Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

16 November 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

First of all I would like to extend my greetings of the new Islamic year to all Muslims around the world. Usually there is no celebration of this event in Mauritius or in countries colonized by the West. But in some countries like the UAE yesterday was a special public holiday. Anyhow we pray and wish that Allah ordain what is good for the world in general but for the Muslims particularly. May Allah remove the differences that persist in the Muslim world and bring about unity among all those who profess Islam? If this unity is not possible then at least we should not be fighting with one another. May Allah grant us His Help, His triumphs and His Protection in the coming year and in the years that follow. Ameen.

A few times in the past I have said that I deplored the fact that the mainstream Jamaat had still not yet translated all the books of the Promised Messiah in at least English. Alhamdolillah the first book written by Hazrat Masih Maoodas known as Barahin Ahmadiyyat part 1and 2 published in 1880 has been translated into English and it is available for download at www.alislam.org since one or two months. In this book Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas sets out to establish with cogent, irrefutable arguments the divine origin of the holy Quran and the Holy prophet Muhammad saw. So in the first part of my sermon I will speak about the poem that Hazrat Masih Maoodas writes in Persian eulogizing Allah and in the second part I will make some general comments regarding social boycott and the hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya leadership especially in Mauritius.

The poem that I have mentioned is so touching I have decided to share some verses with you and I hope it will motivate you to download the book and try to read it. Consequently you will understand the real aim of your life and will try to follow the path that the Promised Messiah has established for all Ahmadi Muslims. I will avoid the Persian verses and give only the translation in English although the Persian words have a rhythm and musicality that is not found in English. Besides I should say that these words have been translated for the first time in English and they are being presented here for you to know and to reflect upon them. So speaking of Allah Hazrat Masih Maood as writes:

The spectacular panorama of the universe constantly proclaims that:

There is One who laid its foundation and built it up.

He has no associate and no partner,

There is none to interfere in His work, or to share His secrets.

He is the Maker of this universe,

But He Himself transcends it and is independent of it.

He is One and has no partner, the Living, the Almighty,

The Eternal, the Everlasting, the Unique, the All-Seeing.

The Maker of the universe, the Holy, the Eternal,

The Creator, the Provider, the Gracious, the Merciful.

The Mentor, the Teacher who leads to the path of faith,

The Guide, the Revealer of the true knowledge.

The Possessor of all lofty attributes in their perfection,

Far above the need for a spouse and children.

He is ever Immutable,

And beyond the reach of death and decline.

Nothing is out of the reach of His command,

He is not derived from anything, nor He is like anything.

We cannot say that He is close to us,

Nor can we say that He is far from us.

Though His Being is far above everything,

We cannot say that anything is below Him.

He transcends everything that can be conceived

Through reason, intellect or imagination;

His Being is above all kinds of doubts.

He is Matchless and Unique,

Free from all bounds and limitations.

None is equal to Him,

Either in His person or in His attributes.

Everything has been created by His Power.

The diversity of His creation bears witness to His Oneness.

If He had any partner in His creation,

The entire creation would be in chaos.

The Peerless One is free from all

That is made of dust and is dust.

He has set constraints on all things,

But is Himself free from all bounds.

Man is a slave bound in fetters,

Trapped by countless desires and greed.

So are the sun and the moon constrained

To move in their own orbits.

The moon has no power to act freely,

And to shine during the day.

Nor has the sun any power

To step onto the throne of the night.

Water is a slave too, to have a cooling effect,

It cannot do otherwise on its own.

The blazing fire is also His slave,

He is the One who causes it to burn with such intensity.

O wise man! No matter how you beg or beseech the fire,

You cannot abate its heat.

The tree trunks are firmly rooted in the soil,

Their feet firmly secured by shackles.

All these phenomena point to the One,

And serve as proofs and signs of His existence.

O Lord of all creation and all the worlds!

The whole universe is wonderstruck at Your power.

How marvelous is Your Might and Majesty!

How strange are Your works and Your creation!

From the first, all praise belongs to You;

In this, You have no associate and no equal.

You are the One, Matchless and Eternal;

Far above the need for an associate or partner.

You alone are the Lord of both the worlds;

None is like You in the one or the other.

Your Might rules everything,

Before You, nothing has any worth.

Fear of You makes one secure against every fear;

The more one knows You the more one lives in awe of You.

People seek protection and shelter from others,

But You alone grant protection to one and all.

Your remembrance is the key to resolving all difficulties.

Without You, everything that occurs in the mind is anguish for the heart.

Whosoever cries unto You with humility;

Finds again his lost fortune.

Your grace never abandons Your true seekers;

No one ever suffers loss in Your path.

Whosoever submits himself before You,

Turns himself away from all others.

Why indeed should he turn to others,

When he has left his affairs in Your mighty hands!

Just as we have only one heart and one soul,

So is Your Holy Being enough for us as the One and Only Friend.

Whosoever establishes a relationship with You unknown to others;

Your mercy is bestowed upon him openly, for all to see.

