Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

20 APRIL 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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20 APRIL 2012


Injustice in the name of Islam still prevalent in Pakistan. Torture and death of Ahmadi Muslim Abdul Quddous following police custody. Persecution is worse than killing. Mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya also does not observe Justice as it should. Measure of progress should be level of Godfearingness and not numbers and amount of financial contributions. Need for eliminating discrepancy between words and deeds within mainstream Jamaat. The Jamaat needs to learn how to manage differences. A dream. How we are still open to be influenced.

After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Pakistan is one of the rare five countries in the world where the Shariah is the supreme law of the land. As such this should have been the place where Justice should have prevailed above everything else. But it is well known in the world that Pakistan is the most dangerous place to live in and is also a failed state and Justice is trampled under the feet over there. As in many other places, a group of wealthy people are the leaders and the rest are just like cattle. Like most Muslim countries it has been led most of the time by military leaders who took power through a coup d’état. Even if civil governments have intermittently taken power through elections, the military has always been present to undo them. Despite the many punishments that they have been receiving the government and the majority of people seem not to care.

Recently another Ahmadi Muslim has been brutally tortured by the police over there and as in the past there has not been any prosecution. The government does not or cannot take these matters seriously because they have too many other fishes to fry. Allah knows best when such brutality in the name of religion will stop or if ever it will stop. The name of the Ahmadi Muslim tortured by the police while he was in their custody is Abdool Quddous. He was a teacher and he leaves a wife and four children. May Allah have mercy on his soul and may He give his wife and children patience to bear this great tragedy and loss.

Believers do not have a life of ease. They are subjected to all sorts of trials. Some may take the form of murder. Others may be of a lesser degree but no less severe. In the Holy Quran Allah tells us that “Persecution is worse than killing”. No Muslim worthy of that name can persecute another Muslim in the name of Islam or because the other one is not following his “right “version of Islam. Who is following what Islam is best known to Allah and that is why He has kept this privilege in His own Hands and has not allowed any Muslim to judge the faith of another one. On that score Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries who took it upon themselves to declare Ahmadis non Muslims in 1974 are totally wrong according to the Book of Allah and the practice of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. They are the ones who are not acting like the true Muslims and they are the ones who are persecuting their own kind. And in the eyes of Allah such an action, such an attitude is wrong and should be condemned. Allah knows best when a revolution will sweep Pakistan of all those who are acting against the commandments of Allah by persecuting innocent Ahmadi Muslims.

But at the same time we, members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen should also never forget that the Ahmadiyya leadership including the caliph and his inner circle and all his representatives do not uphold the true notion of Justice as taught by the Holy Quran. In Jamaat Ahmadiyya if someone is guilty of something sentence is passed before he/she is even able to give any type of explanation in his or her defense. Usually when the amir hears that someone has married with a non Ahmadi, that person will be reported to the caliph and she would be thrown outside of the Jamaat. The notion that Justice demands that defendants should be given the opportunity to defend themselves is alien to the Ahmadiyya leadership’s mind. In this matter they do according to their whims and they ignore Allah’s instruction that they should observe Justice. Recently a divorced Ahmadi woman married someone who is not known to be an Ahmadi. She was reported to the caliph and announcements were made on a Friday in all mosques that she has been thrown out of the Jamaat. While she was a divorcee no one ever enquired about her living conditions, how she spent lonely nights in her house, what were her needs, how the Jamaat could help her. Most probably she never received the visit of any member of the Lajna to enquire about her situation. Yet when she saw in her best judgment that she should marry, her sixty years of loyalty to the Jamaat was thrown out of the window with the amir’s signature at the bottom of a letter of expulsion. Unfortunately we see that even in this mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya where it is declared that true Islam is practiced some practices are still far from Islam.

Members will recall that in my sermon last week I said that Hazrat Masih Maoodas has told us to give importance to Godfearingness and to nothing else. You may check the sermon. He even said that Ahmadis should not take pride in the promises that Allah had made to the Promised Messiah. Yet we see that the caliph, in his speech of 6th April 2012 is saying that Jamaat Ahmadiyya has grown and is still growing and it is already present in 200 countries around the world. Because of this growth, because of the financial sacrifices made by the members, he seems to believe that Allah is with the Jamaat. Previously when caliphs made such declarations I used to acquiesce. But today, by the Grace of Allah, I am convinced that Jamaat Ahmadiyya”s true progress is not found in its numbers nor in the amount of money that it collects, but in the level of God fearingness that its people can display. In the world there are other groups namely the Christians who make voluntary financial contributions that are far greater per capita than members of mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya and they outnumber us in many areas. But the fundamental question that we ask is do they have the divine guidance? The Catholic Church is today present, may be in as many countries as there are on the globe. Is this preponderance the sign of success or the sign of those who have truth on their side? All Ahmadis are well aware that this is not the case. If it is not the case with them why should it be with Jamaat Ahmadiyya especially when there are people within this Jamaat who are saying that Allah is telling them through revelation that the leadership of the Jamaat has some wrong beliefs and they need to be corrected?

