Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

14 OCTOBER 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

Some of you may remember that I quoted an extract from “Kitabul Ma’aarif” in my sermon of 16th September 2011. My aim was to inform and share with readers what Allah had taught us in the beginning of the divine manifestation in Mauritius in order to incline our heart thoroughly towards Him. Today I will share with you another extract which is a continuation of the previous one. It is as follows:

Since man cannot singlehandedly eliminate through his own efforts and his will the “We” and the “I” and he cannot chase away such an enemy, yet Allah says: “Lament and complain to Me because of this enemy because only through My Might that it can be chased away. This is My Law o my Servant. Although you are impotent against its attacks do make some efforts and do not make peace with it. Be always at war with it and as far as you can, struggle against its attacks and seek My Help, I who am Allah, with supplications and humility. When you ask for My Help from the depth of your soul and with a sincere heart I send My Power to your hands and I strengthen them and make you victorious over it so that you may cut the head of that opponent with My Force and by the sword of sincerity. In fact it is not you who kills it. It is I who kill it and I praise you and name you Haydar, a hero. (Haydar means Lion of God. This is in reference to Hazrat Alira.) And as a reward I give you a robe of honour, gifts and eternal kingdom because this is the price to pay for the work that you have accomplished. You may say “O my Lord! I am not the one who has accomplished this. Where could I have that capacity and power to face such an enemy? This opponent has opposed you o my Lord and it has discussed with You by saying: “I am better than him, You have created me from Fire and You have created him from mud”.(Here the reference is to Iblis) Since I am so weak and smaller than a piece of straw how can I remove such a mountain and crush it into pebbles and throw it to the wind as dust and earth?

Allah the High says: “When My Force attaches itself to a piece of straw, mountains are less than an atom compared to it. But since in your weakness and incapacity you have shown yourself to be loyal to Me and by relying upon Me you have confronted such an enemy and you considered Me to be Present, Seeing and All Powerful, so I have transformed your weakness into force. I accept all from you and am obliged to you. But, in truth it is I who did everything. It is like the father who plays with his child out of love. He places a heavy object in the hand of his child. Then he takes his hand and lifts the object and he congratulates the child and showers compliments upon him saying: “What a hero! Well done! How strong you are!” Although in fact it is the farther that has lifted the object and not the child. It would be surprising if My Love My generosity and My Concern as Creator should be less than this creature. I strengthen My Servants and I guide them so that with My Gifts and My Guidance they may chase away the enemy. And I accept this from them and I am obliged to them and I attribute this to them. Consequently I will give them innumerable rewards and favours and I praise them and compliment them with a thousand tongues and I swear by their names. And each favour that I give to the creatures it will be because of My love for them. And each anger or punishment that I mete out to the rebels I do so to avenge these good servants. If you help them you help Me. He who has seen them has seen Me. He who attacks them attacks Me. He who chooses them chooses Me. Their friendship for them is Friendship for Me. Enmity towards them is enmity towards Me… And I forgive and show Mercy to please and satisfy them. I show my Anger in hell and I punish to compensate for the sufferings that My Servants endured because I am God and no one can oppose me and no one is like Me. I have created servants and have allowed them to come near Me so that they might become the mirror of My Being…… He who is hostile towards them manifests his hostility towards me. He who wants to be a Friend of God and talk to Him should stay in the company of a true Sufi. “(Rendered into English from French Translation of “Kitabul Ma’aarif”.

Allah wanted to teach us directly so that we might become solely devoted to Him. In the beginning of this text Allah is explaining how we should turn to him to kill our Satan our ego. We were taught to turn only to Him to fight Satan and Allah promised us victory over it. More than ten years have gone by. By the Grace of Allah we are still here and He has stood by us and he has shown us how true He has been to His words. I have chosen to present this extract now because I think it is quite relevant to the events that are unfolding these days. In recent weeks there have been some speeches made against us. I hope molvi Ganee will read these extracts and reflect whether he is playing the role that he claims or the contrary one. He and his likes are the ones who want to oppose Allah’s chosen servants. He wants Ahmadis not to think at all. He does not tell them what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has said. But he tells them what his satanic thoughts have imposed upon him and he presents these as commentaries of the Holy Quran. It appears that within Jamaat Ahmadiyya the missionaries are not at all concerned with Truth. They are more concerned with politics and promotion as in any corrupt organization. If our missionaries were really interested in understanding what truth is and how they should develop a deep relationship with Allah they would not have supported the policies of the Jamaat that is not based on truth. The fact that they are being paid by the Jamaat makes it difficult or even impossible for them to hold an opinion which is contrary to the official line of thinking although it might be false. One may ask whether such an attitude enriches or impoverishes the Jamaat? Any society that tries to circumscribe the circumference of people’s thinking is bound to fail eventually.

