Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

31 AUGUST 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

During the first days after Eid most of us are still under the positive influence of the month of Ramadan and we try to continue to practice the same virtues of Ramadan. But as time goes by most people return to their bad habits of old or they just stop doing what they used to do in Ramadan. Hours are spent in front of television or on the net and people start going out and they soon forget the training that they underwent during Ramadan. A good Muslim should not do like the majority of the people. All Muslims are expected to continue the work of self improvement that he or she started in Ramadan. We should all aim to strive to make these virtues of Ramadan the permanent features of our life. In Islam the Friday sermon is there to remind the people of their duties and obligations. We mainly use it to offer advices and improve the overall standard of good behavior among the mass of the Muslims. How far we succeed in this task is left to each one to judge. Anyhow Allah knows best.

Last time I said that each one of us should aim at reading at least twenty verses of the Holy Quran everyday and we will incha Allah re-read the Holy Quran at least once before the next Ramadan. I do not know how many amongst you have started doing this and how you are faring. I know that we have amongst us some persons who are very regular in reading the Holy Quran. But as far as the young ones are concerned I am not at all aware whether they have tried to put into practice what I have said or not. In fact I am interested to know whether they have decided to do it or not. If they have not yet decided to do it I request them to try it and to let me know what difficulties they may be having. This small exercise will not take even fifteen minutes of the 1440(60x24) minutes that Allah has given you every day you live. Just think about how much time you spend in futile pursuits every day. People lose a lot of time watching television serials or even films. They devote a lot of time watching sports or just indulging in idle talks, or playing video games or playing stupid games on the internet. If someone indulges in these unproductive activities, I am not telling them to stop them outright. I ask them to continue to indulge in whatever you are doing but at the same time read and meditate on twenty verses of the Holy Quran every day. What will happen is that your good actions of reading the Holy Quran will help you to get rid of all if not most of your bad habits.

We have all heard the hadith where a man who indulged in all sorts of vices asked the Holy Prophet Mohammad saw to help him to get rid of them. The Holy Prophet saw asked him to get rid of only one of his vices, namely lying. The man thought that it would be quite easy to do just that and he said he would do so. However whenever he tried to do something bad he examined what would happen when he would be meeting the Holy prophet and the latter would be asking him how he was faring. He would not be able to tell any lie to the Holy Prophet saw. So when he was about to drink liquor he reasoned with himself that it would not be proper for him to report this to the Holy Prophet and he would not be able to tell any lie because he had promised not to do so. In this way he eliminated all his vices one by one by following the advice of the Holy Prophet of not speaking lies.

In the same way it is my humble opinion that he who tries to be advised by Allah directly through the Holy Quran will slowly get rid of all his bad habits and will replace them by the good deeds that Allah asks us to adopt in the Holy Quran. That is why I think that we should never tire of telling the people that they should try to understand the purpose of their life from the Holy Quran and they should devote time to its study every day. When I was young I had some difficulty in understanding the great emphasis that was being laid on the Holy Quran. But by now we understand clearly that the advices that we were given were the best. We now wish that our young ones also share the benefits of what we have learnt and incha Allah they will bequeath to their children the same legacy of reading and understanding the Holy Quran.

Someone may say that this is the third time that I am speaking about this subject matter in so many weeks. The fact is that if our members do not get the fundamentals right we will not be able to bring any sustainable change in our own selves or in others. Allah has been very kind to us by revealing the Holy Quran to the Holy Prophet saw. So it would be foolish on our part to ignore this fundamental treasure house of knowledge and try to find other ways to be guided. Despite all the sermons and speeches I still think that Ahmadis have not made the most of the reading and understanding of the Holy Quran. What Hazrat Masih Maood as has taught us through his understanding of the Holy Book is incomparable to the other teachings that are available. So we all need to know and understand the right teachings that he has bequeathed us. It is quite unfortunate for us that those who are the leaders of his Jamaat has distorted some of his teachings which have special reference to the question of successorship and reform within the Jamaat after his death. If more and more Ahmadis come to understand the Holy Quran they will easily be able to confound all those missionaries who vehicle the official point of view wherever they go. At times I am inclined to think that these people are hiding the truth knowingly. There is an urgent need within the Jamaat for a group of people to tell the caliph and his representatives that they have strayed from the path of the Holy Quran and that traced by Hazrat Masih Maood as. In order to sustain this Jihad one has to be armed with solid arguments derived from the Holy Quran. The knowledge of the Holy Quran will act as a liberator for all those who are these days feeling the crushing weight of the Jamaat’s administration. In fact we may say that the ignorance of a majority of Ahmadis help those in power to lord over them and make them adopt beliefs that are contrary to the Holy Quran and to the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maood as. Anyhow members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen should delve deep into the understanding of the Holy Book in order to be enlightened and to enlighten others about what Allah has taught us. That is why I will never tire of speaking about the importance of the understanding of the Holy Quran in our life.

