Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

31 August 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

All praise is due to Allah(Alhamdo lillah) , through His sheer Grace and Mercy we are here once again at the end of the holy month of Ramadan to celebrate Eid ul Fitr, that is a day of festival after a month of fasting. So I wish you all Eid Mubarak. May Allah accept all our humble efforts to obey and please Him. May He accept all the fast that we have kept in order to inculcate in us an increase in His Fear and Love (taqwa). May He enable all of us, whether young or old man or woman never to leave His threshold and may we all follow in the footsteps of our master and perfect model Mohammadsaw that we find our greatest pleasure in His Worship.

Most, if not all of us on whom fasting is obligatory have fasted during the past thirty days. We did our best to exercise a strict control over all our appetites during these days and we did our best to read the Holy Quran and to stand up for prayer at night. We did all this because we have a firm faith that we were doing the bidding of our Lord and Master who has created us and who has sent us into this world to see how we behave ourselves. If we strive to be pious He has promised us that He would turn to us with His forgiveness and Mercy. In addition He has also told us in the Holy Quran that if we strive to adopt the means to guide us in His way He will definitely lead us to the path of the pious who have gone before us. So whatever good deeds we have been regularly doing in these past thirty days have not been done in vain because Allah says “wa mallaho ghafelin amma ta’maloune” meaning “Allah is not at all negligent of what you do”. So anyone who strived to do good during these days did it for his own good. Allah says in the Holy Quran: manihtada fa innama yahtadi le nafsehi wa man zwallah fainnama yozillo alayha which is translated as “so whoever follows the guidance follows it for the good of his own soul and whoever errs do so against it.” When the time will come for anyone of us to account for his/her deeds to Allah we will all be alone. On that day neither your guide nor your caliph nor your father nor your husband nor your sons, nor your friends, no one at all will be there to help you. Allah says so in the Holy Quran. So if you have read your Holy Quran recently you would have come across many verses which make you shrivel when you think of the scene on the days of reckoning.

But for us Muslims who are eager to follow the path shown by our beloved prophet Mohammad saw Allah wants to make things easy provided we agree to follow the spirit and the letter of the Law that He has sent down. Ramadan comes to us as a mercy from our Lord. During the days of Ramadan through fasting Allah wants each one amongst us to build the self control and self restraint that is a sine qua non for anyone who wants to lead the life that is in conformity with the directives of the Lord. Through fasting we learn to put a brake on all avenues of sin. To begin with we do not take food and drink and we feel some bodily weakness and we operate in slow motion. Since Allah has forbidden us to do what is usually allowed in other days He has imposed on us a spiritual exercise of self restraint. No one sees you except Allah but yet you refrain from taking food or drink or have sex. For all those who have some years in this discipline we easily learn how fasting becomes a powerful exercise in focusing our attention on the main purpose of our life, that is to worship Allah as He has said in the Holy Quran “Wa maa khalaqatoul jinna wal insa illa le ya’bodoune” meaning “And I have not created the jinn and the men but that they may worship me.”(51:57) As I said previously in Ramadan there is a concentration of worship and by the Grace of Allah all of us have been engaged in these worship during these blessed days. Today is the day of Eid and Allah wants us to be happy. Allah has forbidden us to fast today. He wants us to be happy and to share our joy with other members of society. Today we are allowed to eat and drink and do whatever we like without exceeding the bounds. But what are we going to do tomorrow and the day after? Are we going to continue to practice the virtues of Ramadan or are we going to abandon these virtues and revert to our days of negligence prior to Ramadan? Allah has told us that He prescribed fasting for us so that we may become righteous. So by the end of Ramadan we should have become more righteous than we were prior to it. Now that we have a capital of righteousness with us are we going to dilapidate it by reverting to old vices or are we going to increase it by making the virtues of Ramadan almost permanent in our lives? This is the question which I think all Muslims should be cogitating while they are engaged in the Eid festivities.

