Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

06 JANUARY 2012

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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World will not end in 2012. But there will be plenty of problems for whole world in this year. After defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq USA wants to attack Iran. But new dawn for Muslim countries. Muslims should resort to prayer to solve all problems. Effects of our prayers against the enemies of Islam in early days of divine manifestation. Humiliation for Israeli and American Leadership. Vying with one another in good deeds in our daily lives. Importance of improving ourselves in playing all our roles. Beginning of year 2001 and how Allah has vindicated us. Contradiction between what caliph says and what Ahmadis do. Warning to present amir of Mauritius to change course or prepare for same or worst fate than predecessor. Be grateful to Allah for everyday that He keeps you alive, Use it as an opportunity to ask for forgiveness for past sins and do good and to purify the soul.

After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

We are at the beginning of a new year. Like everyday it is a new beginning. But most people are aware that this year has been popularized in a Hollywood film as the year that the world will end according to Mayan prophecies. Rest assured that the world will not end in 2012 because of these prophecies because according to the experts of the Mayan civilization there are no such predictions. Nonetheless the year 2012 will be a year of upheavals for the world as much as the preceding year if not more. There are plenty of problems looming on the horizon both for Europe and the United States. Since most countries sell their goods to these advanced economies it means that if they sneeze others are going to catch cold. Furthermore tensions are growing between the west and Iran. After the American failure in both Afghanistan and Iraq now they would like to attack Iran because Iran has been defying them for a long time. They would like to push it backwards as they did with Iraq. The west does not like to see an Islamic country move forward. USA and France and their allies have been propping up dictators in Egypt Tunisia and others before the Muslim people initiated a revolution that has toppled these dictators who acted like western vassals by impoverishing their own people. Anyhow it appears that there is a new dawn for all these Muslim nations and we hope that incha Allah people will have leaders who will work for the benefit of the people and not for their selfish motives.

For those who are following the unfolding of world events there is not much to celebrate for the coming year because it will be a year that will bring in its wake plenty of problems like war, poverty, deprivation besides natural catastrophes as well. Against such a backdrop we are welcoming this year. But for us as Muslims , despite this scenario of gloom and doom we know that we have another source of comfort and that is our Lord Allah. In the Holy Quran Allah says of the Muslims “you expect from Allah what they expect not.” Hence it is incumbent upon all of us to increase our reliance on Allah by soliciting Him to bring about changes which will be good for all mankind. Do not doubt these prayers. Repeatedly we learn from the Holy Quran that when we pray to Allah He responds to our prayers. Even for insignificant people like us Allah has shown how He has answered our prayers. During the early years of this century when the divine manifestation had just begun we prayed against an Israeli leader who thought he was god on earth and he was butchering Palestinians. We could not stop him with physical weapons. But we prayed to Allah to stop him and since then, he has been living in a vegetative state. Similarly we prayed against America when they invaded Iraq. The world knows the consequences of this war. It humiliated USA’s leadership including its president and it has drained its economy while at the same time killing about 4500 of its sons for nothing. The world knows that this war was started based on lies that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction whilst it was proved later that it had none. Recently while the last American soldier was leaving Iraq the American president brazenly declared that their mission was accomplished. But the truth is that they divided a Muslim country for no reason at all and they killed 162,000 people mostly civilians. But the truth is that what they thought would be a rapid campaign turned out to be a protracted campaign unleashing sectarian violence which has disturbed the peace of the people living over there. I remember that at that time we often read the following prayer

Our Lord, Thou hast bestowed upon Pharaoh and his chiefs embellishment and wealth in the present life, with the result, our Lord, that they are leading men astray from Thy path. Our Lord! destroy their riches and attack their hearts — and they are not going to believe until they see the grievous punishment.”(10:89)

I do not know how many amongst you remember this prayer. But personally I used to read it almost every day in those years. Now when you see what happened in the year 2008 and what is happening now, you can easily imagine what have been the consequences of these prayers for those countries involved in spilling Muslim blood. So as a good Muslim we should resort to constant prayers so that Allah might help us and protect us from all sorts of evil that are intended for us or that may come to us because of the actions of others.

What I am saying is as Muslims we should strive to live in the shadow of Allah if we wish to protect ourselves from all the evils of the time. Unfortunately for us difficult times are on the horizon and overnight things may change. Just imagine what happened to the Haitians in 2010 and what happened in Japan last year and you will know how precarious our life is. But as long as we live we should strive to be good and do good. The Holy Quran tells us “fastabeqoul khayraat” meaning “strive with one another in doing good.” The message is quite simple and anyone can easily understand it. It means if you are a student you should strive to be the best. If you are a doctor or a lawyer or in whatever profession you may be you should try to be the best. Whatever role you may have in life you should strive to be the best. For example if you have children, then you will have the role of a father and you should strive to be the best father to your children. Similarly if you play the role of a wife you should strive to be the best possible wife. So should a husband try to be the best husband to his wife. In brief the scope for us to do good is immense and each one amongst us should be asking ourselves how best are we trying to accomplish the tasks that fall upon us in the different roles that we play in our life. Just take some time to think about it and it will immediately dawn upon you where you are doing well and where not.

