Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun


At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun read verses 205-207 from chapter two of the Holy Quran and then he said:

The translation of the verses that I have just read is as follows:

And of men there is he whose talk on this life would please thee, and he would call Allah to witness as to that which is in his heart, and yet he is the most contentious of quarrelers. And when he is in authority, he runs about in the land to create disorder in it and destroy the crops and the progeny of man; and Allah loves not disorder. And when it is said to him, ‘Fear Allah,’ pride incites him to further sin. So Hell shall be his sufficient reward; and surely, it is an evil place of rest. (2:205-207).

You will recall that last week I spoke about the visit of Maulana Siddique Ahmad Munawar saheb in Mauritius for the annual convention of the mainstream Jamaat. According to the reports that I have received he delivered four speeches and I am told they were of a level that Hazrat Masih Maoodas expected. Unfortunately I could not listen to any of his speeches. But from what I have heard he spoke well and the attendees got their spiritual feast that they came to look for. Similarly I am told that there were some other good speeches like the one made by Mobarack Boodhun. He spoke about the distinctive characteristics of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw and he was bound to say but what is good. Furthermore this year the caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad sent a message for the occasion. The message was along the lines of what we could expect such messages to be and if Ahmadis heed his advice it will be for their own good except for what he says about khilafat. But who are the Ahmadis who really care about what he says except when he tells them to boycott us and to show their enmity towards us!

But the first speech of Sunday morning was not at all of the type that Hazrat Masih Maood expected that his so-called ulamas or maulanas could deliver to an audience of Ahmadis who flocked to hear speeches that would increase their faith. Instead they received a dose of indoctrination typical of what Nazis received in the time of Hitler. Under the guise of a display of knowledge about honey and honeybees they were being fed with bees’ sting. This speech was typical of the person described in the verse mentioned above. He appears to be soft spoken and he would use words which make you think that he has a certain standard in the sight of Allah. But Allah says that such a man is a most quarrelsome man. He is a troublemaker and he spits his venom wherever he goes. He has been in Mauritius since some time. I received reports that he was spreading his dirt wherever he went. I was told that he used every opportunity he got to speak ill of us and to deter people from following the path of Allah. But like a real chickenhearted he refuses to take up the challenge that I have thrown to him and all those who think and act like him. I have asked them to have a debate via YouTube on all points of differences. Why is it that they do not rise to the occasion and take up the gauntlet that I have thrown at them? He thinks that he knows Islam and he can teach others, it would have been a golden opportunity for him to show the world how far he is really well-versed in this lore. Instead he goes about making speeches where there is no one to ask him some real questions about the fundamentals of Ahmadiyyat.

In fact his Sunday speech was a continuation of a speech which he made on the institution of Khilafat some time back and which he has posted on YouTube. In that speech he has said many things which are even against our fundamental teachings. He said that once you have given money in the Jamaat you should not ask any question about where it is being used or how it is used. This is the usual mullah mindset of those who are in authority and who want a free hand in doing whatever they like to do. This is what has happened in Mauritius under the previous Amir and he was one of his helpers. Had there not been within the Jamaat of Mauritius some people of courage who knew that they could not condone evil and that they should fight it with all their might despite whatever might happen to them or to members of their family, the slavish obedience to their previous amir would have continued up till today. Despite all the odds there have been some people who have had to carry on the uphill task of exposing the evils of the previous amir which he was able to do because he had reduced members of the finance committee and Majlis Amila to mere yes-men in the name of the obedience that they owed him. According to this molvi people should give money and shut up. This is in complete contradiction to instructions received by the late fourth caliph. This molvi thinks that he is such a man who can tell others what is good and what is evil and what are the good practices within the Jamaat. But what he says are in total contradiction with standard practices and he misinterprets even what the actual caliph says in order to tell the Ahmadis that they should all become yes-men to the Nizam. Furthermore he should examine himself and see how much evil he has done in the name of Ahmadiyyat and how far he has really been a true follower of Hazrat Masih Maoodas or a follower of his own ego. Islam gives people rights and they have to be encouraged to exercise their rights. Leaders are told that they should lead with justice. If they do so there should not be any problem. Everywhere there will be peace and harmony. But when leaders are corrupt everywhere there will be trouble and attempts will be made to stamp out these troubles by unfair means as we have been seeing here and elsewhere. They use intimidation and threats to silence the people. They will not ask why is it that people are making objections and what should be done to eliminate the root cause of these objections.

