Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen

Friday Sermon of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

07 OCTOBER 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun read verses 23 and 24 of chapter 47of the Holy Quran and gave its translation as follows:

Would you then, if you are placed in authority, create disorder in the land and sever your ties of kinship? [47:23] It is these whom Allah curses so that He makes them deaf and makes their eyes blind. [47:24].

In many of his speeches the present Ahmadiyya caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad speaks about the true teachings of Islam as explained by Hazrat Masih Maoodas. Consequently wherever he goes he declares that Ahmadis follow the real teachings of Islam. To the world this is music to the ears. But those people who know how Jamaat Ahmadiyya really works,such declarations are just a fašade. They do not give the real picture. Behind these declarations there is a system at work which holds the individual member as a hostage and forces him/her to conform to teachings that he might even find repulsive.

Were the Ahmadiyya caliph true to his words he would not have maintained in Mauritius one of his unislamic injunctions where he calls upon Ahmadis to sever their relationship with their close relatives who do not toe the line . In the letter sent in 2004 signed by the Vakil ala Chaudri Hamidullah which we have denounced several times in our sermons, members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Mauritius have been asked to maintain a social boycott against those who are being punished by their caliph. His zealous amir of the time did his best to implement his master’s instructions. However to his credit we should say that he understood that this boycott was to apply only in social functions. But unfortunately it was destined for that amir to suffer the ill consequences of all his misdeeds and the caliph himself had to dismiss him and these days he is living in ignominy.

Now comes another amir whose life mission since long has been to “crush the head of rebellion” within Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius. He is more of an extremist. He is not content just to apply his caliph’s instructions to social gatherings. Where the Holy Quran tells us to “vie with one another in good deeds” he wants to vie with his previous amir in evil deeds. He wants the boycott to be more cruel and to be applied everywhere. Hence he does not want brothers to mingle with brothers or sisters or mothers or fathers. He invents something new in order to appease his thirst for vengeance against those who are not showing the proper respect to his caliph. He now tells the Ahmadis that they should apply this unislamic boycott in all its fury to those who speak ill of their caliph. It is to such people and his ilk that the verses of the Holy Quran that we have read above apply. Newly promoted to a position of authority the amir thinks that he will please his caliph by separating brothers from brothers or children from parents or sisters from sisters. Hypocritically this amir will give newspaper interviews where he speaks about peace and harmony and how important it is for the different components of Mauritian society to live peaceably together. How true have been the words of the Holy Prophet saw when he said that a time will come when people will be ruled by incompetent and unfit rulers!

Fortunately there are always some Ahmadis who have not learned the teachings of Jamaat Ahmadiyya from their fathers only or from missionaries. They are those who have made the necessary efforts to learn from Hazrat Masih Maood’s books. These people know quite well that what the caliph has said and what the amir is saying is diametrically opposed to what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has said and what the Holy Quran says. Hence to them these instructions are to be disobeyed and be trampled under the feet. These are the people who have understood the real teachings of Islam and they are not afraid to practice what they have understood. These are the people who know that they should cultivate only Allah’s fear in their heart and that they should not care at all about the amir or his committee members or what the caliph says if they give instructions which are against the Holy Quran as Allah has warned in the verses that I have just read. People should be bold enough to go and tell the amir and they should write to their caliph telling them that they are wrong and that they have deviated from the teachings of Islam. Hazrat Masih Maood as wanted his followers to be bold Muslims who can make a positive contribution to others well -being. Under no circumstances he wanted us to be instrumental in harming others. He wanted us to challenge others opinion or to investigate them to see whether they conform to the Holy Quran and to the practice of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. Social boycott or any kind of boycott is the weapon of those who are weak in faith and action but who are full of spite and hate. Remember that someone has said “you can fool some people for some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” That time will come soon when Allah will teach the amir of Mauritius and his Amila members and all those who support him in his unislamic measures another lesson because they have not yet learnt from what they have been recently taught. Allah is never in haste. He takes His time. But when He strikes there will be no place to escape. Just have a look at all those who tried to harm us since 2001and see where they are to be found these days! See in Mauritius and see outside of Mauritius as well. If what has happened does not make Ahmadis of the mainstream Jamaat reflect then there will be nothing that will help them. Unfortunately they seem to be under the curse of Allah and he has made them deaf and blind according to the verses mentioned above.

Anyhow for the time being Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius at least is operating as a police state. Recently I had a casual conversation with an Ahmadi friend of mine who I had not met for a long time. For a few minutes we exchanged a few words and we parted ways. Another group of Ahmadis saw me talking with that friend of mine. He was reported to the amir. My friend was summoned and he was told not to talk with me. This incident only illustrates the atmosphere of suspicion and surveillance under which Ahmadis are living these days in Mauritius. Yet we know that Allah and the Holy Prophet has forbidden Muslims to indulge in behaviors where they spy on one another and they report their brothers to those in authority to embarrass them. If the amir wants to reprimand ahmadis for their misbehaviors there is a very large repertoire from which he can pick besides checking out who meets me or not. The list of misbehaviors of Ahmadis is so long that I feel ashamed to mention it.

