Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

17 FEBRUARY 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun recited verse 57 from chapter 33 of the Holy Quran and then he said:

At many places in the Holy Quran Allah speaks in praise of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. Allah has also told the Holy Prophet to tell all Muslims that if they want to get Allah’s love they have to follow in his steps. He is the model and there is no one else. For time to come the perfect model for a Muslim will be the Holy Prophetsaw. These days whenever you hear that someone has spoken against the Holy Prophetsaw, Muslims ask for that person to be punished and they create lots of riots worldwide. We all know what happened with Salman Rushdie, the cartoon publications and even recently the newspaper in France which decried the Holy Prophetsaw. Allah has told us in the Holy Quran that the Holy Prophet was a “Mercy for all mankind” (rahmatal lil aalameen). Now we need to ask ourselves how far Muslims including Ahmadis are showing themselves to be a mercy for others, while following in the footsteps of the Holy prophetsaw.

If we declare that we are lovers of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw, we should also learn to behave like him. In his name we cannot allow ourselves to create havoc in the world and yet think that we are those who would bring peace to the world. This is an illusion. The sooner it is broken the better will it be for all those who dwell in it. A Muslim should try his best to be a Mohammad in the making at least. Practically this means that as a man one should be an amin, a trustworthy person. That is you should be someone whom others may trust starting from your wife to your children, to your friends and to even your colleagues. If you are not such a person with those who are in contact with you everyday then you are not following in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet and there may be serious doubts on your claim of being a Muslim. You may fool those around you but you cannot fool Allah who knows the deepest secrets of your heart. So a Muslim should match his deeds to his words. If he does not do so he is failing as a Muslim and he will not be able to lead others to the degree of piety that should be exhibited by a follower of Mohammadsaw.

As a Muslim, ask yourself if you promote goodwill , peace, harmony and love with those you are in contact or are you someone who promotes ill will, discord and disharmony and hate with those you are in contact with. Personally I think that a good Muslim should ask himself this question quite often. If he finds that he has made some mistakes he should readily apologize and make amends and not commit the same mistakes again. By doing so, slowly each Muslim will do his or her best to show his best behavior in all circumstances and this will spread peace, love and harmony with all our contacts. Each one amongst us has the moral obligation to understand the proper behavior exhibited by the Holy prophet and try to imitate him in our life. You may think that this is easy. But it is not unless Allah helps you along this path. That is why in order to do this you will have to beseech Allah’s help quite often. There are small steps that we can take every day. For example we can start by greeting every one we meet with a smile. We do so because the Holy Prophet has told us that Muslims should exchange greetings and meet each other with a smile. Unfortunately many Muslims particularly these days the Ahmadis do not practice this. Ahmadis have preferred to give more weight to what their caliphs say rather than to what Allah and his prophet said. Yet these are the people who make grand declarations that they know the status of the Holy Prophet and they know best his teachings. If this is best what is the worst, one may ask.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas was raised as the Mahdi and Promised Messiah in order to help Muslims know the real teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. He never excluded any Muslim from the Umma, but they excluded him. He did his best to help others understand what their mind and prejudices prevented them from understanding yet the Muslims persecuted him for that. He had great love for the Muslims but they developed in their heart hate for him and for his followers. He wanted Muslims to live but the ignorant Mullah and their followers wanted his death. He told the people that he was an elect of Allah to help them to understand their religion better but the self appointed leaders of the people tried to ridicule him and tried to create trouble for him and his followers. The behavior of the so-called Muslims was in total contradiction with that of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. The Holy Prophet talked and exchanged views with all sorts of people without losing his temper or trying to kill them. Yet this has not always been the case of his followers throughout history.

So a true Muslim who really loves the Holy Prophet saw is someone who studies his life and tries to imitate him in everything that he did. Unless and until a Muslim realizes that this is part of his mission in life, that Muslim cannot be said to be a true follower of the Holy Prophet saw. The teachings of Islam are here to ennoble man and not to debase him. The holy Prophet came to teach Muslims to show their best of moral qualities and not the worst. Those who exhibit what is worse are not the true followers of the Holy Prophet saw. Those only are his true followers who do their best in promoting what is good and in decrying what is bad for all human beings. Islam is the religion of the middle path. There is no place for extremism of any kind in it. One cannot think that everything is allowed in Islam and one cannot think also that it is allowed to do the worst deeds like killing or persecuting others in its name. Those fanatics who do so have nothing of Islam in themselves but its name.