Whoever sticks to Your threshold with devotion and sincerity;

His household is filled with light.

Whosoever adheres to Your path, achieves all his objectives,

And a plenitude of hope shines upon all his affairs.

Whosoever seeks Your path, finds it,

And resplendent becomes the face that does not turn away from You.

But he who runs away from Your shelter,

Finds only disgrace no matter where he turns.

O my God, forgive my sins,

And show me the path to Your Presence.

Vouchsafe light to my heart and soul,

And cleanse me of my hidden sins.

Be my Beloved, win my heart and soul,

And with a single look, do away with all my tribulations.

You alone are dear to me in both the worlds.

All I desire from You is You .(P14-21)

In order to derive a maximum benefit from this sermon I suggest that you read and reflect over the words of this poem. In a very beautiful way it gives us an idea of the greatness of Allah and His many attributes. By thinking about what he says we have an idea of the Rabboul Alameen that we mention everyday in every Rakaat of prayer. You know that up till now the scientists and those who are engaged in compiling this knowledge have not yet been able to assess all knowledge about the earth in which we live let alone the Universe or universes that might exist. Anyhow this is a long story. But common man can content himself with the fact that Allah has brought all this into being. Some philosophers and scientists are trying to prove that there is no God at all. But for us, it is a matter of belief as expressed in the words of the Holy Quran and even the verses that we have just mentioned.

Hazrat Masih Maood as tells us that Allah has created this universe and has set everything in motion. Yet Allah did not need anyone to assist him in maintaining the universe. But man and all His creatures may act within an established framework that He has imposed upon them. In other words to a certain extent man is free to act but he cannot go beyond the limits that Allah has imposed upon him. There is a limit to the creature but not for the Creator.

I find this verse really fascinating “Fear of You makes one secure against every fear”. It is to this Islam that Hazrat Masih Maood as has been calling us to. Once we understand what the fear of Allah is, we are fully liberated against any other type of fear. In other words Islam, as taught by Hazrat Masih Maood as helps to inculcate the fear of Allah in the heart of a human being and makes him become fearless in the face of stupid opposition, persecution, unislamic social boycott and the like. When one reads this poem of Hazrat Masih Maood as one marvel at his knowledge, his piety, his reliance on Allah, and the noble sentiments that he expresses vis a vis Allah. At other places in his writings we also learn that he wants each one of his followers to follow in his footpath which is that of the footpath of the Holy Prophet saw. But how unfortunate that these days those who are claiming that they represent his Jamaat are doing such actions that are contrary to what he did.

In the last part of the poem Hazrat Masih is beseeching Allah to forgive his sins and to show mercy to him. Every good Muslim should develop this disposition. We should learn to live with the consciousness of our sins and humble ourselves in front of Allah and beseech His Forgiveness and do our best to stop committing sins. This is the ideal of behavior towards which Hazrat Masih has invited us.

Some people think that they are practicing virtue when they persecute Allah’s servants like those in Pakistan who wantonly kills Ahmadis as we have been seeing during the past years. In addition there are those, in Mauritius who are wracking their brains to justify their unislamic outdated foreign culture by telling Ahmadi Muslims that Islam justifies social boycott and the severance of relationship between kith and kin. Such people are very far from the teachings that Hazrat Masih Maood as has given us. In Mauritius we thought that with the passage of the previous Amir at the helm of the Jamaat, no one will fall any lower in trying to impose their own stupid Islamic outlook on their followers. But we were mistaken. There are people who are worst than the previous amir in trying to implement their own stupid teachings as that of Islam. Since such people say that they are loyal to the khilafat and they do their best in trying to obey I refer them to what the second caliph has said about Purdah and I wait for them to implement these instructions. The caliph said in his Friday sermon of June6, 1958 as reported in Q1/2010 Vol. 21 No. 1:

Those who take their wives in public without proper regard for Parda [ijāb], attend mixed gatherings, if they are Ahmadi then it is your responsibility that you should break all relationships with them. Do not shake their hand, exchange greetings, neither accept their invitations nor invite them, so they realize that their nation disapproves of them because of their actions.

Going forward, you will neither shake hand, nor extend salutation, neither accept their invitations, nor invite them, neither offer congregational Prayers behind them, nor give them any position in Jamāat. In fact if possible do not even offer their funeral Prayers.”

I hope the actual amir and his missionary in charge will move forward quickly and implement these instructions of the caliph as they are anxious to implement all the stupid instructions that apparently they have received from the centre. I say apparently because when I read what the caliph says in his tours and Friday sermons, I cannot imagine that the same person will go and tell others to boycott Ahmadis and create disorder on earth. Unless if he is acting in an unislamic way by giving instructions in private which are contrary to his public declarations. We know those who practice doublespeak may do so. But we cannot expect such a behavior from someone who insists that he is a divine representative. It seems that in Mauritius some want to be “more royal than the king” and they easily forget their history lessons. Anyhow, for us in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen we believe that anything can be discussed. We pray Allah that He grants us increase in both knowledge and practice and helps us to do and think what is good wherever we are. Ameen.