Following this new drive to apply boycott at all contact points between members of a family, an Ahmadi has point-blankly told a member of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen that he is breaking off all his relationship with him following the instructions of his amir. This is what might be called the personification of ignorance. Such a person and his group will go about telling others that they represent the true Islam. If this kind of behavior is the behavior of a good Muslim what will be that of one who tramples under his feet the real teachings of Islam? In fact with his drive to be more severe in his application of the unislamic boycott the present amir of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius is trampling under his feet the teachings of the Holy Quran and that of the Holy Prophet and that of Hazrat Masih Maoodas as well. This man and all those who support him are showing the Mauritian society an ugly face of the practice of Islam within Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

Muslims are not supposed to bear the harm inflicted upon them with patience and pray and wait. They also have some responsibilities. They have to act. They are not to remain silent, if of course they have true Muslim blood coursing in their veins. In his speech in the mainstream Jalsa Salana, the mullah-molvi Ganee Jhangeerkhan tried to persuade Ahmadis to do otherwise. But any casual and unprejudiced observer knows that he manipulated the verses of the Holy Quran and the hadiths in order to prove his point. I will relate two hadiths which proves how a Muslim should show courage in making his leaders obey the Shariah.

Hazrat Umm Salama ra reports that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “In the near future there will be Amirs (rulers) and you will like their good deeds and dislike their bad deeds. One who sees through their bad deeds (and tries to prevent their repetition by his hand or through his speech), is absolved from blame, but one who hates their bad deeds (in the heart of his heart, being unable to prevent their recurrence by his hand or his tongue), and is (also) safe (so far as God s wrath is concerned). But one who approves of their bad deeds and imitates them is spiritually ruined. People asked (the Prophet): Shouldn't we fight against them? He replied: No, as long as they say their prayers.[ Sahih Muslim 4569]

This hadith is very clear about the responsibilities that fall upon Muslims to prevent their leaders from committing evil. The Muslim has to try to stop the evildoing leader. It is not a question of just obedience. The Muslim has to argue with his leader or leaders to make him/them understand that he/they is/are committing evil. It is not a sufficient excuse for him to say I hear and I obey as the amir said in his last speech of Jalsa Salana of 2011 when he tried to convince the Ahmadis that they “should hear and obey.” This is not what the Holy Prophet has told us. He has told us that as good Muslims we should try to make these stupid and ignorant leaders understand that they are committing evil according to the Book of Allah and according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. If in this jihad the Muslim has not been successful, at least he should abhor the evil that the leader is doing and prescribing. But the person who approves the evil deeds of his amir or caliph and imitates them that person or that group of persons will be spiritually ruined.

Now why would such people become spiritually ruined? We can put forward some reasons for that. First of all, because, if they imitate their leaders they are abetting them in their evil deeds. So they are as liable for punishment as their leaders. Secondly if they imitate evil acts they are disobeying clear-cut commands of Allah and His noble Prophet. Thirdly they are like hypocrites. Allah has made them “the best people for the guidance of mankind” but they are showing through their examples that they are the worst in words and deeds. There is a great discrepancy in what they say and what they do and Allah dislikes such behaviors from Muslims. Fourthly these people are spiritually ruined because they are harming Allah’s creatures through their silence and inaction and hence they cannot establish any contact with Allah. This is why these days despite the fact that Jamaat Ahmadiyya may boast about the money they can collect from their members, yet most of them are bereft of the spiritual fruits that they were promised. Hazrat Masih Maood as has told us many times that Allah looks to what is in the heart. If it is full of malice and has become a place where Satan begets its children, then that heart is of no consideration at all in the sight of Allah. I hope that Ahmadis from mainstream Jamaat will ponder over this hadith and they will know how to amend their behavior accordingly. Let their malice not prevent them from understanding what the Holy Prophet has told them.

The next hadith that I have chosen is from Nasai. It says:

While the Prophet of Allāhsaw was setting forth on a journey and putting his foot in the stirrup, a person enquired of him which form of jihād was the best, he said “The word of truth to the wrongdoing ruler.”

This hadith also is full of meaning and teaches the Muslim that he should never be afraid to say the word of truth in front of a wrongdoing leader. These leaders have power in their hands. They can intimidate, cajole or coerce you to do their bidding and they would say that as their followers, you should follow them. As long as a leader follows the right path, there is no problem at all in following him. But when he diverts and maintains that he is still on the right path and he is incapable of justifying his case without betraying his malice, such a leader should not be obeyed. Most Muslims should muster all the courage at their disposal to engage in this jihad of maintaining and speaking the truth. It is then that Islam stays evergreen. When the people refuse to confront their leaders who are doing wrong, society starts getting corrupted and there is no one to correct misdeeds. Jamaat Ahmadiyya needs more and more such people who do not fear their caliph or amir or anyone else and they should cultivate the habit of standing up for truth whatever it may cost them. Whatever they may lose in this world will be nothing compared to the fact that they should be confronted on the day of resurrection with their passivity and lack of courage because they entertained fear for others than just for Allah. We will talk more on this matter next time.