Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

21 December 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Today is 21st December 2012.Some people superstitiously believe that according to an ancient Mayan prophecy the world will end today. The Mayas was a civilization that flourished in the Americas between 200 and 900 CE. But it lost almost 90% of its civilization between 900and 1200CE. On Knowledge channel one can see several programs depicting the achievements of this civilization.

According to a recent dispatch from AFP it appears that they had elaborated the most complex calendar in the world. Their calendar consisted of 18 months of 20 days each plus a sacred month of five days which started 3114 years before Christ. According to this calendar a new era will begin as from 21st December this year, but experts say it is as from 23rd December. Anyhow in countries where Mayan culture still persist , namely in South Mexico , Guatemala, Belize, Salvador and Honduras celebrations are under way to celebrate this landmark. According to the Mayas this will be the end of a cycle of 5200 years which some people interpret to be a prophecy for the end of the world. In fact what they meant according to the specialists in this field of knowledge was that an era will end and a new one will begin. They never predicted any end of the world at all. What has been going on in the world about this event is just a marketing fallacy according to the experts. So, we should not worry about a cataclysmic end to the world either today or in the coming days.

The truth of the matter is that we should worry more about our own end. Once we die our world ends in this world. All our ties are cut. What stays with us are the good deeds that we might have done and which are approved by Allah. A true Muslim should worry more about this lest he dies and finds himself or herself face to face with Allah and yet his or her personal file contains more negatives than positives. This is a real matter of concern. So we should examine our words and our deeds and wonder whether we are striving to achieve the Pleasure of Allah or not in whatever we think and whatever we do.

This brings me to the second point of my sermon of today. I have read the English translation of the caliph’s sermon of last week. He has tried to give the meaning of a martyr in the light of the writings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas. He has given many quotations from the writings of the promised Messiah to help Ahmadis to understand what is in fact the status of martyrdom in the path of Allah. Among other things he said:

"When the Promised Messiah said that the status of the Shaheed is this also that he sees Allah, the Most High, during all his actions, and is sure that God is watching his activity. In the presence of such demeanor attention stays towards good works and a person cannot engage in wrong activity. What is Ihsan in relation to Allah, the Most High? When a person is in this condition then Ihsan takes place. What is Ihsan; explaining this, the Promised Messiah says at one instance, It is a directive of God to you to treat Him and his creatures with ‘Adl (justice).

Adl (justice) is a state before Ihsan (graciousness).

Then the Promised Messiah continued, That means that engage in fulfilling the rights of God and the rights of man, and if you can do more then carry out not only ‘Adl but engage in Ihsan, that is, do more than your obligation and with such sincerity engage in the obedience of God as though you see Him.”

Most probably this extract is from the book “The Philosophy of the teachings of Islam”. But since no reference has been given , I have not checked it. Now one wonders if a good Ahmadi is praying to Allah daily with sincerity and eagerness for this type of shahadat , can he or she deliberately flout Allah’s commandments and manifest hatred and enmity towards those whose opinions are not agreeable to him or her ? We all know that Islam does not teach us to do so nor does the Holy Prophet saw and even less Hazrat Masih Maood as. Then from where Ahmadis have learnt to hate their own kind and yet lecture to the world that they are “the best people raised for the good of mankind” and that they have “love for all and hatred for none” and that they are those “who do not repel evil with evil.”When will Jamaat Ahmadiyya’s leadership show their true colors to the world? Sooner or later many will learn that Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream does not practice what it preaches. A man cannot be seeing Allah if he continues to dance to the tune of Satan. Whoever preaches hatred will perish sooner or later. Jamaat Ahmadiyya has institutionalized hatred but it wants the world to believe that it is spreading peace around the world. And there are many who are falling into this trap of believing their publicity stunt. Those who know the Jamaat from the inside know to what extent it will go to eliminate those who do not agree with its bigoted doctrines especially about the significance of khilafat.

Any Ahmadi who follows the directives of his caliph and ignores the commandments of Allah is sinning against his own soul. He should read the Holy Quran and understand that it is of paramount importance to obey Allah and disobey the caliph or amir who gives commandments which go against the Holy Quran. Unfortunately these days, most Ahmadis find themselves into the category of those who are flouting Allah’s commandments for the pleasure of their amir or caliph. It is of such people that the Holy Quran says:

Is he, then, to whom the evil of his deed is made to appear pleasing, so that he looks upon it as good,like him who believes and does good deeds? Surely, Allah adjudges astray whom He will and guides whom He will. So let not thy soul waste away in sighing for them. Surely Allah knows what they do. "(35 :9)

Do those who commit evil deeds think that We shall make them like those who believe and do good works, so that their life and their death shall be equal? Evil indeed is what they judge.”(45:22)

Everywhere in the world where the leadership of Jamaat Ahmadiyya maintains a social boycott against one person or a group of its own members, the leadership is sinning and forcing its members to sin against Allah and all of them will have to account for such misdeeds when they would be presented to Allah.

