Jamaat Ahmadiyya al Mouslemeen


of Hazrat Amirul Momeneen Zafrullah Domun

15 July 2011

At Bait-ul-Rahma Mosque
Les Guibies, Pailles

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After reciting the Tashahhud, the Ta’uz and the first chapter of Al Fatiha Imam Zafrullah Domun said:

As members are already aware tomorrow we will be holding our Jalsa Salana here at Baitoul Rahma. Let us hope that incha Allah all our members will be present and they will benefit from all the speeches that we have prepared for them. The program is not heavy. But it will have enough to educate our members on the fundamental principles of Islam that should be dear to our heart. In view of the fact that as we grow up we become aware of what is a sin and what is not , we will present a summary of what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has taught us about “How to get rid of the bondage of sin”. Similarly an important speech will be devoted to our understanding of “Khilafat”. Furthermore since our aim in life is to try to copy the behavior of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw we have included a speech depicting him as “The excellent exemplar”. In the middle of the programme we will devote a few minutes to a free dialogue amongst the members. Finally members will be reminded of their responsibilities to become a better Muslim in their day to day existence. As you might have noticed the programme will be short and we hope sweet as well incha Allah. We request all members to pray for the success of the Jalsa.

When I think about our Jalsa Salana here in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen I try to figure out to which of the different Jalsas that I have attended in person I can compare it to. By the Grace of Allah I had the opportunity of attending Jalsas in Rabwah, Qadian, UK and even USA and I also presided over at least ten Jalsas in Jamaat Ahmadiyya Mauritius mainstream. It cannot be compared to anyone of all the Jalsas that I have attended. But in all humility it resembles more the first Jalsa of Hazrat Masih Maoodas held at Qadian in 1891 when only about 75 persons attended. That was the beginning and Hazrat Masih Maoodas clearly spelled out the purpose of this meeting among his friends when he announced:

'All friends should make it a point to reach (Qadian) on this date (December 27th) for the sake of God to listen to His Words and to participate in Prayer. Such truths and words of wisdom shall be heard during this meeting as are essential for the increase of faith, conviction and knowledge. Such friends will also be entitled to special prayers and special attention. Effort will be made before the most merciful Lord that He may draw them towards Himself and accept them and grant them a change for the better. A secondary advantage of such gatherings will be that every year when they come to Qadian on the appointed dates, they will see and meet newcomers into the fold and this personal acquaintance will continually develop into closer friendship and love. Prayers will be offered for the forgiveness of such brothers in faith who pass away during the year. And effort will be made through prayers to create a bond of spiritual union between all and remove every barrier of estrangement, aloofness and difference.'(Pamphlet 30 Dec 1891)

I speak about these matters especially for our youngsters so that they might know the humble beginnings of where it all started. Moreover they can also learn a lot about the life of Hazrat Masih Maoodas by reading his biography written by Molvi Dard. The book can be downloaded from www.alislam.org. So all of us should bear in mind the purpose of this august gathering and we should strive to derive all its benefits in full measure. May Allah enable us to do so.

Now I would like to make some comments on another subject. Recently as you might have watched on YouTube there was a meeting between representatives of Salafi Muslims in Mauritius and an Ahmadi Muslim. It appeared that they were having a preliminary discussion to explore on what grounds they might have a debate. It is not my intention to comment on the merits and demerits of what were said in that discussion from an Ahmadiyya point of view. But the Ahmadi brother told the Salafi brother that he was open to the latter’s ideas. Consequently if the Salafi brother were to convince him of the truthfulness of his arguments he might accept them. I appreciate such openness. I only wish that such overtures could be made towards the representatives of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen also.

Members would recall that I sent an open invitation to Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream in Mauritius particularly and to its leadership worldwide that we hold discussion via YouTube on matters of contention between us. But as you are all aware up till now no one has taken up this challenge. An Ahmadi is someone who confronts controversy and he does not shy away from it because he has enough arguments at his disposal to close the mouth of all his opponents. But here what do we see. The chief missionary of the Jamaat works in the dark to oppose me. When I call him to come into the open he chooses to be as silent as a stone. Here we, people who have been brought up by the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas could have taught the world by example how we can disagree and have an argument and yet respect one another. But members of Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream are not at all ready for this. The leadership of the Jamaat does not display the noble moral values of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw. They prefer their cultural traits and they have subjugated the Mauritian Ahmadis to do the same.

Whenever I meet an Ahmadi brother (which is quite rare) and we start talking about the differences that have cropped up between us he would ask me why I pick Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream as my target. According to them I should have addressed the whole world or at least the Muslim world. I reply to them saying that I pick Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream because they are the group that have been educated by the wisdom of Hazrat Masih Maoodas to understand this matter better than any other group within Islam. But unfortunately they have preferred ignorance to wisdom in order only to protect their self interest. But in the end they will not be able to protect even that. Today the mainstream Jamaat is having difficulty to present its oft-repeated arguments to our opponents. In an instant the arguments that are being used to counter claimants within Jamaat Ahmadiyya are being used to disregard Hazrat Masih Maood’s claims. It is high time for the leadership of the Jamaat to reflect and wonder where they will go by continuing to deny the claims of Allah’s representatives. Where Jamaat Ahmadiyya mainstream might thrive it will thrive on the ignorance of the people not on knowledge. This is what we have seen in Mauritius and this is what is going on elsewhere.