In Ramadan, I read the prayer that we usually read after the completion of the recitation of the Holy Quran. I was again impressed with the words of this prayer and looked for an opportunity to share it with the members. In fact this small prayer gives us an idea of how dear to us this book should be. Its words are as follows:

Allahoummar hamni bil qur’aanil azim waj’al hou li imammaw wa nouran wa hodan wa rahma. Allahoumma zakkirni minho maa nasito wa allimni minho ma jahilto war zoukni tilawatahou anaa al layle wan nahaare waj’alho li hujjatan yaa rabboul aalameen

Translation: “O My Lord have mercy upon me by this great Quran. Make it a guide, a light, guidance and a mercy for me. O my Lord remind me of what I may have forgotten from it and teach me what I do not know of it and nourish me with its recitation during the day and the night and make it a definite proof in my favour thou who are the Lord of all the worlds.”

There are several versions of this prayer. .But this is the one that I have seen in our publications. I have seen that the arabs from Mecca use another version. Any how the words are indeed very touching and they should help in making everyone keener in trying to profit from the wisdom of the book. I hope everyone will understand how important the reading and understanding of the Holy Quran should be in our life and we should do our best to learn and profit as much from it in this world and in the next as well. May Allah grant all of us the taufiq to do so. True understanding will come after many years of study. So the sooner you start the better.

These days we are living through a very critical time in history. After the fall of communism in the soviet Union in 1992, the west thought that its form of so called liberal democracy would triumph throughout the world. However with the financial meltdown of 2007 they understood that there are limits to their growth and to the power of their thinking. Since 9/11 there has been a renewed interest in the west in the study of Islam.Several young intellectuals have been drawn to islam. These days such people are discoursing on Islam and they are publishing their lectures on the internet. Some of these people are quite open minded but some have ideas that are inimical towards Jamaat Ahmadiyya as a whole. Unfortunately within Jamaat Ahmadiyya we do not hear of an intellectual tradition which will help us to put forward our views in the way that these people are trained to put forward theirs. We may even say that Jamaat Ahamdiyya is totally absent from the debates that are raging in the West about Islam and about how to live islam in those countries. In order to have the humilty to accept the good ideas put forward by these deeply religious and highly intellectual Muslims we need more than just repeating what the actual or previous caliphs have said. There is a great need for the Ahmadiyya missionaries that are being formed in the west namely in England. Germany and Canada to learn more than what they are being taught in the Jamias so that they might to be equipped to remove the misunderstanding that people have about us and about Islam.

There is a need for the Jamaat to show to the world how our reading of the Holy Book is more intellectually appealing than what they read. Moreover the caliph should be bold enough to explain to the world that some of the ideas of the second caliphs were wrong especially those where he dubbed other Muslims Kafir. Now is the time to clear these misunderstandings. Moreover he has to explain exactly what Hazrat Masih Maood as meant when he said that he was a prophet or a rasool. The explanations that have been given by the second caliph go beyond what Hazrat Masih himself has said. The actual caliph should study this matter and come forward with cogent arguments to explain what most people have been unable to grasp up till now. Acknowledgement of mistakes will help in removing the bias that people have against us, memebers of Jamaat Ahmadiyya International.

Recently I heard one of these intellectuals on Youtube speaking about the translation of the Holy Quran in English by Molvi Muhammad Ali saheb. He was saying that he thinks that it is the best translation available in English and many later translators have copied from him without any acknowledgement. When we read about the high esteem with which Hazrat Masih Maood as regarded Molvi Muhammad Ali we can have an idea why his translation of the Holy Quran could be so appreciated in intellectual circles in the world today. Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream have to review the controversy between the two groups and try to see how to bring people together instead of dissipating resources through discord and avoidance of dialogue.

Jamaat Ahmadiyya International need fresh ideas to renew itself and to make itself relevant to the world of Islam. Through pursuing a path that is different from that indicated by Hazrat Masih Maood as our impact will be as insignificant as it has been up till now. Hence there is a need for all those who can to study the Holy Quran , to study the Hadith and History to position Jamaat Ahamdiyya International on the path that it was destined to take in the world. Just relying on what Allah said to the Promised Messiah is not enough.May Allah guide the leaders to understand what need to be done and to do it.