Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

09 MARCH 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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Sermon on salvation continues. He who purifies his self will succeed whereas he who sullies it will perish. What is purification? It is a lifetime process. Khilafat cannot answer all the needs of Ahmadis. Similarity between Christian belief about Jesus and Ahmadis belief about Khilafat. Public avowals about moral degradation of young Ahmadis. Consequence of the past ten years of hate is starting to show itself. Ahmadis institutionalized disrespect for the Holy Quran and today their own youths are flouting Qoranic teachings. Need to educate people about Allah. Out of His Mercy Allah sends an Imam but Ahmadis say they know better..

After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Last week Janab Dr Mahmud Sooltangos saheb pronounced Khutbah Jummah in my place. He spoke about some of the comments of Hazrat Masih Maoodas about Sura Al Fateha. Today I will continue to speak about salvation (najaat) in the light of the Holy Quran and the explanations and comments of Hazrat Masih Maoodas.

In the course of his writings and discourses Hazrat Masih Maood as has very often spoken about the verse “Qad aflaha man zakkaaha wa qad khaaba man dassaaha” which we usually translate as “Definitely that person who has purified his soul has been successful and definitely has perished the one who has wronged his soul”. So in this verse emphasis has been put on the purification of the soul. There are many who do not care to understand what it means to purify one’s soul. Some people may think that because they pray five times daily and they fast in the month of Ramadan and they pay Zakaat they have done their duty. But someone who has read the Holy Quran and the comments that Hazrat Masih Maoodas has made on its verses know that there is more to prayers and fasting and Zakaat than merely going through the motions of these acts. The fact should be that if we pray we do so with the aim of purifying our souls and if we fast we have the same end in view and so should it be with Zakaat or even Hajj. The quest for purification is a never ending process and it should go on throughout one’s lifetime.

Unfortunately most Ahmadis these days labour under the delusion that Khilafat is here to look after our need of salvation. Sorry to say but the truth is that the belief that Ahmadis have in the institution of khilafat may be compared to the belief that Christians have that Jesus supposed death on the cross has washed them from their sins. There is nothing further from the truth in the case of the Christians and that of the Ahmadis. Hazrat Masih Maoodas came as the cross breaker par excellence according to the promise and by the Grace of Allah he did an excellent job in proving the falsity of the Christians beliefs. Today there is a need to break the idols that are being worshipped in the hearts of Ahmadis who think that because they have khilafat they will be saved. One has only to listen to their caliph’s and amir’s lamentations about the moral situation of Ahmadis to understand how much this khilafat has been able to show Ahmadis how to behave properly. Besides financial contributions which is so much vaunted there seems to be no “A” grade anywhere.

Recently in Mauritius the amir made an announcement in his Friday sermon that there is a complete degradation in the upholding of Islamic values among young men and women. It is quite unfortunate and quite sad that we are facing such a situation today. Young men and women and even married men and women have access to a technology that makes them indulge in unislamic behavior. I do not think that this is the case only in Mauritius. When we hear the caliph’s speeches in Germany and even England we understand that such improper behavior on the part of Ahmadis men and women especially those who are young is gaining ground. When the caliph gives instructions to boycott dissidents within the Jamaat according to him, the ignorant mass of the Jamaat behaves like sheep and they take pride in carrying out the caliph’s instructions. But when the caliph asks them to boycott their nafs from forbidden pleasures they ignore him as if he were preaching to their back. This is their obedience!!!! He has commanded them to deactivate their facebook accounts, how many have done so? Very few according to my knowledge. I also think that the caliph has taken the wrong approach in this matter. Instead of telling them to get out of Facebook, I think it would be better to see how Facebook may be used to take these young ones in the right direction. Furthermore there is a need to answer the questions that all these young ones may have living in today’s society. They have new concerns and different challenges than those living in the previous generation. They need someone to provide them with the answers. Long speeches in Ijtemas are of no use. There is a need for face to face dialogues where all questions are properly discussed even the status of the caliph and above all questions which are of direct concern to the young. The world has changed and Islam has to adapt without compromising its essence. Today through the net one may talk with people from several countries at almost the same time. But the question is do the leaders have the answers?

Anyhow what I want to say is that if our young ones are losing their bearings it means that we have failed somewhere. Take the example of Mauritius. What proper training has been given to these young ones except telling them that they need to apply a systematic boycott against their own kith and kin and at the same time telling them that our motto is “Love for all hatred for none”. To begin with the instruction to apply social boycott to fellow Muslims is anti the Holy Quran and anti Islamic. Now, how can you expect people who have been brainwashed to act thus to uphold Islamic values. They have understood that flouting Islamic values is the norm within the Jamaat and they are just showing that they have properly learned the lesson they have received from their elders. Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius has failed to uphold the teachings of Islam and today its amir is lamenting that the youth are ignoring Islamic values. When you have murdered Islamic values by your own behavior how will it live through those to whom you are a role model! Allah has had pity on Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius and that is why it sent to it an imam to take them from the darkness in which they are plunging themselves and take them to light. Previously we used to hear that Khilafat will take care of this Jamaat. What is happening today? Those who are at the head know and are publicly acknowledging that there has been failure in doing what had to be done. It is still time for members of the Jamaat to recognize the imam that Allah has chosen for them and not the one that they have chosen for themselves. Allah has given me clear revelation on this matter. He has said to me “Inni jaaeloka linnaase imama” meaning “I have made you an Imam for the people”. This is the verse that Allah said to Hazrat Ibrahimas. My task is to guide those who wish to be guided. I am not here to speak about titles. Those who think they should speak about titles that they have received let them do so. We seek ways to reform the people and to show them the path of salvation.