Consequently think out a way how you might improve yourself in your different roles. Should a group of people strive along these lines most problems in groups of people or in Jamaats will fade away. But unfortunately we are carried away by our emotions and we find it difficult to improve a given situation and this makes us and those who are close to us miserable.

Today is also the first Friday of this year. I cannot forget that fateful day of 5th January 2001 when the then amir made a Khutbah Jummah in Dar es Salaam Rose hill announcing our expulsion from Jamaat. At that time many thought we would rush to present our excuses and re integrate the Jamaat. But Allah stood by us although the then caliph and his amir and consequently almost all members of the Jamaat sided with them. At that time Allah comforted us saying that we should not at all be worried because he was with us and He would destroy those who did wrong. As always Allah is true to His words. At that time He told us that although it might take more than ten years yet what was promised would come to pass. You all know how the then amir thought that he was riveted to the chair of amarat with the blessings of his clique from London. But Allah kept repeating to us that “I will humiliate he who tries to humiliate you” and “we will punish them from where they expect not”. Nowadays everyone knows how evil has been the lot of that amir. He has been ousted from his chair by the caliph in person although quite reluctantly and with great humiliation. The world has seen what happens when you try to mess with Allah’s representatives. But beware in the next election there will be some people from his clique who are totally devoid of taqwa and who are shameless, they will propose his name again for amir. His clique would strive to get back the lost leadership position despite the apparent show of loyalty to the present amir.

Now I will also say a few words about this present amir as well because he does not seem either to learn the lessons that History has taught him nor does he seem to learn from what has happened to his predecessor. Recently the caliph has declared in his speech on the occasion of Jalsa Salana Qadian that “Today it is the responsibility of every Ahmadi Muslim to protect the world from destruction. This is because we have pledged allegiance to the Promised Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (peace be upon him) and by doing so we have sworn that we will always strive for the betterment of all humanity.” He further said the Muslim world was today ravaged by sectarianism and internal discord. Only the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat could claim to be united and this unity was derived through its system of Khilafat.” One may wonder if the caliph was speaking about his amir in Mauritius who shows his hate for a group of Ahmadis publicly or Molvi Ganee Jhangeerkhan who has a myopic view of Islam or those rich people who towers among men and display their unislamic behavior. Are such people who are going to protect the world from destruction? No these are the people who are going to accelerate the destruction of the world because they have been put in position of authority and they are creating disorder in the world. They have developed an art in making Ahmadis hate their own kind. These are the people who are ignorant of the teachings of the Holy Quran, of the Holy Prophet and of Hazrat Masih Maood as. They use their position to spread unislamic teachings in society and divide the people so that they might exercise power over them. An ordinary Ahmadi can easily make an assessment how many speeches he might have heard during the last eleven years in the mosques which have encouraged ordinary Ahmadis to hate and how many he might have heard which have encouraged them to develop love for mankind despite differences of belief. It is characteristic of the people of this mindset to divide society into groups and that is what they have been doing.

Talking is cheap. Recently again the caliph has been saying that Jamaat Ahmadiyya promotes brotherly love amongst the people. But this is not at all the case with it in Mauritius. Here they are devising all means to promote hate amongst the people and to some extent they have excelled in this art. It appears that the amir of the Jamaat is still loyal to his mission of old to fight all those who oppose his dogmas about khilafat with a newly found zeal. Lest he forgets I ask him to remember what happened in 1988 and what will happen this time will be even worse if he does not change course on time. Speaking to outsiders with honey words and with Ahmadis with threatening ones will not work today because all the daltamans of this world will perish because they exploit hate to push their agenda forward. This is what the actual amir of Mauritius and those who support him are doing and Allah will not allow them to succeed. In the end they will be defeated as the one who led these efforts in the first phase was completely routed.

The Holy Prophet has taught us that when we wake up in the morning we should say the following prayer “alhamdo lillahil lazi ahyana ba’da maa amaatana wa elayhin noshour”. It means “All praise is due for Allah who has brought us back to life after our death and towards Him will be the final return.” I hope all of you know this prayer and that you read it every day. We praise Allah because He has given us our soul back. He could have withheld it if He had decided that we should die. But since He has returned it back to our body He is giving all of us a chance to do some more good on earth and that is the meaning that we can take out from this praise among other things. So every day is a new day and is an opportunity to do good. We should all learn to value every day and strive to do good deeds in it as I have said earlier. So each one amongst us should learn to be grateful for any additional time that Allah gives us to be thankful to Him and to do good to others and to purify our soul of all the evils that might have accumulated to it. In the same manner Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream should welcome the New Year by making an assessment of all the wrongs that they have accumulated as a Jamaat and fall down in front of Allah with tears to wash them away. If they do so Allah might pity them and forgive them if they seek His Forgiveness and pardon. May Allah enable each one amongst us to understand the value of the time that Allah gives us so that we might fill it with good deeds that will please Him incha Allah.