Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

06 JULY 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

We are fast approaching the month of Ramadan for this year. All Muslims, men and women, young and old should be readying themselves to partake of the immense spiritual and physical benefits that accompany this blessed month of the year. None amongst us has any certainty that he or she will be alive to meet this coming month. But all of us as good Muslims should rely on Allah’s Grace that He keeps us alive so that we might get the opportunity to wash ourselves of all our sins and that we may follow such a spiritual discipline that will avail us during the rest of our days. The Muslim does not rely on his own force or skill to do something. In all circumstances of life he or she knows that Allah is the source of all Power and all good comes from Him alone. In our prayers, if we have not started yet we should be praying to Allah asking Him to give us the opportunity and the capacity to keep the coming fasts in order to win His Pleasure. Remember that it is recorded in books that pious people of the past used to pray to Allah to accept their fast of the month of Ramadan for the first half of the year following their fast. In the second half of the year they used to pray to Allah to give them the opportunity to keep the fast that was coming. One may think of this example as an exaggeration but it illustrates how those who are fully conscious of their duties vis a vis Allah fulfilled them. The point that I want to make is that we should prepare ourselves mentally to keep the fasts of Ramadan in the best possible way.

Another point that I want to talk about today is the replacement of the obligatory fast that have been missed in the past or previous years. It is well known that those who are unable to fast should pay Fidya by paying for someone else’s food for a period of one month. Usually this is for those who are in such a position that they would not be able to replace the fasts that they were missing. Usually old people or those who suffer from chronic illnesses fall into this category. But those who because of temporary sickness or inconveniences are allowed not to fast during the month of Ramadan should replace their missing fasts as soon as possible after Eid. Usually most women fall into this category and some men as well. For all these persons they should try to replace these fasts as soon as they can because it was an obligation by Allah that could not be carried out. So it is best that what has been missed should be fulfilled as soon as possible. Unfortunately most people will postpone these obligatory fasts till the month of Shabaan prior to the next Ramadan. A minority will even ignore these replacements altogether. To the best of my understanding this is not a good attitude. The good Muslim has obligations that he or she has to fulfill and it is in his or her interest to fulfill them as soon as possible if he or she really wants to win the pleasure of Allah. Besides if one keeps postponing these obligatory fasts till the month of Shabaan one may face other unforeseen inconveniences which might make it impracticable to replace his or her obligatory missing fasts. Although Fidya is for those who are not in a position to replace their fasts, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas , the Promised Messiah and Mahdi has said that if someone is missing his fasts for some reason or other and he pays Fidya, Allah will ease his way to replace those missing fasts. But an able bodied Muslim cannot just pay Fidya and ignore his fasts. So one has to be careful about missing fasts and their rapid replacement and the payment of Fidya. Allah knows best what is our heart.

During the month of Shabaan, that is the 8th month of the Islamic Calendar there are many groups of Muslims especially those from Indo Asia who celebrate the 15th night with waking up and prayers and even fasting during the day. Even in Mauritius there are many who have been praying during the whole night and some even visit cemeteries to pray for the dead. However there are differences of opinion regarding the merits and demerits of these devotions. Some say that this is an innovation. Others say that it is a good innovation and may be practiced. However we, in Jamaat Ahmadiyya as a whole do not make any special worships or devotions on this particular day or night. We strive our best to do the obligatory and additional (nawafil) devotions that are firmly established by the Sunnah. As far as those practices that we are in doubt about we just leave them aside. However we do not deny that in the eyes of the Holy Prophet the month of Shabaan had some particular blessings associated with it. But the practice of observing prayer during the whole night on the 15th and fasting the next day and visiting the graves are weak hadith according to the scholars of hadith.

Now we will speak again about the discrepancy between words and deeds as exemplified by the action of the present caliph of the Ahmadiyya mainstream Jamaat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad sahib. According to a press release issued on 1st July 2012 by the mainstream Jamaat entitled “Khalifa of Islam makes historic address at Capitol Hill”, it appears that the caliph has been visiting Washington. For those who might not know the Capitol Hill is the place where the members of congress both of the House of Representatives and the Senate meet in the United States of America. According to this press release

On 27 June 2012, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was welcomed to Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C. where he delivered a keynote address entitled ‘The Path to Peace – Just Relations between Nations’ to an audience filled with more than 30 members of the United States Congress, including Honourable Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Leader in the House of Representatives.” Among other things he said “

The truth is that peace and justice are inseparable – you cannot have one without the other… Yet, in general, there is little doubt that restlessness and anxiety is increasing in the world and so disorder is spreading. This clearly proves that somewhere along the line, the requirements of justice are not being fulfilled……

In the Holy Qur’an, God Almighty has made it clear that whilst our nationalities or ethnic backgrounds act as a means of identity, they do not entitle or validate any form of superiority of any kind. “Thus, it is a clear teaching of Islam that the people of all nationalities and all races are equal. And it is also made clear that all people should be granted equal rights without any discrimination or prejudice. This is the key and golden principle that lays the foundation for harmony between different groups and nations and for the establishment of peace.”