Members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen and all Muslims including all Ahmadis should see to it that the teachings of Islam are reflected in their behavior and not in their speeches. In order to succeed in this task one has to struggle against all the evils that we see in society today. There is a need to struggle against corruption in all its forms like bribery or over invoicing or claiming for work not done etc. Similarly a good Muslim is someone who does not cheat on his wife and a good Muslim woman is someone who does not cheat on her husband. Young Muslims men and women should do their best to avoid promiscuous behavior. Remember that being a lover of the Holy Prophet saw demands from you a certain type of behavior that distinguishes you from others. But all men beware because your greatest trial will be women. At least so said the Holy prophet saw. These days where we live in mixed societies we have to be very careful lest a moment’s pleasure might bring us regrets for a lifetime. Young people should learn to listen to and review the advice that they may receive from their elders. This will help them to avoid many pitfalls in their path.

Mohammadsaw is the ideal man to be followed. He tried to bring people of different faiths to live together. Look at the Medina charter with the Jews. He did not in any way try to convert them by force. But when they tried to annihilate him by siding with his enemies, he exiled them. This document helps us to understand that the Holy prophet saw it fit to work alongside Jews. His society at Medina was a multicultural society where people could coexist while praying to the God of their liking. See the tolerance of the Holy Prophet and the intolerance of those who think that they have to fight with their own Muslim brothers just because they have one or two points of differences. Muslims around the world agree on the basics of Islam. This should have been the rallying point. But unfortunately because of some doctrinal differences Muslims prefer to fight with one another showing to the world that they do not follow the teachings of their master Mohammadsaw.

Unfortunately such bigotry and prejudice has seeped even into the Ahmadiyya fabric and it has done untold damage at most places in the world where it has flourished on the unclean heart of all those who like to follow their evil inclinations. But yet this was not at all what we were expected to do. Listen to the words of Hazrat Masih Maoodas about what is expected of an Ahmadi, generally speaking . He says:

To show signs of grace is the eternal way of God. But you can partake of this blessing only when there remains no difference and no distance between Him and you; only when all your wishes, hopes and desire merge into His will; only when at all times, in success or failure, in hope or disappointment, you remain in humble prostration at His door, so that He should do with you what He will. If you act like this, in you would appear that God, Who for a long time has kept His face concealed from the world. Is there any among you, then, who would act upon this teaching, seeking only His pleasure, without the slightest sense of dissatisfaction against the way His will works? Even in distress you should put your best foot forward, for this is the secret of your success; and you should strive to the utmost of your power to spread the idea of His singleness and unity all over the earth. Be kind and merciful to humanity, for all are His creatures: do not oppress them with your tongue, or hands, or in any other way. Always work for the good of mankind.

Never unduly assert yourselves with pride over others, even those who are placed under you. Never use abusive language for anyone, even though he abuse you. Be humble in spirit, kind and gentle, and forgiving, sympathetic towards all and wishing them well, so that you should be accepted. There are many who pretend to be kind, gentle and forgiving, but inside they are wolves; there are many on the outside who look pure, but in their hearts they are serpents. You cannot be accepted in the presence of the Lord unless you are pure, both on the outside and inside. If you are big, have mercy for those who are small - not contempt; if you are wise and well versed in learning serve the ignorant with words of wisdom: never desire to bring disgrace on their ignorance by trying to show off your own learning. If you are rich, instead of treating them with self-centered disdainful pride, you should serve the poor. Beware of the paths of destruction. Fear the Lord, be righteous, do not fall in worship before the creation of God. Turn wholly and solely to Him, so that you lose interest in this world. Become entirely His, living wholly for His will and pleasure, for His sweet sake, hating everything impure and sinful; for indeed He is Holy. Every morning should be a witness for you that you spent the night with righteousness, and every evening should be a witness for you that you went through the day with the fear of God in your heart.

This is a sampling of the teachings that Jamaat Ahmadiyya has to practice and invite others to practice the same. May Allah help us in this task. Ameen