Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

14 December 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

At the end of my sermon last week I said that Hazrat Masih Maoodas, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had made many predictions about upcoming events that would shake the world which turned out to be true. However there are several of his predictions which have not been realized up till now. Around 1905 he spoke of the First World War without naming it as such and he spoke about the revolution in Russia. He said in a famous poem which we all have been hearing quite often which is translated as follows:

A sign will appear some days from now,
Which shall devastate country and town and meadow.
So suddenly will people be seized by Divine wrath,
An undressed person will have no time to secure his loin cloth.
They shall all be suddenly shaken by the earthquake;
Be it men, or trees, or rocks, or oceans.
In the twinkling of an eye the earth will be thrown upside down,
Blood will flow like in streams.
Those whose night garments were white as Jasmine,
Will wake up in the morning clad in red.
Men and animals will lose their senses,
And pigeons and nightingales will forget their songs.
That hour will be hard upon every traveler;
And every wayfarer will lose his way in agony.
With the blood of the dead,
Mountain streams will become red as red wine.
Men high and low will be convulsed with fear;
Even the Czar, at that hour, will be in a wretched state.
This sign will be an example of Divine Wrath,
And Heaven will attack with a drawn sword.
Hasten not to repudiate it, you ignorant fool,
For on the fulfillment of this sign depends my truth.
This is the word of God, and it will surely be fulfilled;
Be patient a while, and be righteous and forbearing.
Never imagine that this mistrust will be forgiven;
It is a credit and shall be repaid to you in full.

(Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, part 5, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 21, pp. 151-152)

From this poem we understand that he was convinced that the events he was speaking about in this poem had to come about because his own truthfulness depended upon it. During the first quarter of the last century the world entered a period of war and instability that it had not witnessed before. But if we take into account the first half of the century, with two world wars and the crash of the stock market in 1929, the revolution in Russia and the revolution in Turkey with the disappearance of the caliphate and civil war in China and Spain and the untold trouble created by Hitler, Mussolini and Japan and many other events, we see that almost all that was predicted in this poem turned out to be true.

These days there is trouble in Syria where those who are in power are as usual trying to impose their will on their people by butchering those who are not obeying them. In the wake of the Arab Spring that have swept dictators from power in Tunisia, Egypt , Libya and Yemen, people in Syria also are trying to assert their will against their leader- dictator and they are revolting and fighting its illegitimate hold on power. In one of his revelations, Hazrat Masih Maoodas has spoken about Syria. He said:

God has told me that there would be a great split in my Movement and mischief makers and those who are the slaves of their own desires will depart. Then God Almighty will put out the split. But those who deserve being cut off, as being unconnected with the truth and given to mischief, they will remain cut off. Then there will be a great uprising, the first one, and kings will invade kings. There will be so much bloodshed that the earth will be filled with blood. The subjects of a king will also fight fearfully among themselves. There will be universal ruin and destruction. The centre of all this will be Syria. It will be the time of my Promised son. God has decreed these events in connection with him. Thereafter our Movement will spread and kings will become members of the Movement.” (Tazkirah-tul-Mahdi, part II, p. 3).{Tazkira page 946}

In this particular revelation we see that the events described are those around 1914 when a split was created within the Promised Messiah’s Jamaat. He then goes on to speak about the great uprising where kings will fight with one another. Here we see again the specter of the First World War that was foretold and its accompanying ruin. But he said that the centre of all these events will be Syria.

Now when we analyze Syrian History during the first 50 years of the 20th century, we see that no such events have taken place over there which may justify that this prophecy may be applicable to that period in history. In fact the significant events during that period was that in 1918 the British with Arab troops entered Damascus and wrested Syria from the Turks ending 400 years of Ottoman rule. Eventually a Syrian National Congress was formed and Emir Feisal became king of Syria in 1920. But the French were not happy with these events. They attacked Damascus and the king had to flee and Syria was split amongst them and Palestine was put under English Protectorate. But the Arabs would revolt against the French and eventually in 1946 Syria would be an independent country. So we cannot say that there were any significant events in Syria which can link this prophecy with the presence of the promised son. But we cannot also say that what is going on in Syria these days presage in anyway world-shaking events as spoken about in the revelation under discussion. Anyhow the two year uprising in Syria has indeed been a source of great distress to its people and the world community at large. Although these days we hear a lot about the progress of the rebel forces, no one knows for sure yet how the whole thing would end.

