Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun


At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun read verse 147 from chapter 7 of the Holy Quran in Arabic and gave its translation as follows:

I shall soon turn away from My Signs those who behave proudly in the land in an unjust manner; and even if they see all the Signs, they will not believe therein; and if they see the way of righteousness, they will not adopt it as their way; but if they see the way of error, they will adopt it as their way. That is because they treated Our Signs as lies and were heedless of them. (HQ 7:147)

From this verse and many others from the Holy Quran we learn that we should not behave proudly on earth because if we do so we would be turned away from the Signs of Allah. Similarly if we behave unjustly we will suffer the same consequences. In many other verses of the Holy Quran Allah has ordered Muslims to behave with justice and to take heed of His Signs. Allah’s signs are almost everywhere in the universe. His signs are manifest for those who have eyes to see. Others may be totally blind to what His Signs may be telling them. But for a Muslim whose heart has been cleansed of all types of evil the whole universe should be telling Him that there is a Creator who has originated this universe and who keeps it going. This is why Allah says in the Holy Quran “Inna fi khalqis samawaate wal arz wakhtelaafil layle wannahaara la aayaatoul le oulil albaab” which we translate as “Surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day there are signs for people endowed with understanding. (3:191). Thus those who are not endowed with understanding do not have the prerequisites to understand Allah’s signs and so to say they are driven away from these signs. Once these people are driven away from these divine signs they reject them and they are not inclined to adopt the way of righteousness. They rather adopt the way of those who are in error. Why is it that such people are doing things upside down? It is because as Allah has said in the verse which I just read “That is because they treated Our Signs as lies and were heedless of them.”

We all know that the teachings of the Holy Quran are for all time to come. What Allah says in it applied to what happened yesterday and will also apply to what will happen in the future. According to Hazrat Masih Maoodas Ahmadis Muslims should be those who are most keen to follow the example set by the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. But the more we know about the History of Ahmadiyyat the more we come to understand that there have been many instances where the noble teachings received have been perverted to suit the desires of the ruling elite. At many times in its history we have seen that the noble teachings of the Holy Prophet saw have been set aside and another way has been adopted. Even these days we hear the caliph speaking openly as an ambassador of peace. But many do not know how evil are his directives against those Ahmadis who dare to tell him and his leadership circle that they are on the wrong path. In blind obedience to their caliph many Ahmadis here and elsewhere have been committing the same evil deeds which they decry when they are perpetrated against Ahmadis in Pakistan or elsewhere. When one hears the caliph’s Eid speech one cannot but marvel at the noble advices that are being given. But what is the use of advices if they are not being put into practice. The caliph speaks about peace and about the importance of Islamic teachings but he and his people do not put these teachings into practice. And what has Allah told us in the Holy Quran for those who do not put into practice what they preach? Allah says “Kabora maqtan indallahe an taqoulou maa laa taf’aloune” meaning” extremely hateful it is in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not practice”.(61:4) So despite talking about virtue the caliph and his Mauritian followers particularly do quite the contrary. One can easily understand how far they are gone on the path of error when these people have stopped saying salaams to their own Ahmadis brothers and sisters who do not share their wrong beliefs about khilafat and about Allah’s privileges. It appears that for the past 100 years instead of becoming more open minded, Ahmadi Muslims are imprisoning themselves into some dogmas which they have invented. Taking pity on them Allah sends them guides to help them to get out of the rut in which they have installed themselves. But they show how much they have not learnt what Hazrat Masih Maoodas came to teach them; they reject these guides with utter arrogance as the people of yore did. Yet they think that they are properly guided. But anyone who really cares about what the Holy Quran says knows quite well that mainstream Ahmadiyya Jamaat led by the caliph is grossly mistaken on some important matters of doctrine.

Allah has shown many signs even here in Mauritius for those who have eyes to see. But many do not want to see and they want to persist in their rejection. One of the greatest signs that have taken place in Mauritius is the humiliation with which the ex Amir was recently booted out of office by the caliph albeit reluctantly. This amir of ill repute was the person who projected himself as a lion in the defence of khilafat. Now his record can easily tell you how well he has served khilafat in Mauritius. May be in the coming Jalsa Salana he might be given a medal for his loyal service to the Jamaat as he used to give to others. Anyhow the way he was shown the door proves that both the fourth and the fifth caliph and also all those who used to vote for the amir were all mistaken. To us Allah had said that he would be humiliated for all the wrongs that he was doing within the Jamaat and Allah advised us to be patient. We have been patient and what Allah said has happened and the lion was transformed into a harmless mewing cat insidiously harming like a cancer his own idea of khilafat.