Members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya and Muslims in general need to be taught how to embrace a program of self renewal through self purification. We need to purify ourselves of lust. Look when Allah revealed the verse about restraining our eyes there was no internet, there were no webcam. Yet the same verse still applies. These young people need to be told about this. They may think that it is virtual but its effects are even worse. Young people need to be taught to restrain themselves and those who seek other pleasures outside marriage need to be educated into desiring what they have rather than what they do not have. A change in perspective can bring immense benefits. Here wives also have a role to play and they should be well taught the type of role that they should play. We need to purify ourselves of anger, of envy, of pride of avarice and greed, of everything which is morally ugly. Hazrat Masih Maoodas has spoken about all these in the conditions of bait. From his writings we read:

O my dear ones! It is a true and tried philosophy that to escape sin, man needs perfect understanding and not any type of atonement. I tell you truly that if the people of Noah had attained the perfect understanding which creates perfect fear, they would not have been drowned, if the people of Lot had been bestowed that understanding, they would not have been subjected to a rain of stones, and if this country had been bestowed that recognition of the Divine Being which makes one tremble with fear, it would not have suffered ruin from the plague as it did. But deficient understanding yields no benefits, nor can its result, which is fear and love, be perfect. The faith that is not perfect is useless and the love that is not perfect is useless, and the fear that is not perfect is useless, and the understanding that is not perfect is useless, and the food and drink that are not perfect are useless. Can your hunger be satisfied with a grain of food or can your thirst be quenched by a drop of water? Then, O ye who have little resolve and exercise little effort in the search for truth, how can you hope for great Divine grace in return for a little love and a little fear? To purify a person from sin and to fill his heart with love of the Divine is the work of the All-Powerful One, and to establish the fear of His greatness in any heart is dependent upon His will. The eternal law of nature is that all this is bestowed after perfect understanding. The root of fear and love and appreciation is perfect understanding. He who is bestowed perfect understanding is bestowed perfect fear and perfect love, and he who is bestowed perfect fear and perfect love is delivered from every sin which arises from fearlessness. For such deliverance we need no blood and no cross and no atonement. We need a sacrifice of self which need is felt by our nature. This sacrifice is in other words Islam. The meaning of Islam is to stretch forth one’s neck for slaughter; that is to say, to place one’s soul at the threshold of God with complete willingness. The name Islam is the soul of all law and is the life of all commandments. To stretch forth one’s neck for slaughter willingly and cheerfully demands perfect love and devotion, and perfect love calls for perfect understanding. The word Islam indicates that for true sacrifice perfect understanding and perfect love are needed and nothing else. This is indicated by Allah the Exalted in the verse: This means that the sacrificial meat you offer cannot reach Me, nor can its blood. On the contrary, the only sacrifice that reaches Me is that you shall fear Me, and be righteous for My sake.[Lecture Lahore, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, pp. 150-152]

We need to make Allah the uppermost object of our thoughts. We need to learn to love him. Many will say that they love Him. But real love of Allah is not known by your slogan or your Jamaat. It is known through your behavior. On that score Jamaat Ahmadiyya as it is today has failed especially the one in Mauritius. They have practiced cultivated and exported hate wherever they go and they think they are practicing virtue. It means that despite their 100 years of existence on the island they still do not know what the real teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas are. They have dishonored the teachings that they received when they institutionalized hate on the island by hating those who do not think as they do. With such intolerance on their part it is no wonder that they have so many internal problems these days. Should they continue to ignore the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas their situation will go from bad to worse. I hope those who have an inkling of the fear of Allah in their heart will do what is needed to prevent this ship from sinking. May Allah give them the courage to do what is right in order that this Jamaat may change course on time.

Explaining his idea of Allah Hazrat Masih Maood as has taught us thus:

How unfortunate, indeed, is the man who does not even know that he has a God with power over all thing! Our Paradise, indeed, is our God: our highest enjoyment is in God, for we have seem Him and all beauty found in Him. This treasure is worth having even if at the cost of one's life; and this is a jewel which should be purchased even if obtainable only by sacrificing one’s entire being. 0 ye that are devoid, run to this spring, for it will slaken your thirst. It is the spring of life that shall save ye. What am I to do, and how am I to impress this glad tiding upon your mind, with what drum should I go crying through the streets that This is your God, so that all should hear! And with what unguent am I to treat the people so that their ears open to hear!

For an Ahmadi, for a Muslim we need to value the treasure that Allah is. It is not something that we learn in a few days or a few years. We need to be ready to face all types of difficulties in order to understand really what Allah needs from us. So unless and until each Ahmadi does not take the resolute decision that he will strive his best to fulfill the conditions of his bait he or she will never be successful. Try to read the available literature on this matter and you will know that no one can tread the path of Allah without a guide. Allah sends the guide out of mercy for the people. Unfortunately the people reject the guide and they think they know better. But sooner or later they will know where they have lamentably failed.