During the blessed days of Ramadan most of us have done our best to refrain from sinning. We have been doing our best to follow the teachings that we have received. We have been waking up for Fajr prayer every day. If we understand the real purpose of Ramadan we should continue to wake up for Fajr prayer. We have been resorting to the mosque for all our prayers five times daily. We should do our best to pray five times daily and on time. We should refrain from praying two prayers together unless we have an urgent reason for doing so. We have been controlling our tongues from speaking any kind of evil and especially swearing; we should try to continue to impose this restraint on our own selves during the remaining days of our life. We have been reading the Holy Quran daily to be aware of what Allah expects from us. Now that Ramadan is gone we should make it our habit to read some portion of the Holy Quran daily and to meditate upon what we read. If you read only three ruku per day, you will finish reading the Holy Quran in about six months. Engage yourself. Be an active Muslim and strive to know firsthand what your Lord expect from you and make what you read a subject of conversation instead of talking about nonsensical subjects. Reading and understanding is a lifetime pursuit and no Muslim should deprive himself of this grand pursuit. These days we have several translations. You should strive to read to understand and not just reading the Arabic portion and thinking that you have done your duty. What I am saying is not new at all. Hazrat Masih Maoodas has laid great emphasis on the need for every Ahmadi to learn and understand the Holy Quran. But unfortunately many Ahmadis have not taken this task as seriously as they take other tasks that have a bearing only upon this world. Today we have enormous facilities at our disposal which will help us to understand the Holy Quran. So do not misuse your time in fruitless pursuits; be determined to read the Holy Quran daily as from now on and forever in your life. If we say we are Ahmadi Muslims and we have not yet inculcated this habit, then we are guilty of a great negligence and we will have to answer for that. Profit from your habit of Ramadan and impose it upon yourself to continuously read the Holy Quran for all the rest of your days.

Allah has prescribed fasting for us in order to increase the level of our God consciousness. Every Muslim should think how far his taqwa quotient has increased and what does he or she have to do to increase that level or at least not to let it fall. Just imagine how vigilant you will have to be about your words and actions in order to maintain yourself at the highest level of God consciousness. This is the greatest jihad (jihad akbar) that is the lifetime pursuit of every Muslim. It is this jihad that has been imposed upon every Muslim. It is not the wrong conception of Jihad that has been propagated that has tarnished the name of Islam that was meant. In order for us to fight Satan Allah has taught us that we should revert to Him with seeking His forgiveness. During the month of Ramadan we were told to resort to seeking Allah’s forgiveness a lot and to proclaim His Unicity through repeatedly proclaiming Laa ilaha illallah.We should remember these two formulae and keep reciting them wherever we may be and any number of times we can in order to combat all Satanic temptations. Remember that now it will be more difficult than in Ramadan to practice these virtues because the atmosphere of Ramadan will be missing. But as good Muslims who hope to meet our Lord washed of all sins we should persevere and do whatever is demanded of us so that we may attain our objective. May Allah help each member of our Jamaat to reflect and understand the purpose of Ramadan and how it connects with the other month of the year in order to make us a better human being, a more productive member of our society.

So today is Eid, beautify yourself, eat and drink and be happy but do not forget your Lord. The Holy Prophet saw is reported to have said “beautify your Eid with takbir”. Before leaving his house for the Eid Gah the Holy Prophet saw used to eat an odd number of dates. He would walk to and come back from the Eid Gah on different routes. While going and coming back he used to recite Takbir. Eid brings happiness. My wish and prayer is that Allah keeps everyone of you happy and forever and that He gives everyone the wisdom to understand how the trials of life can be used to our own benefit.

