I am gone, those who will be entrusted with these funds may not, seeing their abundance, stumble and fall in love with the world. So I pray that such honest people may always be found by the Jamaat who work for god alone. However it shall be lawful that those who have no means to support themselves should be given something from these funds by way of assistance.”(The Will page 28)

His words were prophetic. Those who have been administering Jamaat Funds have not taken from the funds for their personal use (to the best of my knowledge), but they have shown great negligence in safeguarding the funds. And such a duty of care would not have come had they been morally prepared for this job.  Today we see that in a desire to get more money the fifth caliph made a drive to increase the number of Moosies. Consequently Tom, Dick and Harry have been recruited in this scheme. But no one ever asked whether these people were morally prepared to enter into this scheme and were they qualified for it. Had they been we would not have seen what we are seeing these days.

Now whether the caliph kicks the amir and his finance committee out or he pardons them, to us it does not matter. In Jamaat Ahmadiyya there is abuse of authority from top to bottom. Everyone wants to exercise power. Few are really interested in service. I will be the last person to be surprised if tomorrow I hear that the amir and those who are responsible along with him have been pardoned by the caliph. The caliphal pardon is like the indulgence that Martin Luther denounced within the Catholic Church although it is nowhere to be found in Islam. Anyhow I am aware of what logistical gymnastics have been put in place in order that the caliph might be aware of the letter that went from Mauritius. By the Grace of Allah I am aware of many other confidential matters. I will monitor what will happen in the coming days before I decide to write a booklet or to denounce these matters on our website. Anyhow a rapid resignation or dismissal of the amir will be in the interest of the Jamaat. But we have not yet finished with all those who have committed evil under the cloak of religion. Just to remind you what I said recently and how events are unfolding within the Jamaat I quote from my Friday sermon of 3rd December 2010. This sermon may be read at http://www.jaam-international.org/eng/fs/KJ_03122010_eng.html. I said:

“Some three to four years back Allah once revealed to me with reference to Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius “Tahsabohoum Jami’an wa qoloubohaoum shatta”. It means “you think them to be united but their hearts are divided”. These we know quite well how is going on inside. There is plenty of divisions and disagreement. If there is one thing on which there is unity, it is not on Allah but on the enmity that they have for members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen. Consequently last Saturday night Allah revealed to me “Sa yahzomoul jam’o wa yowallounad dobour” which means “

“The hosts shall soon be routed and will turn their backs in flight.”

I understand this to mean those who came together to fight us will soon be routed and they will take to their heels. I say it again that I am not here to inflict any kind of pain on anyone. But if you think that you can fight me then get prepared do fight the one who has sent me. Your record for the past year alone is very revealing how you are succeeding! I tell all those Ahmadis who think that they know Ahmadiyyat and Islam to cross not swords but only pen with me and witness their defeat. I will end with these verses  from the poem of Hazrat Masih Maoodas :

Agar tera bhi kouch din hai badl de jo mein kehta houn

Ke moujhe ko izzat auwr toum pé malamat anewali hai


If you also you have been given something, then change what I am saying:

I will be honoured and you will suffer defeat.

May Allah help our friends to understand before it is too late. Ameen”

In fact, the word “malamat” has a connotation of “reproach, rebuke, reproof, blame, accusation, reviling”.

More incha Allah ,next time.