These days the repositories of the knowledge of the Jamaat should have been the missionaries of the Jamaat. But are they really the guardians of the sacred knowledge taught by Hazrat Masih Maoodas. They shy from discussions or even conversations. They know quite well that in dialogues or conversations they will not be able to defend their position because it is against what the Holy Quran says and what Hazrat Masih Maoodas says. They should have been the lamps that illumine the house of Ahmadiyyat but they have shown themselves to be those who are burning the house because they try to defend what is indefensible. It is not at all surprising that the Holy Prophet has qualified such people to “be the worst creatures living on earth.” There are exceptions, of course. But where are they?

The leadership of Jamaat Ahmadiyya is maintaining the common Ahmadis in bondage. Simple minded Ahmadis do not understand the intricacies of what we are talking about. Most of them have never read any book of Hazrat Masih Maoodas let alone the Holy Quran. So they look up to their leaders for guidance. Unfortunately for them their leaders are not properly guided, so where will they get the guidance that they need to make their life successful. Here we are not talking about success being worldly success like becoming a doctor or lawyer or company manager. Here the success that we are talking about is the one that has been taught to us by Hazrat Masih Maoodas in the light of the Holy Quran. Hazrat Masih Maood as has taught us that Allah will continue to send His People to preserve the true teachings of the Holy Quran. True to His Promise Allah has sent His People. But few Ahmadis have risen to the occasion to prove that they have understood the teachings of Hazrat Ahmadas. I am not going to repeat the extracts from his writings here because I have spoken several times on them before.

My aim in presenting this extract is to make people reflect especially those who might have been influenced by the speeches of their amir and that of molvi Ganee. They should not allow themselves to fall a victim to what these misguided people have been telling them. I know that for some these speeches full of spite and hate were like wind. It just passed and travelled away and did not leave any mark. Most people do not care at all about what their amir have been telling them about the social boycott and they are right to ignore him because by obeying him they will disobey Allah. Under no circumstance should an Ahmadi disobey Allah to please a man like himself. The question of obedience has been misused several times in Islam in order to keep Muslims in a quasi-slavery state. But these days I may say without any fear that this has never been the purpose of Allah. It is true that Allah has asked us to obey Him and the Prophet but under no circumstance has Allah told us to inflict pain on others because of our obedience to Him or to the Prophet. Moreover leaders are here to serve the people and not to serve themselves. If they cannot serve they should move away and let those who can serve. An Ahmadi should do his best to try to learn from the Holy Quran what are the real teachings of Islam. Under no circumstance should he allow others to decide for him. He should try to be the master of his own destiny with Allah’s Help. He should not delegate this task to anyone else whether he is amir or caliph. Amirs and caliph and missionaries are prisoners of the system and they will never be able to liberate others from the evils that are being promoted to maintain this system.

Several times recently Allah has been telling His servant “Alaa Inna awliaa Allaho laa khawfoune alayhim wa laa houm yahzanoune” meaning “Assuredly for Allah’s Friends there is neither fear nor grief”. So read this revelation with what is said in the extract above and see how they fit together. By Allah’s Grace we have been enjoying these blessings of Allah and we want others to share in it. But unfortunately prejudice, spite, ignorance and hate is preventing the majority of Ahmadis to receive what Allah has decreed for them. As far as I am concerned I pray often to Allah that He helps our Ahmadis friends and relatives to try to understand what we are saying. As long as they will give Khilafat more importance than Allah, they will fear what the system can do to them. But once it dawns upon Ahmadis that Allah is more important than anything else they will learn to fear Allah and let go of Khilafat that in its present form is preventing all of them from reaching their spiritual potential. Khilafat should have been a great help for each individual Ahmadi to reach his or her spiritual potential but unfortunately these days it is more interested to maintain its sway on people’s mind rather than leading them to Allah.

Ahmadis have to realize that in the name of some irrational and unislamic beliefs they are being called upon to do wrong. If they do not repent on time and change course Allah will punish them for their misdeeds. This punishment will be for all who do wrong and who have helped others doing so. Allah wants them to desist from the course of action that they have taken for the past ten years. Where has it led them? Let them honestly examine themselves and see what has been their progress both here and abroad. Everywhere they are losing ground because they have abandoned their noble teachings to follow that of their misguided leaders. Once the leadership in Mauritius has understood that it will not be able to discuss with us on arguments they are spreading the news around that I am insulting their caliph. What do they expect? Just because he says he is a caliph I cannot point out to him his mistakes? On the contrary this is why I am here. It is my duty to tell him that he has been doing a few things in the wrong way. Were he wise enough he would have welcomed someone who could tell him his mistakes. This would have been the best feedback that he could have received and improved his performance. But rare is the leader who can profit from the negative feedback that he might receive in order to improve himself. Did not Hazrat Umar say “Allah blesses that person who points out to me my mistakes?” This is a quote from memory. But he is reported to have said something to that effect albeit not in these words. Should we stop saying anything to the pope because of his wrong beliefs? Those who have such opinions should go back to the Holy Quran and strive to understand what Allah has really said about these matters. If the Ahmadiyya caliph continues in wrongdoing, we will continue to denounce his wrongdoings although Ahmadis may be displeased by it. I am not here to please them but to point out to them what may be wrong in their beliefs and actions. More incha Allah next week.