You will recall that I told you in my last Friday Sermon that Allah gave me a lot of revelations on the 23rd night of Ramadan. Some of these I spoke about last week and today I will share with you the rest of what I recall. To get a thorough idea of what I am talking about, you should read my previous sermon as well. Allah the Great revealed to me “Wa maa anta be nemate rabbeka be majnoune in anta illa nazir”. Its translation is “You are not by the Grace of Your Lord a mad man you are but a Warner.” As members might know the kuffars of Mecca did say to the Holy Prophet that he was mad but Allah vindicated him and said that he was not a mad man but Warner to them. Here out of sheer Grace Allah vindicates this humble servant vis a vis all those Ahmadis who might think that I am a bit mad. Allah wants them to know that they are being warned. Why? Because they have made what Allah has declared forbidden to be permissible for them. A caliph who says that he represents Hazrat Masih Maoodas initiates and condones a practice which is totally against the teachings of Islam within Jamaat Ahmadiyya. The caliph imposes on unwilling Ahmadis to socially boycott their brothers and sisters. He proclaims that he is working for peace in the world but within his Jamaat he promotes a campaign of hate against his own kind. One of his missionaries who has already been punished for his past misdeeds is these days quite active in the Jamaat in Mauritius to promote a campaign of hatred against members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen. This so-called missionary played a really ugly role in the early days of divine manifestation in Mauritius. Allah has punished him for what he did but he does not seem to have learnt his lessons. He is on a campaign trail in Mauritius telling his idea of khilafat. One wonders what is the difference between him and those mullahs in Pakistan who persuade fanatical ignorant so-called Muslims to kill innocent Ahmadis. I am here as a Warner to people who have such mindsets who have not been able at all to profit from the noble teachings of Islam but who pretend they are standing for Islam. They are on the contrary of the party of those who are distorting Islam and Ahmadiyyat. They think that by sitting in the shade of caliphs they have reached a rank in the eyes of Allah. In the past I have openly challenged the leadership of Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream to debate with us via YouTube. But up till today they have not responded. But maybe their new molvi of ill repute will come forward and accept the challenge and defend his concept of khilafat and let the world know how knowledgeable he is. Instead of talking to people where we are absent and where no questions are allowed he would do a better service to the members by participating in a discussion with us and let the people know who is speaking as a true representative of Hazrat Masih Maoodas and who has distorted his teachings. It appears that the leadership of the Jamaat in Mauritius cannot make this man toe the line. History is here to tell us what will happen. But who is aware of history? We have more to say about this matter. We will take it up soon.

The next revelation that I received was in French “Tu es une lumière(ou une lampe) qui ne s’éteindra pas). It means “you are a light or a lamp which will not be extinguished” Unfortunately I do not have much time to speak about it. Incha Allah I will talk about it in another sermon. I will try to explain the diverse aspect of such words.

When I stood up on my musalla to pray I received “……….salaam alayka” meaning peace be upon you. Remember it was the 23rd night. Moreover Allah speaks about the pervasive salaam in chapter Al Qadr (97).

When I started praying I was reading Sura Yasin. All of a sudden I received “Innak indana la zulfa” meaning “you have a position of nearness with us.” Speaking about many prophets including Hazrat Dawood and Hazrat Soleiman separately in the Holy Quran Allah says “Wa inna lahou indana la zoulfa” meaning “And indeed he had a position of nearness with us”

And to crown it all Allah revealed to me “Wa maa ja’aalahoullaho illa boushra lakoum wa le tatma’inna qoloubekoum behi” meaning Allah has made it only as glad tidings for you and to put your hearts at rest”.

These were some of the revelations that Allah revealed to me on that night. As I said I tell you about this because I want you to know that the hand that you have grasped is the hand that Allah has recommended for you when he said previously Innallazina you baya’ounaka innama yobayeounallah yadoullahfawqa aydihim” meaning “those who swear allegiance with you swear allegiance with Allah. Allah’s hand is above their hands. So oh you my friends who have stood by me and who have not forsaken me like those who have shirked their responsibilities and gone away , I tell you that Allah’s loving look is upon you. You have not wished to let this light be extinguished. You have stood firm despite hardships. Allah will reward you and will forgive you all your sins. As long as you are sincere with me and in the beliefs that we stand for, Allah has promised that He will fulfill your desires and you will get the permanent Eid incha Allah.

Putting our faith in Allah let us resolve on this Eid Day to do whatever we can to continue all the good deeds that we practiced during Ramadan. All of us will be more careful of our Namaz and we will devote time and effort to understand and practice the Holy Quran. We will do our best to try to understand Allah better and we will devote time to think about and to remember Him. May Allah bless each one amongst you and may He open for you all vistas of material and spiritual progress. May you all be honourable in His sight and may He help you all to know Him in such a way that all the trials of this world would mean nothing to you incha Allah. Once again Eid Mubarak to you all.

My Eid sermon was supposed to end here. But this morning Allah gave me two additional revelations which I want to share with you. In the first one He said “ Tara a’yonehim tafiza menad dam’e mimma arefou menal haq” meaning “you will see their eyes filled with tears because of the truth that they recognize”. I immediately understand that reference was being made to those who are with me who recognize the truth in the revelations that I have received. They recognize it because Allah has opened their breast for it. So when they hear it tears well up in their eyes. Immediately while I was thinking of them Allah said to me “ fa aataahomoullaho sawabad dunya wa husna sawabal aakhera” meaning “ Allah will give them their reward in this world and also an excellent reward in the hereafter”. So this is what Allah has reavelaed to me this morning. We end the Khutbah here and after the second sermon we will pray.