Now within Jamaat Ahmadiyya the caliphs speak quite often about a third world war. We know of the First World War (1914-1918) and we know of world war second (1939-1945). To the best of my knowledge the second caliph has not spoken about any third world war. The first time that we hear about it in our literature is in 1967. In a speech delivered on July 28, 1967, at Wands worth Town Hall, London, England the third caliph Mirza Nasir Ahmad (1909-1965) said:

The Promised Messiah also prophesied that a Third World War of even bigger dimensions would follow the second. The two opposing camps will clash with such suddenness that everyone will be caught unawares. Death and destruction will rain from the sky and fierce flames shall engulf the earth. The colossus of modern civilization will tumble to the ground. Both the communist and the opposing blocks will perish in the process. Russia and its satellites on the one hand and the U.S. and its allies on the other, shall be destroyed, their might broken, their civilization ruined their systems shattered. The survivors shall stand aghast and amazed at the tragedy.”

(Message of peace and a word of warning Page 12)

However no quotation has been given to show where the promised Messiah predicted such events. Similarly very often we heard the fourth caliph also speak about the third world war particularly prior to the Gulf War of 1993. But Allah be blessed we have not seen such a catastrophe yet. In fact the only time during the past fifty years when the world was about to engage in nuclear war was during the Cuban crisis of 1962 when the Russians intended to engage the United States from Cuba and from the sea. President John Kennedy readied the country for nuclear war and the Russians had to back down and remove their nuclear missiles from Cuba. There is no denying that a war may start in the world at any time. The policies of the Israeli government and the support that they get from USA are quite enough to make the world an unsafe place and ignite a war. If an Ahmadi thinks that he can in anyway influence world opinion or world leaders, he better thinks twice. Some diehard Ahmadis might think that their caliph is very influential on the world stage with his speeches and letters. But the truth is that whatever he says has no importance at all to the decision makers of the world. All countries try to pursue their own interests. If there is a place where we might really have an influence it is in our prayers. Hazrat Masih Maood as has advised us to improve the way we pray and act so that we might influence the world in the right direction. When we pray to Allah alone we beseech Him to intervene in the world and to bring about positive change that might change the lives of the people, He might listen to our prayers, if he so wishes.

Speaking about how we should pray Hazrat Masih Maoodas has advised us thus:

But when thou standest up for prayer, it is incumbent on thee to hold that thy God has power over all things. Only then shall thy prayer be accepted, and thou shalt witness those marvels of the power of thy God which we have witnessed. And remember, our witness is not on the basis of hearsay; it is on the basis of things we have seen ourselves. How can the prayers of one be accepted who does not hold that God has power over all things? And how can such a person in himself have the courage to pray to God over matter where the desired remedy or change would involve an infringement of the laws of nature as he understands them. But 0 thou good person, thy God is He, Who, without any pillars underneath, has hung up the countless stars in space; and Who created the earth and the heavens absolutely from nought. Dost thou hold that in regard to thy need He will prove to be helpless? The fact is that thy own misconception will keep thee deprived of blessing. There are innumerable wonderful things in Our God, but these are witnessed only by those who become His in all sincerity and faithfulness. He does not reveal those wonders to those who do not have faith in His powers, and who are not faithful and true.

How unfortunate, indeed, is the man who does not even know that he has a God with power over all things! Our Paradise, indeed, is our God: our highest enjoyment is in God, for we have seen Him and all beauty found in Him. This treasure is worth having, even if at the cost of one’s life; and this is a jewel which should be purchased even if obtainable only by sacrificing one’s entire being. 0 ye that are devoid, run to this spring, for it will slaken your thirst. It is the spring of life that shall save ye. What am I to do, and how am I to impress this glad tiding upon your mind, with what drum should I go crying through the streets that This is your God, so that all should hear! And with what unguent am I to treat the people so that their ears open to hear!

(Kishti Nuh Page 19-20)

We have heard this quotation quite often but I think we should hear it very often so that we might always keep in mind that in the changing circumstances of life and in all difficult moments our reliance upon Allah should never falter. May Allah give us such force of faith and may He be with us always and may He protect the world from all sorts of troubles.

After reading the second sermon in Arabic Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Members would have noticed that Air conditioners have been installed in the mosque. These are the generous donations of our elder Janab Elias Jhangeerkhan. By the Grace of Allah he has shown himself to be generous throughout his life and Allah has repaid him untold times for what he has been spending in His Path. By the Grace of Allah there are some persons from overseas who have graciously sent us some money recently but we are not mentioning their names because they prefer to be anonymous. For all those who have given us monetary donations we say Jazakomoullah khayran. May Allah give you better rewards. For Janab Elias Jhangeerkhan particularly, we pray that Allah continues to keep him in good health and long life and allows us to enjoy his blessings for a long time to come incha Allah.Ameen