Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun


At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Although in the past I have spoken many times about the unislamic social boycott that the majority Ahmadiyya Jamaat of Mauritius has been imposing on the minority members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen, I will speak again on this matter today. The reason why this subject is in the news these days is because of the two first speeches which were made on Sunday 17th September on the occasion of the mainstream Jamaat’s Jalsa Salana. The first was by a missionary well known for his bigotry and self interpretation of the Holy Quran and the second was by the actual amir Jamaat better known for his hidebound and myopic view of what is important in Islam. As I said last week these speeches were made in order to indoctrinate attending Ahmadis in such a way that they become adamant in severing their relationship with their close relatives because the latter entertain a relationship with “those who insult the caliph and those who are close to him” according to the amir. The actual amir needed someone from abroad who was well versed in mullah-like indoctrination techniques to impregnate poor and innocent Ahmadis with toxic ideas so that they may turn their back on those who have severed their relationship with the caliph. To the amir those who are loyal and sincere to the institution of khilafat (according to the limited understanding that he has inherited) should sever all their relationship with their close ones if they are from Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen.

Hazrat Masih Maood has started the Jalsa Salana for the promotion of virtue and God-fearingness among the members. But some of the fiery speeches that were made during the Ahmadiyya Jalsa had nothing to do with virtue. People were told that they are good Ahmadis only if they hate their own relatives who have no relationship with their caliph. People were supposed to attend the Jalsa with a view to increase their faith but they came back hating those who delivered these fire-spitting speeches. Ahmadis went to the Jalsa to increase their knowledge of Islam but they were motivated to shun their fellow brothers and sisters. This is the calamity that has fallen upon the Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Mauritius. Its missionaries who are supposed to be the preservers of its noble teachings have become instrumental in destroying it. They are doing so with the full blessings of their amir.

Of course the amir and his helpers are only following the unislamic directives that they have received from their caliph. Social boycott against their own brothers started amongst Ahmadis in the time of the second caliph and it has continued since then although it is not sanctioned at all by Islam. This is one of the ugly cultural traits of their society of origin, namely India/ Pakistan that Ahmadiyya missionaries have exported wherever they went. According to history we know quite well that it was the enemies of the Holy Prophet saw who boycotted the early Muslims. Hence all those who boycott members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen are aligning themselves with the enemies of the Holy Prophet saw. The amir wants the people to show loyalty and fidelity to the institution of khilafat but he does not seem to understand what the purpose of that institution is if ever it existed. Its purpose is to carry on the work of the Holy Prophet by following his example and not that of his enemies. By practicing social boycott the amir wants the people to be sincere to an institution that is following the sunnat of the Holy Prophet’s enemies and hence no one should follow him on this path to hell. Whenever a leader whether he is a caliph or even someone who claims to be a prophet gives instructions which are contrary to or acts against the teachings of the Holy Quran he has to be reminded and he should not be followed. Allah wants every Muslim to cultivate only His Fear in his heart and he should not feel intimidated by any one else whatever his status might be. This is a distinction of Islam. All are equal in front of Allah. Whenever one sees something wrong one should speak with the fear of Allah in the heart and speak one’s mind without any fear of anyone else at all.

Today the Ahmadiyya caliph has given an instruction which is blatantly against the Holy Quran and his zealous amir wants everyone to obey this instruction without demur. He has given an instruction which is not at all ma’roof and he expects that everyone should obey. Ahmadis should not be afraid and they should not obey this instruction at all or else they will have to answer to Allah. On the day of resurrection their leaders would be busy rendering their own accounts and they would not be able to care for them at all.

The bone of contention between us and the mainstream Ahmadis is not about whether we are insulting the caliph or not. The main issue is that we are saying that Allah has told us through revelation that He has appointed us as an Imam for the pious. It was not something that we wished to happen neither do we have the power to make such a thing happen. But Allah does whatever He likes irrespective of the fact whether it pleases Zaid, Bakr or Umar. Now that I am convinced that my instructions come from Allah, will I not be a disobedient servant if I ignored what my Lord was asking me to do. Will I obey a caliph just because he says that he has been appointed by Allah but he does not give any proofs of how Allah has appointed him. Furthermore when I see that this caliph begins to say things that are contrary to what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has said should I still obey him? By the Grace of Allah we are not such feather hearted men. We feel we have understood something and we have always maintained that we would like to discuss our views with others. If after discussion we are convinced to be wrong we will change our stand. But who cared or rather dared to discuss with us. They have clung to their beliefs like blood sucking leeches and they did everything they could to try to harm us.

So when the caliph starts propagating what is false we should say that what he says is false. Should we like gullible followers just accept all that he says? We denounce what we think to be false. I still maintain that all the figures concerning the number of new Ahmadi converts since 1993 are false. Yet the Jamaat continues to propagate these false statistics around the world. Ahmadiyya leadership feels offended because they do not like truth and they prefer what is false whereas they have been taught by Allah to love truth and to shun everything that is false.

So the leadership of Jamaat Ahmadiyya knows quite well that they have deviated from the teachings that they were given and they know quite well that by the Grace of Allah we are the ones who are showing them their gross mistakes. So in order to maintain their “power” they spread hate amongst the people against us and they refuse to have any discussion with us because they know that they would be completely routed argument-wise, of course.