By the Grace of Allah, as far as we are concerned we are living under the shadow of Allah. We do our best to follow Allah’s teachings and spread the same in the world. Out of anger a caliph said a few bad words against us by the end of December 2000 and wished us evil. They threw us out of the Jamaat and Allah gave us another one. We are a small group of people but we strive to do good deeds. We do not deliberately harm anyone. We try our best to follow the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maood as. And we say that the teachings of the present and previous leadership have departed from that of Hazrat Masih Maoodas in some aspects. They are committing wrongs and they do not notice it or they feign not to notice it. All our attempts to have an open exchange of views with them have remained vain. They could not muster the necessary courage to debate with us because they know that our arguments are irrefutable. By the Grace of Allah soon we will complete twelve years of our existence despite predictions that we would not last long. Allah knows what is in our heart and He never abandons His loved ones.

In the coming years we will have to meet with many challenges that will come our way. Allah will facilitate all our tasks if we remain sincere and loyal to Him. He has Power over all things. It means what it means. Hence there is none of our needs that Allah is not able to fulfill. I advise all our friends to develop and consolidate your relationship with Allah and rely upon Him for the fulfillment of your needs. I remember having read a revelation of Hazrat Masih Maood as since I was a young man and it made a very profound effect upon me. The revelation is as follows, quoting from memory “I am Allah. Fear me and strive to meet me and keep on asking.”These may not be the exact words. But the meaning is the same. From this I understood that we should never relax in our efforts to meet Allah and we should never tire in asking Allah. We are petitioners and He responds to our prayers even if He takes time to answer them. He knows best what is good for us.

So, each one amongst us should do his and her best to engage ourselves in longer prayers and in presenting our needs to Allah alone and to no one else. Incha Allah He will help us and vindicate our stand as He has been doing up till now. Keep in mind that if you want to be spiritually alive you should be reading and pondering over the Holy Quran everyday of your life. I will never stop emphasizing this point. It is essential for all of us. So do not show any negligence in this matter.

As Ahmadi Muslim we should have a concept of Allah which distinguishes us from others. Hazrat Masih has advised us thus:

Let him who has ears hear what it is that God desires of you. It is that you should become wholly His and should not associate anyone with Him in heaven or in earth. Our God is the One Who is living today as He was living before, and who speaks today as He spoke before, and hears today as He heard before.

It is a false notion that in this age He hears but does not speak. Indeed, He both hears and speaks. All His attributes are eternal and everlasting. None of His attributes has fallen into disuse or will fall into disuse. He is the One without associate who has no son and no consort. He is the Peerless One Who has no equal and like Whom no individual is absolutely qualified with any quality, and Whose attributes are not shared by anyone. None of His powers lacks anything. He is near and yet far and He is far and yet near. He can manifest Himself in any shape to those who have experience of visions but He has no body and no shape. He is above all but it cannot be said that there is anyone below Him. He is on His throne, but it cannot be said that He is not on the earth. He combines in Himself all perfect qualities and is a manifestation of all true praiseworthiness.

He is the fountainhead of all excellences and combines in Himself all powers. All grace originates with Him and everything returns to Him. He is the Master of all kingdoms and possesses every perfect quality. He is free from every defect and weakness. It belongs to Him alone that all those on earth and in heaven should worship Him. Nothing is beyond His power. All souls and their capacities and all particles and their capacities are His creation. Nothing manifests itself without Him. He manifests Himself through His powers and His signs and we can find Him only through Him. He manifests Himself always to the righteous and shows them His powers. That is how He is recognized and that is how the path is recognized which has His approval. He sees without physical eyes, hears without physical ears and speaks without a physical tongue. It is His function to bring into being from nothingness. As you see in a dream, He creates a whole world without the agency of any matter and shows as present that which is mortal and nonexistent. Such are all His powers. Foolish is the one who denies His powers and blind is the one who is unaware of their depth. He does everything and can do everything except that which is inconsistent with His dignity or is opposed to His promise. He is one in His Being and His attributes and His actions and His powers. All doors that lead to Him are closed except the one door which has been opened by the Holy Qur’an. [Al-Wasiyyat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 20, pp. 309-311]

Each one amongst us should reflect upon these words and pray that Allah accepts each one of us as one of His beloveds. Let us renew our efforts to eschew sins and adopt the path of virtue that will give us eternal life. Ameen!