Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

29 April 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran Imam Zafrullah Domun read the following verse of the Holy Quran in Arabic

Allazina aamanou wa lam yalbasou imaanahoum be zulmin oulaaeka lahomoul amno wa houm mouhtadoune.(6:83)

Then he said:

We will continue to speak about justice as long as we see Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream ignoring it. We have been saying and we continue to say that mainstream Jamaat Ahmadiyya starting with the caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad down to all his representatives in Mauritius do not care at all with what Allah says. They are all most concerned to follow their “own desires” and they have strayed from the path of Allah, from the path trodden by Hazrat Mohammadsaw and his rightly guided caliphs and from the path trodden by Hazrat Masih Maoodas.

In many of his recent sermons and speeches the Ahmadiyya caliph presents himself as the one who represents true Islam and as the one who will spread this version of Islam around the world. He has denounced the others of practicing a wrong version of Islam. In one of his sermons he has spoken about the corruption of Muslim leaders who are reaping the evil of what they have been sowing for many years. Previously he told the Arab people that they should not revolt against their leaders. They should exercise patience and pray to Allah and their problems will be solved. He even quotes hadiths to support his view. People who are brought to Jamaat’s functions to speak and who receive prizes from the Jamaat do not tire of praising the Jamaat for its empty slogan of “Love for all, hatred for none”. They seem to be quite impressed and start saying that it is such teachings that can bring real peace in the world.

But when we examine what Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream have done with these teachings it strikes us that the members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya have not lived according to these ideals. There is no doubt that what the Holy Quran teaches us is a recipe for bringing peace to the world. Above everything we should have seen peace within Jamaat Ahmadiyya itself. But where is it to be found? It is well-known and even well documented that Jamaat Ahmadiyya with the caliph at the head has different scales of justice that it applies to different kinds of people. If you are an ordinary member of the Jamaat you will bear the full brunt of the law. If you are well placed and have some connections you will feel the soft side of Jamaat’s discipline. Furthermore Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream has become an instrument through which hatred is spread within society by dividing brothers from other brothers and sisters or children from their parents or cousins from cousins. What the Jamaat wants others to believe is one thing and what the Jamaat does is something else. Present day Ahmadiyya mainstream Jamaat is not at all for “love and peace”. It teaches its adherents to hate and to boycott. In a word it teaches its adherents to ignore Allah and His prophet and to follow their own low desires. And they excel at it.

In the verse which I read at the beginning Allah says “Those who believe and mix not up their belief with injustice — it is they who shall have peace, and who are rightly guided.” [6:83]

This verse makes it very clear that belief is not enough if it is not followed by good deeds or if it is mixed with oppression of one sort or other. In fact this is what Hazrat Masih Maoodas came to teach us. If you are a believer and at the same time you oppress others you will not be safe because you are not properly guided. The Arabic word that has been translated as injustice here is “zulm”. But this word does not just mean injustice. It has also the meaning of “oppression, iniquity, abuse, tyranny, harm, being innately harmful, misuse of something and obscurity.” This is what I have gathered from an Arabic dictionary. Now if we take all these shades of meanings into consideration we will see that Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream has followed its belief with almost all the meanings of “zulm”. The leadership of the Jamaat has forced its members to oppress their own sisters and brothers for not complying with their caliph’s orders. They have shown their iniquity by taking back invitations that they had given. Many of those who are in authority have abused their authority. They have harmed their own people more than others have done so much so that one might think that Ahmadis have no milk of human kindness left in their heart. Almost all Ahmadis are victim of the tyranny that the organization (nizaam) exerts on their life. Those who have leadership position from the caliph downwards have misused their position within the Jamaat and hence instead of making a journey from darkness to light Ahmadis are making a journey from light (which they received from Hazrat Masih Maoodas) to darkness. Despite all the declarations that we hear, it is well known that the situation of Ahmadis around the world is not at all safe. In some places like Pakistan and Indonesia even physically they are not safe. In other countries and almost around the world people have started questioning what they have been taught. The leadership is finding it difficult to justify its stand on a few points of doctrine. Today they are dumb on the questions that have been asked. Like other leaders they prefer to distort the teachings provided that they retain power over the mind of the people.

But Allah did not send Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas for this to happen. Allah sent Hazrat Masih Maoodas to keep the garden of Islam green and clean of all types of harmful grass and trees. Allah promised Hazrat Masih that in the future He will continue to send “gardeners” to clean the garden of Islam when its keepers have allowed shrubs and inappropriate trees to grow where they should not have grown because of their negligence in attending to the garden. Since self appointed gardeners have not been up to the standard and have failed in their duty of keeping the garden clean and well cared enough so that the required fruits were obtained, Allah sends His own gardener to make the proper cleaning under His guidance. This was Allah’s promise to Hazrat Masih Maoodas. Allah is true to His Promise and He has sent His appointees to make the required cleaning and replanting. Allah knows best what is appropriate.