When the amir made the announcement in his sermon of 5th January 2001 expelling us from the Jamaat he was the darling of all the “notables” of the Jamaat. They went to congratulate him as if he had accomplished as much as Zulfiqar Bhutto had done when he declared Ahmadis non Muslims in 1974. But at the time when he appeared to be at the apogee of his glory Allah informed us that this man will be humiliated. What Allah said has happened and it cannot be denied by anyone. Allah vindicated us. But there were some other persons who were mentioned along with him. Those ones have had some taste of humiliation. If they continue on the same path they will get more humiliation from Allah. Let us wait and see.

The ex-amir Jamaat of Mauritius was not alone in his misdeeds. He had the help of Tabshir and the support of the then caliph and above all the help of a Mauritian Molvi living in England. Being a typical diehard khilafat wala and presenting himself as a preserver of others’ faith this molvi sent a circular letter to a list of his relatives in Mauritius warning them about the great menace that was coming from me. The contents of his infamous letter which showed his bigotry and limited knowledge of Islam and his prejudices may be read at http://www.jamaat-ul-sahih-al-islam.com/jusai_files/ganyletter1.htm. At that time he wanted the amir of Mauritius to know that he would be ready to help with everything at his disposal. There were also two Bhunnoos who also signed letters to their amir in Mauritius promising help to crush any type of rebellion in Mauritius. My brother Siddique wrote a letter replying him and showing him how his caliph and he himself were going against the Holy Quran in trying to crush the divine manifestation in Mauritius. Even the caliph approved what the molvi did. We have reasons to believe that he tried his best to help his amir of Mauritius when recently the latter was under investigation. But despite his influence and all the resources that he could muster he could not help. Why? Because Allah had decided that the time had come for the amir to pay for all the ills that he had been doing. The time had come for the members of the Majlis Amila, for the members of the Jamaat who gave unflinching support to their Amir to pay for their misdeeds. Allah had decreed for them an unsupportable humiliation and has showed them what their amir was worth. It appears that the Mauritian molvi living in England’s prayers for his amir were rejected by Allah showing that neither received the blessings of Allah.

These days the molvi is in Mauritius spreading his venom around. He dares to call us rebels. We are not afraid to say we rebel against injustice. We rebel against those who commit sins in the name of Islam to deceive those who trust them. We rebel against prejudice, bigotry and those who in the name of Allah’s noble religion spread hate amongst the people. We rebel against those who pervert religion to suit their own ends. We rebel against all those who profit from the ignorance of others to subjugate them. To us people are free to practice their faith to their best understanding. Allah has not allowed for any type of clergy within Islam. There should be none. In all these matters we like the word rebel to describe us because this rebellion has the approval of Allah. To them we are rebels but from our Lord we receive words of approval. Allah has told me “In anta illa nazir” meaning “you are but a Warner.” If the molvi is not aware he should go and ask those who know what meaning has been made of these words when they were addressed to Hazrat Masih Maoodas. And if he is truthful and obedient to Allah let him write a letter to all and inform them of what these words mean and how they should be taken. Those who rebel despair of the Mercy of Allah but to me Allah has said: “innallaha ma’aka wa manit taba’aka minal mo’menine”meaning “Allah is with you and with those believers who follow you.” Furthermore if a sincere and knowledgeable Ahmadi takes note of all the revelations that I have published in my recent sermons he will be bound to admit that such revelations were given to Hazrat Masih Maoodas. These days Ahmadiyya khilafat and the molvis have distorted what Hazrat Masih Maoodas really said. Allah cannot let this happen. He has put His people here to remove the dirt that they have allowed to be attached to the Messiah’s teachings. That is why we are here and we will challenge all those who think that they are the keepers of these teachings to prove they are right. But unfortunately up till now despite all their vociferous declarations they do not dare to confront us. Since this molvi thinks he knows Ahmadiyya doctrines he has a golden opportunity to call our bluff according to him and those he represents. Let him come forward for a discussion on YouTube and let his people see how hollow his arguments would be.

If any unprejudiced person were to see what has happened during the last ten years to All those who dared to open their mouth or use their pens against us he would have to admit that those who were forward in their campaign to humiliate us have themselves been humiliated by Allah. Some have tasted their punishment; for some others the punishment will be coming. No one can fight Allah. If I were a false claimant Allah would deal with me as He has said He deals with such persons. But despite all the campaign of hate and of boycott we are still here by the Grace of Allah and we are not afraid of anyone but Allah. Those who tried to harm us have themselves been harmed. Those who tried to blame us have themselves been blamed. Read the events that have been happening and read those that are taking place right now and take your own conclusions. I am here to teach you the TRUTH and not falsehood. But Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream and its missionaries want just to keep you ignorant of the truth that Allah has sent for your own benefit. I again tell you all members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream to take heed before it is too late. May Allah have mercy on all of us.