In order to be fair one has to say that such an event is historic. It appears that Ahmadiyya PR has been quite active and has also succeeded in causing this event to take place. It is not every day that one hears about the Ahmadiyya caliph addressing members of the congress in America. Overall the speech delivered is one that appeals to common sense and to human dignity. From the reports published the speech was well received. I think one has to say that it is something quite good that the Ahmadiyya caliph has been able to make a speech to some representatives of the American Congress.

One may note that the caliph lectured the American representatives about Justice, peace, harmony, equal rights and elimination of discrimination in the world. But unfortunately we have to say it again. The same values are not being promoted within Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream although others are being made to believe that this is the case within the Jamaat. It is well known how the mainstream Jamaat practices discrimination and injustice and does everything to destroy the family ties that should exist between members of the same family. In Mauritius unjust instructions approved by the caliph are being zealously implemented by those who think that they are practicing Islam while they are not. Hazrat Masih Maood as has taught us to make our teachings and our practices one. There should not be any discrepancy between them. Unfortunately here we see a caliph who is lecturing to others about what values are good for the world and he and members of his Jamaat ignore them. Speeches may make first page news headlines but unfortunately they do not succeed in bringing about needed changes in the world. Just see how Obama’s speech at Cairo in 2009 raised plenty of hope for the Muslim world but concretely nothing happened. See how the USA and its allies do all they can to defend Israel although it has usurped Muslim people’s lands and yet they say they are the friends of the Muslim countries. See how they tolerate Israel to have nuclear weapons but they are trying by all means to stop Iran from having one. This is the hypocrisy of those who lead the world. They say something in public but they have a hidden agenda in private. Jamaat Ahmadiyya was created to be a positive force in the world by emphasizing the need for individuals to develop their relationship with Allah and by showing them how they should live with one another. When you see dogmatic amirs and bigoted molvis making hate speeches on the pulpit in the mosques one may ask how much of the teachings of the Promised Messiah is still being practiced within the Jamaat. The American government thinks of itself as the greatest defender of peace and Justice in the world. Yet during the second half of the twentieth century it has perpetrated many crimes around the world by unsettling many democratically elected governments and by replacing them with dictators who favour pro-American policies. So for the leading elites in the world there is an unbridgeable gulf between what they preach and what they do. Jamaat Ahmadiyya cannot be like them. It has to show to the world that it practices what it preaches. We have yet to see this. Jamaat Ahmadiyya has a lot more to do if we listen to Hazrat Masih Maood as who has said:

Some people say that it is enough support for the faith to form associations and establish schools, but they do not know what faith is or what the true purpose of our lives is or how this purpose might be achieved. Let them understand that the ultimate purpose of this life is to establish such a true and certain relationship with God Almighty as should deliver one from one’s selfish associations and bring one to the fountainhead of salvation. The ways of such perfect faith are not opened by means of human schemes and designs, nor

can any man-made philosophy be of any avail. Rather it is God Almighty Who, through His special servants, always sends down this light from heaven at the time of darkness. He who comes from heaven leads to heaven. So, O ye people who are sunk in the pit of darkness and are prisoners of doubts and misapprehensions and have become slaves of your passions, take no pride in your nominal and ceremonial Islam and do not depend upon your plans of forming associations and establishing schools to bring you true welfare and ultimate success. These devices are only of elementary benefit and can be regarded as the first stage of progress, but they are far removed from the true purpose. It is possible that through these devices intellects may be stimulated, or dispositions might become artistic, or logic might be bandied about, or academic distinctions might be acquired, and, perhaps, after a long period of study, they might prove of some help in achieving the true purpose, [but that would be a case of “By the time the antidote is brought from Iraq, the snake-bitten one would die.]

Wake up, therefore, and be alert lest you should stumble and be confronted with the last journey in a condition of heresy and faithlessness. Be sure that any hope for prosperity in the hereafter cannot be based on these conventional sciences. What is needed is heavenly light that removes the dirt of doubts and misapprehensions and puts out the fire of lust and passion and draws one to God’s true love, true devotion and true obedience. If you examine your conscience you will recognize that you have not yet achieved the true comfort and satisfaction which in an instant brings about spiritual transformation. It is a matter of utmost regret that you do not entertain for the heavenly dispensation even a fraction of the eagerness that you show in your ceremonial affairs and for spreading the conventional sciences. You are spending your lives mostly in works which have no connection with faith, or have only a slight connection which is nowhere near the true purpose. If you had possessed the faculties of understanding, which lead to the true purpose, you would not rest until you had achieved it. O people, you have been created for the recognition, love and obedience to your True Creator and your True God. So long as this purpose, which is the ultimate aim of your creation, does not manifest itself clearly in you, you are far away from true redemption. Were you to speak justly, you would be a witness to your own inner condition and would confess that instead of worshipping God, you have installed in your heart a mighty idol of world-worship to which you prostrate yourselves a thousand times every moment……(Victory of Islam )

I hope that this extract will give to all of us enough food for thought regarding the direction of our life. May Allah have Mercy on all of us.