In a video posted on YouTube the amir told the Ahmadis that they have to remember the oath that they have taken as Ansar or Lajnas or Naseraat or Khuddam or Atfals. He just want to frighten them that they have to fulfill these oaths where they have said that they would be loyal to the institution of Khilafat throughout their lives. Had the people been making these oaths with conviction we would have seen a greater commitment to obedience to the Holy Quran. But is it there? Does loyalty to khilafat means inflicting harm on your relatives? Or does it mean that there should be greater obedience to what an Ahmadi commits himself to do through his bai’at form? Can there be a discrepancy between two oaths taken within Jamaat Ahmadiyya? To us an Ahmadi should be more committed to what his ten conditions of bai’at say rather than any other oath. If he knows these conditions well he should know that he is not allowed to commit any harm against the creatures of Allah especially against a Muslim and even less against an Ahmadi and even lesser against one of his relatives. Hence all these oaths taken in subsidiary groups within the Jamaat are irrelevant if they clash with what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has said. Those who say the contrary are liars.

The amir has singled out only one action for Ahmadis to show their loyalty to their caliph and the institution of khilafat, namely that they should sever all connections with members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen. That is why I say he has a very parochial view of what is Islam. Islam means peace. A true Muslim has been described by the Holy Prophet as someone from whose harm, either by the tongue or by the hand, others are safe. Hence a true Muslim should avoid doing any harm to others either by his own hands or by his words. Just through this criterion alone one may wonder how many ahmadis can be truly qualified as Muslims. Recently in his recent address to the Lajna on the occasion of the Jalsa Salana in England the caliph spoke about the misery of some Ahmadi women, how they are being beaten not only by their husbands but by their in-laws as well? Would it not be pertinent to also ask how many of these women’s husbands are missionaries and form part of the top leadership of the Jamaat? Then we would know how many are loyal and obey khilafat!

If the amir Jamaat of Mauritius justifies the inimical social boycott which he zealously applies and he wants others to apply, then the whole Muslim umma is justified if they act inimically towards the Ahmadis and they boycott them. The majority of Muslims say that Ahmadis are offending them and the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw when they say there can be prophets after him. They feel so offended that they say that people who say such nonsense (according to them) should be killed. They do not understand the Ahmadiyya viewpoint and they cling to what their elders have told them. They do not show any open-mindedness to try to understand the Ahmadiyya viewpoint. Then we may rightly say what is the difference between those who fail to understand the Ahmadiyya viewpoint and those who fail to understand the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen viewpoint? They are in the same basket. They are those who fail to understand the subtleties of Allah’s Book and who impose their own meanings to suit their own purpose. That is why I say that there is no difference at all between what the propagandist-molvi and his amir have been doing in Mauritius and those who call for the boycott and harm of Ahmadis in Pakistan and elsewhere. This is where poorly educated leaders who are deficient in Islamic lore can lead a Jamaat which came with an agenda to reform the beliefs and practices of Muslims! Fortunately for us that Allah has removed us from them.

According to the amir people should show loyalty to his idea of khilafat by disobeying Allah and His Prophet and also by disobeying Hazrat Masih Maoodas. In fact in the Holy Quran speaking about the disobedient ones Allah says: “(they are those) who break the covenant of Allah after having established it , and cut asunder what Allah has bidden to be joined and create disorder in the earth; it is these that are the losers”(2:28) This caliph has put Jamaat Ahmadiyya on a perdition course. All those who would be following his instructions will be the losers according to the Holy Quran.

But Allah did not send Hazrat Masih Maoodas to make his followers losers. He sent him so that those who follow his teachings might get the eternal life and that they might live in bliss forever .That is why Allah sends His Guides from time to time to remind the people of the true teachings of Tauhid so that they might stay on the straight path for ever. Mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya has abandoned these teachings and they have invented another God, namely khilafat and nizaamé Jamaat. People are being threatened to comply more with the instructions of the caliph than to obey Allah. In the beginning of the week Allah revealed to this humble self “Fa in tawallaw inna alaykal balaagh wa maa anta alyhim bewakil. Wattabe maa youha elayka mirrrabbeka wa laa tattabe ahwa al kaafereen” meaning “ And if they turn away , you are responsible only for the delivery of the message; you are not a guardian over them ; follow that which is revealed to you from your Lord and follow not the low desires of the disbelievers.” I have learned that the molvi-propagandist qualified us as kafirs in his speech. I could not hear his speech thoroughly. The amir should put this speech together with his on YouTube so that the world may know exactly what fire spitting words were used in the name of the peaceful religion known as Islam. Furthermore Mauritians would be able to appreciate what is said behind closed doors and what is said in newspaper interviews. The words “disbelievers” is used here in a restricted sense not in the general sense of Muslims and Non believers. Here it only means those who deny the message that I am giving them. In fact their denial stems from their low desires and it is not based on the teachings of the Holy Quran. Anyhow Allah knows best and he guides to the path.

The boycott that the amir and his likes want to maintain on us shows that he and those he represents are completely unable to discuss religion in a dispassionate way. If he had the knowledge and wisdom he would have tried other means. But since he does not have either he resorts to what is left namely a campaign of systematic social boycott. But I want him to know that this campaign will not be maintained. Allah will break it and all those who want to make His path crooked. Beware if you are believers and if indeed you fear Him!