This molvi made a speech which brought his molvi Chinioti-like mentality in full light. He makes his own comments and concocts a theory of khilafat of his own. He does not quote anyone to support him. In front of him or besides him there are several people who do not know at all what is khilafat except what they have heard from the mosque's pulpit. Since his speech excites the sleeping evil in them, they congratulate him for his “excellent” speech. And even on Jalsa day the actual amir reinforced what he said and warned his people of dire consequences if they continue to side with or entertain any relationship with those who speak ill of their caliph and his inner circle. In trying to justify his caliph’s imposition of social boycott on members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen the amir even quoted or rather distorted some verses of the Holy Quran. He even reminded the people about two incidents which according to him fully justified why they should boycott their close relatives in the name of their khilafat. The first incident that he mentioned was that of the son of Abdullah bin Ubayyi bin Soloul who drew his sword against his father because the latter had spoken ill of the Holy Prophetsaw. The second incident he quoted was that of the son of Abu Bakr Siddique who told his father he spared him in the battle of Badr, one or twice. But Abu Bakr Siddique told him that had he come face to face with him he would not have spared him at all. Such people trample under their feet the teachings of Allah, of His Prophet and His Messiah when they make such inflammatory speeches. The actual amir tries to quote from history but he easily forgets what has been happening in the History of the Jamaat of Mauritius. In 1988 with the support of another molvi of a similar mindset he tried to eliminate me by excluding me from the Majlis Amla while he was amir Jamaat. What was the result for him and for his dear molvi? History is witness to what happened and what type of humiliation they had to face. Then in 2001 he went on to congratulate the then amir for excluding me from the Jamaat. What has happened? Since then Allah told us that the amir will be punished and humiliated. Watching the previous amir from afar on Jalsa Day, even I had pity of his miserable plight because he was a friend of mine and I had always been kind to him. But he wanted to be a roaring lion in defence of khilafat. Allah reduced him to a total nonentity. On that day he was nowhere to be seen so to say. This is what happens when you try to mess up with Allah’s representatives.

Ahmadis are not at all aware of their own history. Had they been aware they would be more careful with what they say. In 1936 a very sad tragedy took place in Qadian. Unfortunately Jamaat books report this incident in a way that does not allow you to know the truth. What we know is that someone known as Fakr Uddin Multani with one or two other persons were at odds with the second caliph. They accused him of some misdeeds. The caliph spoke against them in his Friday Sermons. One day while Fakruddin Multani was walking in the market in Qadian, he was severely stabbed by someone known as Azize Ahmad. After some days Fakr uddin Multani died and problems were created for his burial. Azize Ahmad was tried later and he was hanged for his misdeed. His body was brought back to Qadian in 1937 and the caliph read his namaz Janaza. He was considered a martyr. Although it could not be proved that he committed the murder because of the incendiary sermons of the caliph, yet such unfortunate tragedies happen when religious people make inflammatory speeches to justify their parochial view of Islam. So the actual amir Jamaat of Mauritius should beware about the words that he pronounces or else in their zeal to obey authority figures a stupid Ahmadi might think that he will go straight to heaven if he tries to be the Azize Ahmad of Mauritius!