Some time back an Ahmadi wrote to the caliph to ask some questions about the prophecy of Mousleh Maood made by Hazrat Masih Maoodas in February 1886. After his first letter he did not get any reply. He wrote again with the same results. It is only on his third attempt that he received a letter from the caliph’s secretary in London accompanied by a reply prepared by a Molvi from Rabwah. The secretary said that the reply is quite thorough and it replied in a very cogent manner all the questions that were asked. I have read the letter and the reply. The reply is thoroughly inadequate and does not in fact reply to the questions asked. So what can we gather from this incident. We learn that the caliph and all his cohort of advisers are unable to satisfy questions that Ahmadis are asking. Yet they maintain that the doctrine that they are preaching within the Jamaat is the right one. Hazrat Masih Maood as in his writings has taught Ahmadis to be thinking human beings. If we were to be a group of people working together we should be more like bees and not like parrots as a contemporary Muslim has said in his books about Muslims working together in an Islamic state.

On the net these days we are seeing more and more articles by Ahmadis smashing the idea of Khilafat that has been imposed over the Jamaat. We are not the only one speaking about these matters. So why is it that the leadership of the Jamaat is finding it so difficult to accept what Hazrat Masih Maoodas has said and they want to cling to ideas that have been given to them by second caliph? As far as we are concerned we have said quite often that we are not at all happy with the way Jamaat Ahmadiyya is evolving. The caliph is splintering the Jamaat of Hazrat Masih Maoodas in groups. He does not seem to care at all to keep the people together. Yet he will talk at length or others will talk at length on the subject of unity. From the history of the Catholic Church we do not just learn how to impose irrational dogmas on a group of people through a central authority but we can also learn how more than 300 groups of Christians try to work together even though they have their own doctrines.

Soon there will be the mainstream Jamaat’s Annual Jalsa in London. Recently the caliph was in Germany for the Jalsa over there. In his Friday sermon last week the caliph spoke about how people were being attracted towards the Jamaat. He has again mentioned that the fact that people dream about the caliph and are drawn to Ahmadiyyat means that Allah wants to tell them that there would be khilafat after the demise of Hazrat Masih Maoodas. If that were true what would the Jamaat lose if it were to carry a discussion via YouTube in a respectful way to thrash this issue once for all? Since all discussion will be online there will be no likelihood of any type of strife and all the arguments for or against will be presented and everyone will be able to assess them. Let us hope also that by next week the Jamaat will be able to tell the world a more approximate number of Ahmadis around the world and they will remove the stain that all these figures are false and they do not show the true picture at all.

As far as I am concerned I strive to be a good Ahmadi Muslim. Through His Grace Allah has attracted me towards Him and He has taught me many things that I did not know. Allah wishes to honour all those who would sincerely adhere to the teachings of Islam within the Jamaat of Hazrat Masih Maood as. He has sent them someone to help them to know Him. Up till now it appears that the majority of Ahmadis in Mauritius think that they know better where their interests lie. Through their behavior they have told Allah that they are not at all interested in His representative. They will continue to support their own representative. The majority of Ahmadis

prefer to stay within their own paradigm and by so doing they think that they are helping Jamaat Ahmadiyya whereas they are indeed by their example denying its teachings and helping its enemies. Most cannot understand that because most are quite ignorant of the real teachings of Hazrat Masih Maoodas. For the few who know and who influence others they will have to prepare themselves for the day when their account will be presented in front of their Lord. That day will be terrible on those who hid the truth.

Most Ahmadis are offended because of the way I talk about their caliph. As far as I know I say only that which I sincerely believe to be true. For example although many among my friends thought that the ex amir of the Jamaat in Mauritius was to be blamed for our expulsion from the Jamaat I always maintained that it was the fourth caliph who was the main culprit. He just relied on an amir to expel sincere and loyal people from the Jamaat. Some people within the Jamaat believe that if one is in the good books of the caliph so one should be in the good books of Allah. But what have we seen. The roaring lion amir, great defender of khilafat Ahmadiyya was forced out of office because of his misdeeds. Since the beginning we were told by Allah that he would be punished. In the end what has happened? The caliph was forced by Allah to take a decision that he was very reluctant to take. Despite the amir’s network of friends here and in England he was removed from office because his maintenance would have harmed the Jamaat even more. This has happened so that those who have eyes may see and that they start thinking what will be the consequence of opposing us. Anyhow we are here to do good and we do not wish anyone any ill. May Allah help all of us to behave in a way that we always win His Pleasure above that of the people.