Now one may rightly ask what are those inappropriate trees or shrubs that have been allowed to grow in the garden of Ahmad? My answer will be the zulm that has manifested itself in many forms within the Jamaat where a majority has oppressed a minority. To begin with the idea of khilafat as explained by the caliphs beginning with the second one to the fifth one is the biggest of these trees. They have insisted that Allah will no longer make any appointment as long as they are around. But they have been proved wrong. True to His Promise Allah appoints whomsoever He wills and He gives him His Message. In all humility, I say that I am such an appointee these days. Since members of the Jamaat understood the notion of khilafat not from Hazrat Masih Maoodas but from the caliphs, they know only what they have said and not what Hazrat Masih has said. The truth is what the caliphs say is in contradiction with what Hazrat Masih has said. This is what we are trying to tell the people. But since they have been indoctrinated to believe in the supremacy of an overarching khilafat they are not at all prepared to even remotely think that it might not be true.

In Mauritius, as you all know the first generation of Ahmadis were all converts. As such most of these people were motivated by certain zeal to preserve their faith and this is what they have taught their children. The first generation of Ahmadis was really very courageous. They were people who were in search of truth and once they saw it they accepted it according to their understanding. They left the mainstream Muslims and they recognized Hazrat Ahmadas as the Imam Mahdi. Because they were open minded and not conformist Muslims they were able to see the wisdom of joining Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Through immense sacrifice and boycotts of all kinds they were able to build Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius through time. But unfortunately those who have received Ahmadiyyat as a legacy do not understand the fundamentals as their elders did. If first generation Ahmadis preserved their faith through conviction present day Ahmadis want to preserve theirs only through ignorance. Despite the fact that they live in better times they have failed to keep alive the open-mindedness of their grand fathers. They are like the frog who thinks that its pond is the world and it is completely oblivious of what exists beyond it. Of course there are exceptions. Hence they think that what they have been taught about khilafat is all that should be understood about khilafat. If they hear anything against it they reject it outright without giving any further thought to the matter.

Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius has been committing many wrongs with the blessings of the caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. If on the one hand members of the Jamaat are quite forward in making financial sacrifices for Islam on the other hand they have not hesitated to show their bigotry when called upon to do so. In his sermon of last week the caliph said that none of his decisions are against the commandments of Allah. A cut and paste quote from their website is as follows: Hudhur said he wanted to explain, as he has done before, with regard citation of obedience of M’aruf (good) decisions. The Ahmadiyya Khilafat never takes decisions that are contrary to the commandments of God. If each Ahmadi is firm on the belief that Ahmadiyya Khilafat is on the precepts of prophethood, then he or she should also be firm on the belief that a Khalifa will never give a directive contrary to Shariah. Neither will theNizam of the Community, as it works under the auspices of Khilafat, and even if it does, due to an error, the Khalifa of the time will correct it when the matter is brought to him. When we pray for Khilafat we should also pray for ourselves that may we continue to be obedient to it in an excellent manner so that we remain among those with whom God is pleased.” http://www.alislam.org/friday-sermon/20110422.html#summary-tab

We would be most grateful if the caliph could explain where in the Holy Quran Allah has given instructions for Muslims to boycott their own brothers and sisters. We know and we can prove that the caliph’s instructions about boycotting other Ahmadis have been zealously followed by almost all his followers in Mauritius. Despite what the caliph says the Holy Quran through the verse that I have quoted above and many other verses declares this declaration of the caliph to be false and not to be followed. This is a blatant case of imaan followed by zulm. And what does Allah tell us about those who commit zulm. He says He does not love them. On this particular matter of giving ma’roof instructions the caliph is wrong and all those who follow him are wrong and they will be questioned by Allah for all the wrongs that they have done unless they repent on time.

The caliph wants us to believe that he is here to correct errors that are made. But it is well known how much injustice has been committed in the name of Ahmadiyyat in Mauritius and yet none has been corrected by the caliph. Well known cases of unjustified dismissal have been reported to him and nothing was done. The Jamaat has indulged in nepotism and there has not been any remedial action taken by the caliph. The Jamaat has a repressive machinery that has been put in place and it has been zealously applied by the amir and his associates, approved by the caliph. Jamaat Ahmadiyya has created more fear in the people’s heart for the Nizam rather than for Allah. Those who fear Allah do not fear anyone besides Him. But those who fear the nizam do not fear Allah and they allow the Nizam to do whatever it likes with them.

In the early days of the divine manifestation in Mauritius Allah made it clear to us that one day He will punish the amir of Jamaat Mauritius for the wrongs that he was doing. At times when Allah knew about how we wished that this punishment should come earlier, Allah said to us that “what you have been promised will come to pass even after ten years”. The Promise of Allah is as usual true. We pray that incha Allah whatever else Allah has promised us will incha Allah come to pass, the sooner the better. Ameen.