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In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Ever Merciful








In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

We Praise Him and We request Him to send blessings on His Noble prophet Mohammad saw


16th August 2008

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad
Head of Worldwide Ahmadiyya Community
The London Mosque

Assalamo Alaikoum Warahmatullah Wa Barakaatohou

On 08th June 2008 I wrote an open letter to you. Since then a copy of the letter was also posted on our website ( ).

It is now two months since the letter was published. Therefore, I can reasonably presume that you had ample time to take note of its contents and to inform us about the simple question that was asked.

Since up till now, we have not received any reply, we can reasonably conclude that no attempt is being made to reply. In our days, when instant communication can be established with anyone around the world within seconds, it is hard to imagine that if you wished to reply you would have already done so by now.

Those who are familiar with the history of Jamaat Ahmadiyya are well aware with what speed and conviction, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), the founder of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, the Mahdi and Promised Messiah, responded to whatever objections that were leveled against him or his Jamaat. The fact was that he knew he was commissioned by Allah and so he had no fear at all to run into the fray because he knew that he was going to be victorious against all his opponents whatever their status in the eyes of the people. It seems this is not the case here.

In your Khilafat Centenary Message which was sent to more than 170 million(?) Ahmadis (according to your published statistics) on 27th May 2008 you said the following:

“Almighty Allah who had sent this servant of His as Imam Akhiruzzman [the Promised Imam of the latter days], while indicating to him that the time of his death was approaching, consoled him by assuring him that though his end was near, yet [He would not let his mission remain unfulfilled], because in accordance with His proclamation He had Himself raised him as the Imam of the latter days: So my dear one, O' you who are extremely anxious for the establishment of My Tauhid (Unity) in the world and the sovereignty of My beloved Prophet sa , do not worry about how your mission will be fulfilled after your death. Remember that according to the prophecy of the Holy Prophet sa , which is endorsed by Me, Khilafat in the footsteps of Prophethood will be established and will last till the end of the world. Thus after you pass away, it is this very Institution of Khilafat by means of which I shall once again initiate the plan for the establishment and stability of My last Sharia in the world . ” ( message.pdf/page2 ).

I have searched the writings of Hazrat Masih Maood (as) and I have never come across any such quotation unless , of course, it is found in an unpublished book. And when I have requested you to enlighten me on this matter, your reply has been nothing but a stony silence. I do not pretend to know everything about Jamaat Ahmadiyya and I wanted that the highest authority in Jamaat Ahmadiyya, namely the caliph who says that he is the representative of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as these days could fill the gaps in my knowledge. But unfortunately, you have been unable to do so. You are not able to say so because what you have said is very far away from the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunna of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw). To add insult to injury you have gone so far as saying that the hadith of the Holy Prophet has been endorsed by Allah ( Remember that according to the prophecy of the Holy Prophet sa , which is endorsed by Me , Khilafat in the footsteps of Prophethood will be established and will last till the end of the world. ) One may well ask what evidences you have to make such a statement? Did Allah reveal this to you or did he reveal this piece of information to Hazrat Masih (as) or to any of his successors? Since you have made this statement, it is incumbent upon you to tell the world from where you have received this piece of information.

Furthermore, it is well known within the Jamaat that in matters of references to quash the arguments of its opponents, the Jamaat has been second to none. Therefore, if this quotation were to be found in any piece of the writings of the Promised Messiah, the Jamaat would have flung it into our face the next day that our letter was posted. But this was not the case. To the best of my knowledge this quotation cannot be found anywhere in the writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as , the Mahdi and the Promised Messiah. But Allah knows best. The quotation is nothing but your paraphrase of what you think Allah should have said to the Promised Messiah because nowhere has Allah used such specific words with their specific meanings at all.

I think that here you have overstepped your limits. With a view to justify your own notion of khilafat, it appears that you want the Ahamdis to understand that these words were direct revelations from Allah to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as . But the truth is quite far from what you have said. By doing so, you have not stood by the truth, which is the hallmark of a caliph as per the sayings of Hazrat Ahmad as . This is a patent case of changing the meanings of the words of Allah. It is typical of what Allah says in the Holy Quran about what the Jews did. Allah says:

There were some among the Jews who pervert words from their proper places…(4:47)

See how they forge a lie against Allah! And sufficient is that as a manifest sin. (4:51)

I think that this is a very grave mistake that has slipped into this message. Allah knows best if it was done by inadvertence or on purpose. Be humble and correct it before it is too late. May Allah have mercy upon you.

Before ending I would like to inform you once again that Allah has sent this humble one to look after His Jamaat. His words to this effect were as follows:

Yaa Qutub udddin Unzur ila Jamaa'ati – Unzur ila aathaareh rahmateh rabbeka.

O thou the Pole of religion! Look after My Jamaat! Look at the signs of the Mercy of your Lord!

Ja'alnaaka imamal muttaqeen

We have made you an Imam for the righteous

Ya laita qawmi ya'lamouna bema ghafrali rabbi wa ja'alani minal mukremine

O would that my people knew how my lord has granted me forgiveness and has made me one of the honoured ones

These are only three revelations that I have written. There are many more which will be published in due time incha Allah. While I am drafting this letter, Allah helps me to understand that I should also tell you the following verses:

Afa be hazal hadith antoum moudhenoune
Wa taj'alouna rizqaqoum annakoum tokazzeboune

Is it this Divine discourse that you would reject
And do you make the denial thereof your means of livelihood? (56:82, 83).

In addition the Holy Quran also says:

Take a lesson, o ye people who have eyes (59:2)

Up till now you seem to ignore completely what I have been saying. May I ask you if your attitude reflects the teachings of Hazrat Masih that you are trying to implement and keeping all the Ahmadis in the dark about what better ways Allah has opened for them to make even greater spiritual progress? As far as I am concerned, my task is only to deliver the Message. What you or others do with it is your responsibility. Nonetheless it is my prayer and wish that Allah guide you and the Jamaat on the right path!

Among his numerous distinctions, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as came to teach the world that the door of revelation is open till the end of the world and that Allah will continue to send His Guides to the world till the end of time. This is a fundamental belief of Ahmadis and no human being, albeit a caliph has the power or right to change it. It is well in accordance with this promise that Allah has sent this humble one to revive the real teachings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). By clinging to the idea that true khulafas can only be appointed by a man-made electoral system and by rejecting any divinely appointed person, you are only putting in abeyance Allah's prerogatives. By doing so, you are acting against what Allah teaches in the Holy Quran and against what Hazrat Masih Maood (as) came to teach us. Consequently 170 million souls (13% of the population of Muslims in the world) have been misguided about what Allah really said to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)!


Zafrullah Domun
Imam Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen
Les Guibies, Pailles


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