However there is an announcement for which I want to congratulate the amir Jamaat of Mauritius. He said that he and his Majlis Amila have fixed a target of training at least fifty Ahmadis in Urdu and Arabic for the next five years. When I heard this I rejoiced because one should welcome such an initiative. Once these people understand truly from the source the writings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas they will immediately come to know that what I have been saying is true. What will happen next is in the knowledge of Allah. This initiative will indeed help these people to free themselves from those received ideas that have stifled them and prevented them from understanding what is true and what is not. But I hope that even if I have welcomed this initiative it will go ahead and they will not kill it in the bud as when they intended to translate into Creole all the extracts of the Promised Messiah on “Revelation”. When they saw that what the Messiah had said was what we were saying they did not pursue the project any further because they knew they would land themselves into trouble.

It is quite well known that the actual amir’s understanding of Islam is that everyone should hear and obey. He even quoted verses of the Holy Quran to justify this. But if one surveys the history of Islam one cannot fail to see how much these verses have been misused to justify forcing people to do what they do not wish to do. The actual amir is well known for his unconditional obedience the Nizam Khilafat since a long time. Most probably that was why knowing quite well what his predecessor was doing he preferred to look the other way because according to him that was obedience. But their “obedience” which really means connivance in not mustering the courage to stop evil has cost them a lot. And now the personification of mullah thinking has come to Mauritius to give a helping hand to the actual amir as he did to the previous one. But he failed then and he will again fail today . Justifying boycott in the name of Islam is the thinking of anti-Ahmadiyya mullahs. Such mullahs have infiltrated Jamaat Ahmadiyya and all those who can fight them should not hesitate to do whatever they can to stop these half baked mullahs from asserting their authority on Ahmadis. If the actual amir follows the same policy as the previous one he will end up like him. It might not be in one year or two years but that day will definitely come when he will regret the implementation of unislamic policies in the name of Islam. All those who have practiced social boycott for the love of the minigod khilafat against the clear and specific instructions of Allah the true God will pay a heavy price here and in the hereafter. This applies to present, past and even future leaders. These are the people who are hiding the true and noble teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas and replacing them by their own biased, ignorant and ugly teachings to preserve their power. Those who try to cut asunder what Allah has willed to be together are the real trouble makers in our society. Remember also that those who play with fire are sometimes engulfed with their own fire. So my advice to them is to stop before it is too late because when their punishment will come even their caliph will not be able to help them. Allah will use the caliph himself to mete out the punishment if need be.

As far as we are concerned we say we are not afraid of anyone but Allah. We try to obey no one but Allah. In fact when I had written the first draft of this sermon I was having a nap after prayer and Allah revealed to me “the angels descend on them, saying: ‘Fear ye not, nor grieve; and rejoice in the Garden that you were promised.” This is from verse 31 of chapter 41 of the Holy Quran. Who are the people who are being addressed? Is Allah saying this for those who say that they believe in Allah and a khilafat of their own making? No. Allah is speaking about those who say “Allah is Our Lord and they remain steadfast”. Allah is speaking about you members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen. You are those who conceive of Allah as Hazrat Masih Maood as has taught you about Allah. You do not associate anyone with Him and you are not at all afraid of those who associate others with Him. They would feel extremely offended when I say this. But if they impose upon Ahmadis to sever their family relationships they are going against the book of Allah. They have added something in the commandments of Allah. In their ignorance and obtuseness they have started obeying others than Allah and this is pure Shirk. True Ahmadis do not practice shirk at all. Those who do so have perverted the teachings that they have received. That is why Allah raises people like us out of mercy for them. Allah gives them a chance to come back to the real teachings and to reject their “other gods”. But only a few of Allah’s servants are really thankful for Allah’s Favours upon them.

When I heard the amir’s speech on Sunday last, as usual I turned to Allah and at night he revealed to me “Koullo barkatim mim maqame mohammadin fatabaaraka man allama wa ta’allam”. This is one of the revelations given to Hazrat Ahmadas. It is translated as “ All blessings come from the station of Mohammad; blessed is he who taught and he who has been taught”. This shows to us the need for learning and for knowledge. And this morning Allah revealed to me “Qotelal Kharrasoune” meaning “Cursed are the liars”. In the past also I received this revelation and the consequences are well-known. Anyhow we will talk more about these matters incha Allah later.