Many times in the past I have spoken about how the caliph says something but he practices another. For example he speaks bout justice but he practices injustice. He speaks about love but he orders his Jamaat to practice hate. He speaks about inclusion within the Umma but he practices exclusion with his own kind. He speaks about God-fearingness (Taqwa) but he does not hesitate to act as if Allah does not exist. He speaks lengthily about the subject of revelations and how it is a perennial sunnat of Allah but he would deny it when what is revealed does not suit him. Even in his sermon of last week he has spoken about a companion of Hazrat Masih Maood as who was receiving revelations every day. Yet in his own time he refuses to consider the revelations of Ahmadis who are telling him that some of the beliefs of the Jamaat have to be corrected. The caliph thinks that all friends of Allah (waliullah) should be under his jurisdiction. But Allah is wishing otherwise. Allah wants them to be under His Jurisdiction. This is Allah’s action. The growth of the Jamaat and the increase in its financial resources are not necessarily Allah’s proof of the progress of the Jamaat as the caliph seems to aver. I do not know how it is elsewhere. But even in tiny Mauritius some of the highest contributors to the Jamaat’s funds have exhibited and continue to exhibit behaviors that are miles away from what could be expected from a God fearing Ahmadi. So Ahmadis together with the leadership should wake up from their slumber and try to understand really what Godfearingness is and how to achieve it instead of bragging about their material progress.

Managing differences has always been a challenge for Muslims throughout their history. But it should not have been so with Jamaat Ahmadiyya because Hazrat Masih Maood as version of Islam is quite explicit. If we say we are Ahmadis and yet we exhibit attitude that are like non-Ahmadis, what is the use for our joining his Jamaat? The leadership of Jamaat Ahmadiyya has to shed off all their Pakistani cultural baggage and learn how to teach and practice enlightened Islam. They should take some tutorials in how to reconcile differences and tolerate some ambiguities and never ignore their vision to practice and spread real taqwa in the world. To do this we need to kill some sacred cows and question the status quo. Or else Jamaat Ahmadiyya may become like the Catholic Church, engaged in trying to do good but completely bereft of the right beliefs that should underpin all good actions.

Last week I saw a strange dream. I saw that I was in a large mosque. With some people I was sitting at one end of the mosque and Mirza Masroor Ahmad was sitting at the other side. We had gathered there to sign an agreement. I do not know what the terms of that agreement were. Suddenly I saw Mirza Masroor who came to meet me. We shook hands. He asked me to go to lead prayer. I declined and asked him to lead the prayer. Then I said loudly that we should have signed this agreement a long time ago and I woke up. Allah knows best the meaning of this dream but it bodes well.

You will all recall that we have always had an open attitude. We have never tried to shut ourselves in our beliefs. We have always said that we are ready to have a dialogue with mainstream Ahmadiyya Representatives to discuss our views. But they never responded. Last year when Maulana Siddique Munawar came in Mauritius I sent words to him for a meeting but I am told he was forbidden from meeting me. If mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya has the true beliefs as they aver what can they lose by talking with me. At least they might convince me and my friends of our wrong beliefs or we might convince them. In either case they would be the winner. In the first instance they would show that they better understand the teachings of Hazrat Ahmadas. In the second case they would have corrected their inherited beliefs and would know where they were wrong. Some argue that we have been thrown out of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and there is no need to listen to us. The question is whether Hazrat Masih Maoodas has taught us to act like this? The answer is a flat “no”. Hazrat Masih Maoodas has taught us that we should teach the truth that we have received to others in a mild manner. If mainstream Ahmadiyya leadership and the members had really understood the message of Hazrat Ahmadas they would have tried to engage with us in order to show us the right path. But they have preferred retreat because they have difficulty in breaking our arguments because they are the ones used by Hazrat Ahmadas himself.

Some argue that the Molvi Basharuth Naweed who is the missionary in charge in Mauritius had called us for a mobahela and we have not responded. Most probably this is what he wanted the Ahmadis to believe so that they might take him as their champion. But I categorically say that this molvi never sent me or any of my friends any mobahela challenge. Had he done so we would have published it and everyone would have known about it. But he lacks the courage to come into the open and tried his cunning in the dark and out of three thousands Ahmadis he could persuade only five ignorant Ahmadis to send me the letter prepared by him. Can we call such a person a follower of Hazrat Masih Maoodas when he refuses to confront his opponents in the open? Ahmadiyyat and a lack of courage can never go together. An Ahmadi Muslim challenges others belief and proves his own. This is his jihad and he constantly engages in it. This is what we have been taught. More incha Allah next week.